Twin Cities Campus          Minnesota Student Association        

        Coffman Memorial Union 202

Undergraduate Student Government        300 Washington Avenue S.E

Office of the President        Minneapolis, MN 55455

May 26th 2020

Dear Chair Powell, President Gabel, Vice President Berthelsen, Chief Clark, and Vice President Goh,

This morning we woke up to a graphic video that depicted the violent murder of an unarmed, restrained Black man named George Floyd by Minneapolis police Officers Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao. Chauvin knelt on the neck of Floyd and pressed him into the hot asphalt, forcing Floyd to inhale the fumes from an SUV owned by the Minneapolis Police Department while Thao stood guard and watched. Chauvin continued to apply pressure even as George lay motionless and pleaded in pain saying “Please, please I can’t breathe.” George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department. Full stop. Regardless of the reason for his arrest, his death cannot be justified, and those who attempt to do so are part of the problem. Following his arrest, the Minneapolis Police Department released a false statement, claiming that he died due to ‘medical incident.’[1]  George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, was murdered and he did not deserve to die.

The Minneapolis Police Department has repeatedly demonstrated with their actions that Black bodies are expendable to them. This is a norm that we have been desensitized to due to its frequency. Black people have been killed by the Minneapolis Police Department at 13.2x the rate of white people.[2] It is disgusting and it is unacceptable. A part of the Twin Cities campus is embedded within the confines of Minneapolis and students often are under the jurisdiction of the Minneapolis Police Department, a dubious status for any person of color. MPD has continually shown disregard for the welfare and rights of people of color on our campus. This disregard is especially blatant in interactions that include but are not limited to, the discrimination and racism that was experienced by students during Somali Night in 2018, and generally, the way students of color are treated with mistrust and suspicion while on or around campus.[3] 

We did not forget the events of July 1967, where police violently threw Black community members to the ground after attempting to break up a fight downtown, where Black people were denied the right to ride the bus back to North Minneapolis, and where four white boys beat a Black boy while police watched[4]. We will not forget the events of 1989, where a botched SWAT raid which resulted in the  deaths of Black Elders Lillian Weiss and Lloyd Smalley and the brutal arrest of Black youth at Embassy Suites downtown.”[5] We will not forget the murder in 1990 of Tycel Nelson, who was killed by Officer Daniel May who was then awarded for this fatality.[6] We will not forget the murder of Courtney Williams who was shot by Minneapolis police in 2004.[7] We will not forget the murder of unarmed Jamar Clark in 2015, who was killed when officers responded to a 911 call in North Minneapolis.[8] And we will not forget the murder of George Floyd who was suffocated to death by Officers on May 25th 2020 amidst a global pandemic. We will never forget George Floyd, Philando Castile, Jamar Clark, and the countless lives that have been lost senselessly and needlessly at the murderous hands of police brutality. May you Rest in POWER.

We have lost interest in discussion, community conversations, and “donut hours”. We no longer wish to have a meeting or come to an agreement, there is no middle ground. The police are murdering Black men with no meaningful repercussions. This is not a problem of some other place or some other time. This is happening right here in Minneapolis. We no longer tolerate the ineffective, inconsistent “bias training” that rarely serves as more than a fig leaf. We have no purview or jurisdiction over the operations of the Minneapolis Police Department except as citizens of Minneapolis. However, as student leaders, we do have a stake in the operations of the University of Minnesota Police Department. Therefore we clearly and without hesitation DEMAND that the University of Minnesota Police Department ceases any partnerships with the Minneapolis Police Department immediately. This is inclusive of any previous contracts, events, security operations, and any additional relations that were inclusive of the Minneapolis Police Department, barring any reporting structures. As a land-grant institution, statements professing appreciation of diversity and inclusion are empty and worthless if they are not backed up by action. A man was murdered. It is our job as an institution to exert whatever pressure we can to keep our students safe and demand justice in our city and state. We expect a reply to this concern within 24 hours of receipt.

With deep loss, disgust, and exhaustion,

Jael Kerandi

A Black woman.

