January 19, 2017 – RELIEF SOCIETY

Conducting:  Sister Wight and Sister Williams

Pianist:  Sister Kogure

Chorister:  Sister Leyes

Opening Hymn:  #26  Joseph Smith’s First Prayer

Opening Prayer:  Sister Allen

Purpose:  Sister Mou


Sister Mou


•        Next week will be the Missionary Broadcast on the 25th and 26th.  Please see which session your zone is assigned to attend.

•        Apartment inspections will be between the 24th and 27th.  Awards will be given out February 2nd.

•        Please check the interview schedule by President Risenmay’s door.

•        There are baking sheets and casserole dishes by the Assistant’s office.  Please take one for your apartment if it is needed.

•        When giving out Simplified Mandarin copies of the Book of Mormon, please be sure that the guest refers before giving books out.

•        Be sure to walk home in your assigned groups at your assigned time.

A video of Sister McColgan playing the harp was played.  She was able to use the harp of the principle harpist for the Orchestra on Temple Square and was videoed in the Tabernacle.  

Roleplay:  Sister Hulme and Sister Pereira

They demonstrated how to bridge the restoration to the map of Temple Square.


Sister Pereira and Sister Hulme

Lesson:  Chapter One of the Gordon B. Hinckley Study Guide

The Restoration of the Gospel – The Dawning of a Brighter Day


Sisters Oeser, Jeong, Nuñez and Phasomkla – our teachers

President Hinckley loved the restoration and sites pertaining to the restoration.  He did a lot for the restoration sites.


After this experience, President Hinckley wondered how they could help guests have the same feelings.

Sister Dolbin said that if we bear a pure testimony, others will be invited to act.

Sister Steffensen said:  Don’t be afraid to say what we know to be true.  She bore her testimony with all her heart to her inactive sister, which softened her sister’s heart.

Sharing our testimony is the biggest way to invite the spirit into our discussions.

The apostasy was discussed using the following slides.




Sister Ashton described the reformation and how it helped prepare the way for the restoration.


Sister Glanzer described the American Revolutionary War as a prequel to the restoration.



The First Vision video was shown and the sisters were asked when did you gain a testimony of the First Vision.  Some of the sisters shared their experiences.  Sister Coleman spend two weeks in Nauvoo and participated in the play.  That was the first time that she really had a testimony of the First Vision.  At sixteen Sister Cruz came to know God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith.  Reading Joseph Smith History 1:12 she realized that if Joseph Smith could gain a testimony that she could as well.  She is thankful to share the restoration every day.  Sister Jeong grew up in the church.  Her institute teacher asked, “Do you really have a testimony of the First Vision?”  Then her Korean Mission President asked her to read the Book of Mormon cover to cover.  She received a testimony of the First Vision while she was reading Alma.


Sisters explained why they thought priesthood authority was so important.  Sister Klippel said it is one of the things that make us different.  We need to have the authority.  Sister Gomes told us that her grandfather passed away.  Baptism was performed for her grandfather.  Her grandmother still does not want to believe even though Sister Gomes taught her over Skype.  She taught of authority, baptism and being eternal families.  It was the first time she felt her grandmother was softening and that her grandmother would indeed pray about baptism.  Sister Kampan was baptized in another church before but couldn’t tell where they got their authority to baptize or to see God and Christ.




 Several of the sisters shared their feelings about temples.  Sister Chua explained that there is no temple in Malaysia so she was very excited for a temple in Thailand.  Elder and Sister Sharp’s grandchildren served as proxy for her grandparents.  She was so filled with the spirit when she received the cards back showing that the baptisms had been performed.  

Sister Troncoso commented that the priesthood authority can bless everyone through temple ordinances.

Sister Kampan was very thrilled for the temple in Thailand.  She was excited for the opportunity to do baptisms for the dead.  She wasn’t sure how she would be able to attend the temple as the only money she had was for her mission. She wasn’t aware that there was a temple in Thailand but just prior to a business trip to Taiwan, she found out about the temple there.  She asked her boss if he would object to her attending the temple while she was in Taiwan.  With his permission, she was able to perform the baptism for her grandmother and allowed her to keep intact the money she had saved for her mission.  This trip was the first time that she had traveled abroad.  Even though her boss was not a member, she was thankful that he gave permission for her to attend the temple.  This was a major blessing.

Sister Nuñez encouraged us all to study, teach and be excited to share the gospel with everyone!  Sister Jeong is honored to be able to share the restoration everyday.  Sister Phasomkla invited us to testify of God and Jesus Christ.

Closing Hymn: #1 The Morning Breaks

Closing Prayer:  Sister Wagner