TransportationCamp DC 2014

Session 1

11:00 - 12:00

1. Open Transit Data for Everything Everywhere -- a discussion with four case studies, and Q&A with Shin-pei Tsay, Jackie Klopp, Emily Eros, and James Wong, in 111. Notes.

2. New Urban Mobility--a discussion with Emily Badger (Atlantic Cities), Gabe Klein (formerly CDOT), David Bragdon (TransitCenter), Beth Stevens (Sidecar), in 113. Notes.

3. Diving Deeper in Technology & Transportation. How might we: use digital tools to increase transportation funding? use engagement to really drive outcomes? With Frank Hebbert (@fkh, OpenPlans), Tim Papandreou (@timpapandreou, SFMTA), Michelle Lee (@mishmosh, Textizen), in 118. Notes.

4. BILF: buses I’d like to…. Crowdsourcing ideas on making buses sexy, with @transitdude, @mamakoid, @cctgirl, in 120. Notes.

5. Bikesharing: A silver bullet for shrinking an income gap?, in 121. Notes.

6. Expanding youth involvement in public transit advocacy, with Jeff Kessler, Chair, SEPTA Youth Advisory Council, in 475. Notes.

7. Track your stuff with GPS: DIY vehicle tracking with Raspberry Pi, in 476. Notes.

8. Public-Private Partnerships: brainstorming effective ways to collaborate & share info, in 477. Notes.

9. Using AVL data to improve delivery & operations @NYCT. Demo: real-time transit data visualization with Boris Suchkov, in 478. Notes.

10. How to make great mobility videos for $1,000/min. Presentation/discussion with Dwight Mengel and Jonathan Maddism, in 479. Notes.

11. Running Out the Door: Combining exercise and commuting, with Patricia Chaupis, in 481. Notes.

Session 2

12:10 - 1:10

1. Streets for cities, by cities: An overview of the NACTO Urban Street Design Guide. Presentation by Paul Supawanich (@tweetsupa) in 111. Notes.

2. Marketing! w/ @alexbaca. How to make it not suck; what role does social media play?; how does marketing bring together transpo and tech?; eff off, jargon! Let’s talk about a profession that’s consistently marginalized!, in 113. Notes.

3. Walking IS Transportation: Making walking: safer! easier! more enjoyable!, with David Goodman (Arlington Bike/Ped), Yolanda Savage-Narva (America Walks), Ellen McDermott (@HeyNell, OpenPlans), in 118. Notes.

4. Access to Destinations: how do we talk about, calculate, use accessibility? W/ Andrew Owen, @UNMAccOB, in 120. Notes.

5. LOS: measuring transport impact in LOS-free world, in 121. Notes.

6. Concessions-session-what is your function?,More than food at the stadium! A conversation and a way to do things in a budget-constrained world? in 475. Notes.

7. Transit riders, the next ‘Soccer Moms’ voters?: building our political power, Andrew Austin, @transitdude, in 476. Notes.

8. Help us brainstorm web-based & mobile tools for transit customer feedback, w/Kari Watkins and Susan Bregman, in 477. Notes.

9. Bike travel integration. Maps- rail - bus - signs - planes -- seamless, simple, user-friendly. @usbicycleroutes,, in 478. Notes.

10. MPG or GPM: Metrics matter!, #betterfueleconomy; #betterpolicy, w/ @MikeTaptich, in 479. Notes.

11. Quidditch Mom Soccer Mom Smackdown: 90 years after “The Road to Happiness” and Re-engineering suburban streets; w/ Fionnuala Quinn, @FinnQuinn, in 481. Notes.

Session 3

2:30 - 3:30

1. Shared Mobility!, Car, Bike, Scooter, Bus, Lyft -- what is city’s role for streets space, with Tim Papandreou, in 111. Notes.

2. Building a sustainable business model for bikeshare. Federal transit funding? Innovative pricing models to align revenue with cost. Role of private sector - sponsorship. Reducing equipment and operations cost. W/ Ryan Rzepecki (Social Bicycles) and Esther Dyson (EDVentures), in 113. Notes.

3. Smarter tools for origin-destination data collection from surveys; w/Neil Taylor (ITP), Trevor (Conveyal), Aaron Ogle (OpenPlans), in 118. Notes.

4. Wayfinding. A discussion about navigating the last 500 feet, with @tracktwentynine and @mamakoid, in 120. Notes.

5. Removing transit isolation for new immigrants with disabilities. Making travel training work for everyone, with Angela Gibson, York Region,  in 121. Notes.

6. One Bus Away: open-source real-time transit arrival info. New deployments and more -- NYC, Seattle, Tampa, DC, Atlanta, with Kari Watkins, Sean Barbeau, Kurt Raschke, in 475. Notes.

7. Dynamic Pricing in transportation: Efficiency v. Equity (tolls, taxis, bikeshare, parking … ); with @vebah and Erik Weber, in 476. Notes.

8. What do your customers experience? Customer Experience/Journey Mapping Tool, with Carolyn Jeskey and Amy Conrick, CTAA, in 477. Notes.

9. Lawrence Onboard: A DIY Project to Mainstream Hitchhiking for Rural Roadside Ridesharing, w/ Jenny O’Brien, @lawrenceonboard, in 478. Notes.

10. Six Degrees of TranspoCamp. Step One: We map out the “six degrees” relationships of the whole group; Step 2: Everyone commits to do one solid for another attendee. Last year this helped 2 campers for gainful employment. In 479. Notes.

11. Traffic Signals for Data Peds Buses Trucks Bikes Trains, with Peter Koonce, in 481. Notes.

Session 4

3:40 - 4:40

1. Developing Countries: Triumphs and follies in open transport. Got stories? Got smarty-pants ideas on what we could have done better? We want to hear from you! W/ Holly Krambeck, World Bank, in 111. Notes.

2. Plan in a Box. How can we improve the amount and quality of available information about transportation and other urban planning projects? Tell us how you do public information and what tools you’re currently using. W/ @openplans; @atogle; @mjumbewu, in 113. Notes.

3. Strike a pose! Photobooth! & learn about alternative public outreach, w/ @cctgirl, @mamakoid, @aimeecustis, in 118. Notes.

4. Dynamic Transit Mapping. Turning GTFS into stylized map visualizations; automatically generating transit maps -- wow!, w/ Conveyal; Arlington Mobility Lab, in 120. Notes.

5. We need more bikeways: why can’t we get them?, w/ Rock Miller, in 121. Notes.

6. Health & transport: access to care; access to work; more walking = health; who has data? interest? w/ @EDyson, in 475. Notes.

7. Blogging and social to influence public policy & decision making, w/ Alex Baca (WABA), Aimee Custis (Greater Greater Washington), Jaime Fearer (GGW), and Matt Johnson (GGW), in 476. Notes.

8. Will you marry me? Stakeholders engagement strategies, w/ Chris Pangilinan, in 477. Notes.

9. Low infrastructure tools for traffic speed/journey time data collection, w/Neil Taylor (ITP) and Kevin Webb (Conveyal),  in 478. Notes.

10. Equity and Access: Buzzwords but how do we actually do it? How does data fit in? What data is missing?, w/ @gohomedorothy (Dorothey Le) and @transpojuana (Juana Sandoval),  in 479. Notes.

11. Words Matter: Regional Transportation Coordination--digital approach, w/ Ted Rosenbaum (@redtosenbaum) and Nikola Ivanov, in 481. Notes.