Elementary Wish List   PawPrint.jpg

Art Teacher:



Library Teacher:

P.E Teacher:

Ms. Shahidi 

Connect 4 games

Rummikub tiles- you know when you lose several but still keep the game!

Old panty hose (yea, I know...what are those?!) or knee highs

Fake, plastic food (fruit, veggies, grains, proteins, dairy…)

Leftover balloons from “an occassion”

Help with making beanbags

Building skills for some equipment for class & field day

Juice, Juice or Milk lids… especially PURPLE! (grape juice has!)

***so many of these items are consumable that I ALWAYS need more!  

Reading Specialists:

Mrs. McCarville-

Sandwich baggies

Gallon size baggies

Any size post-it notes

Mrs. Swanson-Brehm-

EXPO markers of any color

Mrs. Elsasser-

Clorox wipes

Gallon size zip baggies

Post-it notes

Black wipe board markers

School Counselors:

EXPO markers (lots of colors)

Environmentally friendly Wipes for cleaning


13 boxes Crayola Ultra Clean Markers - Classic Colors

School Nurse:

Small sizes of boys underwear (sizes 4 - 8)

Small sizes of boys sweatpants (size xs and small), can be used : )

Small sizes of girls sweatpants (size xs and small), can be used : )

Special Education:

Mrs. Riesselman-

Clorox wipes

Gallon slider lock bags

Thermal laminating pages


Clear contact paper.

Mrs. Van Dam

Clorox Wipes




TAG Teacher:

        Zip-lock baggies all sizes

        Post-It Notes all sizes ( even 4X6) and colors

        WhiteBoard erasers

        Painters Tape

Music (Kenealy):

Post - It Notes (All Sizes/Colors)


Colored WhiteBoard Markers




Shaving Cream

Dot Stickers

Pony Beads


Two-gallon ziplock bags

The front torn off of old greeting cards (kids write on the back)


Shaving Cream

Dot Stickers


Baking Soda

Dish Soap

2 gallon ziplock bags


           Shaving Cream


            Baking Soda


            Ivory Dish Soap


Gray- (see list under EK)


Mrs. Gray-

Expo dry erase markers(preferably black fine point)




Perler beads

Pony beads

Glitter glue

 Mrs. Solomon-


Pony Beads

Pipe Cleaners

Thermal Laminating Pouches

Glitter Glue

Small Clothespins

Crayola Washable Markers


Mrs. Heiden-

Thermal Laminating pages

Painter’s Tape



Mrs. Spencer-

Thermal Laminating pages

Ms. Goecke-

           Two-gallon zip lock bags

            Glue sticks

            Clorox Wipes

Miss Phillips-

Thermal Laminating Sheets

Large pump size hand sanitizer

Glue Sticks

Expo Markers

Cotton Balls


Mrs. Huber-

        Thermal Laminating Sheets

Skinny Expo Markers

Miss Johnson-

Notecards/index cards


Baking Soda

Cotton Balls

Paper plates

Blue Painters Tape

1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Entner

Large hand sanitizer pumps for refills

Black Expo Markers

Quart size baggies

Snack size baggies

Gallon Size baggies

Multi-Age 1-2:

Mrs. Hamilton-

Painter’s tape


Mrs. Adams-

Dry Erase Expo Markers - both regular and skinny types

Large Popsicle Sticks

Packaging Tape

Mrs. Holm-

Thermal laminating pages

Painter’s tape

Glue sticks

Thin yellow highlighters

Mrs. Christensen-

Painters tape x2

Laminating sheets x2

Inside recess games (board games, puzzles, etc)

3rd Grade:

Mr. Barloon-

Inside recess games

Decks of Cards

Mrs. Davis-

Inside recess games

Packaging tape to repair books

Colored markers, new or used

4th Grade:

Mrs. Stephany-

Inside recess games

Colored pencils or markers

Post it notes-all sizes

Multi-Age 3-4:

Mrs. Knott-

Painter’s tape

Wide masking tape

New decks of cards

Crayola markers

Mrs. Madden-

8.5 x 11 thermal laminating pouches

Black Sharpies

Packaging tape

Crayola Markers

Lined post-it notes

Mrs. McCormick-

Post-It Notes (3x3, 4x6 lined)

Crayola markers

Packaging tape

Painter’s tape

Black sharpies

Mrs. Myers-

Crayola markers

Loom band ‘s’ or ‘c’ clips (for inside recess)

Painter’s tape

Short and long jump ropes

Miss Davis-

Black sharpies

Crayola markers

Blue painters tape

Packaging tape