Johnny Rawten Takes a Break from his Ancient Quest

(Ancient Greece Vocabulary)

“Hello everybody! It’s me, Johnny. How’s it going? I thought I would stop by and hang out with you for a little while.  Wow, I have been doing so many things lately, I decided that I needed a rest. My Quest is going along pretty well. I have 5 golden coins, but Buddha said that I need 8 so it looks like I still have a lot of work to do. Speaking of which, do you know where my next task will be? I have a feeling it will be in ancient Greece, which makes my knees tremble a little because I know that there are a lot of dangerous gods, goddesses, and monster there. Geez, I hope I don’t have to fight any of them. I have read a few myths, which are made-up stories, and know how scary these characters can be. How could a kid like me compete with those Olympians? Or defeat someone like Xerxes who is the King of Persia? Maybe I won’t have to face any of the gods or monster and instead, get to work with the great leader of Athens, Pericles and help him invent direct democracy, which is a government when all citizens vote every time or a representative democracy which is a government when the people select other people to represent them in government. It would be fun to be a part of the beginning of Democracy, which is what our country has today. Way better than an Oligarchy which is when a small group of people are in power. This makes it so the common citizens don’t have say in what happens. Helping with government would be a lot safer than having to fight in a war like the Peloponnesian war which was Athens against Sparta. That war had a lot of bad stuff and since I would want to fight for Athens, I might become a Helot which is a person captured by the Spartans and forced to be slave.  There’s so many possibilities of what I might have to do in Greece, my head is spinning! It feels like I just got off the spinning apple at the fair and am about to vomit up my french fries! Perhaps I will get to compete in the first Olympic games, which were held to honor Zeus. I would like that. I love sports. Something tells me that I won’t get to do anything fun. Usually I have to do dangerous stuff on this quest. When I do time warp to ancient Greece, the first thing I am going to do is find a polis, which is an ancient Greece city because I have a feeling I will find out what my task is at the agora, which is an open area market where you can meet people and buy stuff. I wonder what polis I will land next to because there are many interesting city-states in Greece. A city-state is an independent city, isolated from other cities. Maybe it will be Athens, or Sparta, or Corinth. Do you know where I will land? Maybe I should try to find an oracle, which is a sacred shrine where a priest speaks for the gods. Perhaps I can ask Zeus what my task is and if he will help me. Something tells me that he won’t be interested in helping me...

Well, if you have any clues or advice for me about my next task, I will gladly listen. By the way, thanks for going on this quest with me. It makes things alot easier to know I have some company.

So anyway, I was thinking----What was that?!?!?!  Did you hear that? It’s some kinda swirling noise. Oh my gosh! The air!! It’s spinning! Faster and faster!!!  It’s pulling...AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”