What actually caused the Civil War? Historians don't always agree about the main causes of the Civil War. Most agree that the Civil War wasn't simply about slavery; perspectives vary.

In this activity you'll read information to help you identify what was going on in the northern states and what was going on in the southern states in the mid 1800s.

Create a Venn Diagram. Identify 3 reasons people of the North were pro war and 3 reasons the people of the South were pro war. In the middle add 2-5 reasons both regions would be pro war.

The following webpages will help you gather reasons:

Wikipedia American Civil War

About.com Top Five Causes of the Civil War

About.com Military History- Causes of the Civil War

You can create your image using Microsoft Paint, Google Drawing (part of Google Docs), Microsoft Word, or any number of other image creation sites. Upload your diagram below.

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