Odyssey Helper

What is it?

Odyssey Helper is an ILLiad module that batch processes scanned articles for document delivery and lending. By sending all your scanned articles in a network folder, you can batch the uploading and updating process for all your document delivery and lending.

How does it help?

Reduces the work of handling scanned requests individually, saving your staff a great deal of time and speeding up your article request processing. This simple application can save a great deal of time compared to manually updating and sending individual requests.

Getting Started

Tell Odyssey Helper where to find your documents

If you network the folder where the Odyssey Helper is looking for the .TIF files, you must be sure that your Customization Manager has the following settings:

  1. Select Odyssey, then click on Defaults.
  2. Click on OdysseyHelperImagesPathLending and change the Key Value to the network folder directory that you save your scans. Then save your changes.
  3. Click on OdysseyHelperImagesPathDocDel and change the Key Value to the network folder directory that you save your scans. Then save your changes.
  4. To send articles, finish your scanning and click open Odyssey Helper. Logon using your ILLiad client username and password.

All of the requests with the status of In Stacks Searching that can be sent via Odyssey should appear. Click on Send; Odyssey Helper updates the articles as they are sent. Click on OK for the Sending Complete popup that appears.

Tip: What to do when sending fails

If for some reason an article fails to send, go to the ILLiad lending ribbon and click on Odyssey Scanning. Scan in the TN, Import your image, and send the document. If it still does not go through, then there may be a problem with the receiving library’s ILLiad server. At that point, consider sending the file via Article Exchange or email.

One of the perks of Odyssey Helper is that it will automatically apply billing charges when needed. In the Lending process type, just click on the Auto Bill Default button before delivering the articles.

By default, Odyssey Helper stores its sent files in a Backup folder (found within the OdysseyHelperImagesPath directories). Keep an eye on this because it can begin to take up a lot of storage space. To easily empty this periodically, simply click on the Empty Backup Folder button. Try doing this once a week.

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