Student Voice Procedures 16/17 

Student Voice is a system that has been put in place to ensure that students have their say on College life. Over the 15/16 academic year there have been numerous changes to structures within college and this has led to difficulties with ensuring that all students are engaged and that college is accountable for listening to student views. Therefore, new procedures for 16/17 aim to ensure that there are clear processes and that the Students’ Union is aware of all Student Voice activity across the College.

Leeds City College Students’ Union (
LCCSU) is responsible for Student Voice, though all curriculum and relevant business support areas have been consulted to help improve processes. All members of staff need to be fully engaged in the process in order for it to be successful.

Curriculum Schools

The new Student Voice procedures are measurable, which ensures that schools are accountable for the outcomes, but it allows schools to have an individual process that meets the needs of its students.

As stated above, there will not necessarily be an ambassador for each group. However, for the following areas, there will be bespoke exceptions to ensure that the right levels of support are in place and to allow students to have their voices heard:

Note: If departments believe that having a rep per group is preferred that system can still be used as long as it's communicated and agreed by the Students’ Union

Where appropriate, there may be opportunities for elected ambassadors in other areas to support these groups.

A major change in the new procedures is that feedback will not take place entirely on the online system, though all groups will be given the opportunity to feedback on the online form.

There will be two class meetings per year, which will be led by SU Ambassadors. The feedback from each group will continue to follow the open text format asking students what they like and what they want to see improve. However, the SU will also set an agenda for ambassadors to follow to allow both Curriculum and Business Support services to ask specific questions.

As well as these meetings, each Curriculum School will run at least one meeting per half term with SU Ambassadors, which will be co-chaired by a Head of Department/Director and an SU ambassador. These meetings will have a rolling action plan (which will be available to students) that uses the online feedback in the first instance. Curriculum areas will use this feedback and data as part of performance reviews.

The Students’ Union must be informed of all dates and locations of the meetings. We will attend to help the Students for the first meeting to get them established. After that the SU will not announce which meetings its attending and act as an audit for the meetings. If we have information and feedback relevant to your area from the Student Voice form, we will report it to this meeting.

Curriculum Schools will be responsible for ensuring ambassadors are trained, though the SU will ensure that a range of training opportunities are available for SU Ambassadors. Ambassadors will be expected to be role models in class and in College, and will be expected to sign a contract agreeing to upholding specific criteria. If this does not happen the Curriculum School will be able to liaise with the SU to remove them from this position.

Business Support Areas

After speaking with the main business support areas, many felt that it was difficult to respond to students accurately due to the quality of feedback and that many comments required further discussion that was not possible on the system. The new 16/17 procedures ensure that student views on wider college services are listened to and acted upon.

The new procedure will include campus meetings chaired by the campus manager and members of the SU team, and attended by representatives from each business support area and SU Ambassadors. The meetings will happen three times a year (January, April and May) in line with online feedback and performance review cycles.

These meetings will have a rolling action plan in order to inform performance reviews for different areas.

Business support areas included in these meetings are:-

The director for each area will be responsible for responding to common themes and ensuring that appropriate staff attend meetings.

Enquiries and questions

For further information about the new Student Voice procedures, contact:

Emily Chapman - LCCSU President:

Angelika Trenkova - LCCSU Deputy President (Education) -

Steven Richards - Activities & Engagement Manager: