Notes on Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman

Learning how to live

Actually waking up

Met mentor randomly

What it means to live as a warrior

Based on his life

Gymnastics champion during college

Met Socrates

Lessons of experience hidden

Importance of teacher

Body wisdom not external facts

Reading your own body

Where are you?

Knowledge alone does not suffice

A secret's value is in what u do with it not what u know

Life demands right action if knowledge is to come alive

The warrior acts and the fool reacts

Creating your life spontaneously versus being determined by the past

Japanese ninja warriors

Intense physical training

Stop complaining about your lunch sandwiches. We all make our own sandwiches in life.

When learn to be fully responsible for own life then become human

Ch 1 gusts of magic

Channeling brain energy

Noticing colors in world

Flying through world

Feeling others' emotions

Dream ur future life to understand what will happen if don't make change

Ch 2 the web of illusion

Mind wants to be free of pain and just get what want but never content

Change is law

Can't pretend

U cause the suffering

Just let go and enjoy the ride of life

Brain is real

Mind isn't

Just lots of processes

Can be a tool like to solve a math problem

But when mind brings up recurring thoughts on own then not a tool anymore

Must observe self

Wrote down all thoughts into notebooks and saw how negative and out of control they were

Turn up volume or own thoughts and observe

Learn from life experiences instead of complaining about or basking in them

Emotions are products of your thoughts not actual events

Feel angry when notice the emotion u feel is different than what another u admire feels because it implies a change is necessary and u don't want to change

Can't remain blind to ur weaknesses

Stop seeing the world from the viewpoint of your own personal cravings

Observe as much as possible the debris in your mind

How to tame wild horse of mind

Develop a good sense of humor

Copy the positive traits of certain animals and humans

Anger is stronger than fear or sorrow

Ready for the sword

Ch 3 cutting free

When the mind resists life thoughts arise

Thought is unconscious reaction to life

Mind and values resists spontaneity

Being nervous about ripples in life's current and fearing them like boulders or learning to go with the flow

Learn meditation to notice source of thoughts

Silence is the warrior's art and meditation is his sword

Awareness is glimpse of universal consciousness

Attention is intentional channeling of awareness

Purpose of meditation to Expand awareness, direct attention, surrender to light of consciousness

Two simultaneous things in meditation: insight/willing attention to see what want and surrender/letting go of arising thoughts

Chewing each bite thoroughly and not taking new one until fully done with first

Body in consciousness not other way around

Consciousness immortal and will continue after body

Mind and values temporary with body so who needs it

Peppermint tea


Paying close attention to how standing, walking, talking

Ch 4 sword is sharpened

Motorcycle accident

No accidents, only lessons and purpose

Warrior doesn't see pain but when has it uses it

Time to consider life and meditate

Socrates dispensed happy aura not gasoline


Economy of motion and action

Clean living

Must find the gate within him and prepare to pass through

Requires hard work

The key is the will

Must change all circuits and series of bad habits

Anger can burn old habits

Must direct it to turn fear and sorrow into action

Rose hips tea

Must direct anger to building new not fighting old

Direct emotions outward outside or body and let them flow then let them go

Spend time with a baby

Watch their emotions

Retraining every human function like moving, sleeping, and eating

Eating only what's wholesome and only what need

Enjoy enthusiastically the simplest foods

Eat slowly and breathe between bites

Enjoy each step of the process

Hunger beforehand

Setting beautiful table

Fruits and nuts

7 day purifying fast

Diluted fruit juice and herbal teas only

eliminate all refined sugar, refined flour, meat, eggs, coffee

Only fresh foods

Breakfast fresh fruits

Lunch whole grain bread and raw salad

Dinner salad with raw unsalted nuts and steamed vegetables

No sexual release

Find thrills in fresh food and sunshine

Slow breathing exercises

Breathing with belly and with heart

No complaints or back talk or idle jabbering

Do your best

Making mistakes and learning not to give in to small impulses

Learning to transmute anger into laughter

When u sit, sit and when u stand, stand

Don't wobble

When make choice do it

No habits

Just house rules

Urges do not matter; actions do

Warrior neither seeks death nor flees from it

You choose where when and how to act

Not conditioned by others

5 the mountain path

Sitting on rock until find inner wisdom

Tai chi

There are no ordinary moments

Treat every moment as special and worthy of full attention

Learning to release stored muscle tension

Careful and slow massaging of each muscle and bone for hours

Hard running

Satori: when warriors mind free of thought

Pure awareness

Focusing your full attention on your actions

Aikido training

Never struggle with anyone or anything

When pushed then pull and vice versa

Find the natural course and bend with it

Make breathing slow

Body mind and emotions: when one not going well take time to train another

Learn How to enjoy not how to achieve

6 pleasure beyond the mind

Awaken senses

Sending directly like infant without the interference of thought

Learning names and categories for everything makes u bored with them because then only exist as names

Just see associations with thoughts and memories

Boredom is non awareness of life

Have to lose mind to find senses

Happiness is satisfaction over desires

Cultivate simple pleasures and full awareness which costs nothing

Time always is now

Place is always here

Action always in body and body always in present

Mind exists as phantom that can only draw u away from present

Don't let anything take u away from present

Career advice: do what u will

Do what u must

Doesn't matter what u do but how well u do it

Must teach by example and only what u realized through own experience

Teach anything u know as long as u use it for vehicle to teach universal lessons

U do not become a warrior

U either r or r not in this moment

The way itself creates the warrior

Be happy now, without reason

Enlightenment is not an attainment but a realization

When u wake up nothing changes and everything changes

If a blind man realizes he can see has the world changed?

Loses path in world then abandons all and goes hiking to mountain

Ch 8 the gate opens

Searching not about finding but about being

Fool is happy when cravings satisfied

Warrior is happy without reason

Final task: act happy

Don't live in fear of mortality

Imagined death and realized cycle of life

All world around u is u and consciousness

Not just single piece of flesh

All goals equally enjoyable and unnecessary

Loving action

Lost mind and fallen into heart

Soon the person u r will go away

Just be happy now

Only laws:




No need to resist life

Wake up

Already free

Happiness is a full tank

Remain ordinary


Laughter in the wind

Still living ordinary human life with ordinary responsibilities

Time for giving