Elementary Wish List   PawPrint.jpg

Administrative Assistants:

Art Teacher:

At-Risk Counselor:




Lunch Service:

Library Teacher:

P.E Teacher:

Ms. Shahidi 

Connect 4 games

Rummikub tiles- you know when you lose several but still keep the game!

Old panty hose (yea, I know...what are those?!) or knee highs

Fake, plastic food (fruit, veggies, grains, proteins, dairy…)

Leftover balloons from “an occassion”

Help with making beanbags

Building skills for some equipment for class & field day

Juice, Juice or Milk lids… especially PURPLE! (grape juice has!)

***so many of these items are consumable that I ALWAYS need more!  

Reading Specialists:

Mrs. McCarville-

Sandwich baggies

Gallon size baggies

Any size post-it notes

Mrs. Swanson-Brehm-

Post-it Notes

Mrs. Elsasser-

Clorox wipes

Gallon size zip baggies

Post-it notes

Black wipe board markers

School Counselors:

EXPO markers (lots of colors)

Environmentally friendly Wipes for cleaning


13 boxes Crayola Ultra Clean Markers - Classic Colors

School Nurse:

Small sizes of boys underwear (sizes 4 - 8)

Small sizes of boys sweatpants (size xs and small), can be used : )

Small sizes of girls sweatpants (size xs and small), can be used : )

Special Education:

Mrs. Riesselman-

Clorox wipes

Gallon slider lock bags

Thermal laminating pages


Clear contact paper.

Mrs. Van Dam

Clorox Wipes




TAG Teacher:


Vocal Music (Kenealy):

Post - It Notes (All Sizes/Colors)


Colored WhiteBoard Markers




Shaving Cream

Dot Stickers

Pony Beads


Two-gallon ziplock bags

The front torn off of old greeting cards (kids write on the back)


Shaving Cream

Dot Stickers


Baking Soda


           Shaving Cream


            Baking Soda


            Ivory Dish Soap



Mrs. Praska-

Laminating sheets


Pony beads-

 Mrs. Solomon-


Pony Beads

Pipe Cleaners



Mrs. Heiden-

Thermal Laminating pages

Painter’s Tape

Mrs. Spencer-

Thermal Laminating pages

Ms. Goecke-

           Thermal Laminating sheets

           Two-gallon zip lock baggies

            Pipe Cleaners

            Glue sticks

Miss Phillips-

Thermal Laminating Sheets

Large pump size hand sanitizer

Glue Sticks

Expo Markers

Mrs. Huber-

        Thermal Laminating Sheets

Skinny Expo Markers

Painters Tape

Miss Johnson-

Notecards/index cards


Baking Soda

Cotton Balls

Paper plates

Blue Painters Tape

1st Grade:

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Entner

Large hand sanitizer pumps for refills

Black Expo Markers

Quart size baggies

Snack size baggies

Gallon Size baggies

Multi-Age 1-2:

Mrs. Hamilton-

Painter’s tape


Seasonal mini erasers; hearts for February, etc.

Mrs. Adams-

Sheet protectors

Thermal laminating pages

Dry Erase Expo Markers - preferably black

Mrs. Holm-

Thermal laminating pages

Painter’s tape

Glue sticks

Thin yellow highlighters

Mrs. Christensen-

Painters tape x2

Laminating sheets x2

Inside recess games (board games, puzzles, etc)

3rd Grade:

Mr. Barloon-

Inside recess games

Decks of Cards

Mrs. Davis-

Inside recess games

Packaging tape to repair books

Colored markers, new or used

4th Grade:

Mrs. Stephany-

Inside recess games

Colored pencils or markers

Post it notes-all sizes

Multi-Age 3-4:

Mrs. Knott-

Painter’s tape

Wide masking tape

New decks of cards

Crayola markers

Mrs. Reicks-

Painter’s tape

Crayola markers

Hand sanitizer

Mrs. McCormick-

Post-It Notes (3x3, 4x6 lined)

Crayola markers

Packaging tape

Painter’s tape

Black sharpies

Mrs. Myers-

Crayola markers

Loom band ‘s’ or ‘c’ clips (for inside recess)

Colorful Sharpies

Miss Davis-

Black sharpies

Crayola markers

Blue painters tape

Packaging tape