The Undergraduate Student Body President


MSA Leadership

Levi O’Tool, He/Him, MSA Vice-President 2019-2020

Jude Goossens, He/Him, Government and Legislative Affairs Director 2019-2020

Taylor Larick, He/Him, MSA Chief Financial Officer 2019-2020

Lauren Meyers, She/Her/Hers, MSA Chief of Staff to the President, 2019-2020

Apostolos Kotsolis, He/Him, MSA Ranking At-Large Representative 2019-2020

Austin Kraft, He/Him/His, MSA Ranking Representative to the Board of Regents 2019-2020

Briggs Tople, He/Him/His, MSA Representative to the Student Senate Consultative Committee, 2019-2020

Sam Parmekar, He/Him/His, MSA State Coordinator 2019-2020

Sophie Zielke, She/Her/Hers, MSA Outreach Director 2019-2020

Juan Mantilla, He/him/his, MSA Chief of Staff to the Vice President, 2019-2020

Emilia Janik, MSA Research and Data Coordinator 2019-2020

Addison Scufsa, He/Him, MSA Student Group Rep for the College Republicans 2019-2020

Rose Lloyd-Slifkin,  She/Her/Hers, GLA Fellow 2019-2020

Cole Jensen, He/him/his, College of Science and Engineering Senator

Arleth Pulido-Nava, She, Her Hers, MSA Infrastructure Committee Director 2019-2020

Sarah Jasa, She/Her/Hers, MSA Health and Wellness Committee Director 2019-2020

Kendall Johnson, she/her/hers, MSA At Large Representative

Celine Jennings, She/Her/Hers, MSA UMN Climate Strike SGR 2019-2020

Roselin Victor, She/Her/Hers, MSA First Year Intern

Arshia Hussain, She/her/hers, Non-Citizen & Immigrant Task Force Chair 19-20

Suadi Mohamud, She/her/hers, College of Liberal Arts Student Senator

Sashmitaa Bagavathiraj, MSA Sexual Assault Taskforce Member

Kevin Buck, He/him/his, MSA Grants Director and At-Large-Representative

Rodrigo Tojo Garcia, He/him/his, Student Representative to the Board of Regents

Cassidy Drummond, She/her/hers, CLA Senator

Rachel Aron, They/Them/Theirs, MSA Intern Coordinator 2019-2020

Kacie Bauerly, they/them/their(s), MSA Member

Lubna Mohamed Abdirahman, She/Her/Hers, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Director 2019-20, National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Senator

Marali Singaraju, She/Her/Hers, MSA Non-Citizen Immigrant Task Force Member

Job Okeri, He/Him/His, CLA Student Senator

Charles Rank, He/Him/His, CLA Student Senator

Amy Ma , MSA President 2020-20201

Rebecca Cowin, She/Hers, MSA Vice President 2020-2021

Gurtaran Johal, She/Her/Hers, MSA Speaker of Forum 2020-2021

Bri Sislo-Schutta, She/Her, A Black woman, Government and Legislative Affairs Director 2020-2021

Sakshi Aul, She/Her/Hers, Chief of Staff to the MSA President 2020-2021

Jack Flom, They/Them, MSA Representative to the SSCC 2020-2021

Sydney Bauer, She/her/hers,  Ranking Student Senator 2020-2021

Chike Okonkwo, He/him/his, Carlson School of Management Senator 2020-2021

Joe Price, He/Him Student Senator 2020-2021

Matthew Croft, Academic Affairs Committee Director 2020-2021

Nibraas Khan, She/Her/Hers, MSA At-Large Representative 2020-21

Nikil Badey, He/him/his, 2020-2021: Student Senator for the College of Biological Sciences

Abdulaziz Mohamed, He/Him/His, 2020-2021 MSA Federal Government and Legislative Affairs Coordinator

Dhruv Singh, He/Him/His, MSA Student Group Rep UNSA Model United Nations 2020-2021

Mustafa Ali, MSA At-Large Representative, Diversity and Inclusion Committee Director  

Zeke Jackson, He/Him/His, MSA At-Large Representative

MSA 2020-2021 Forum Body


Hope Walz, She/Her, Coalition for Progressive Change board member

Gabrielle Farrell, She/her, Former American Indian Student Cultural Center President, Red Cliff Ojibwe, Undergraduate
Natasha Sohni, She/Her/Hers, Coalition for Progressive Change President & CLA Student Board President 2019-2020

Tala Alfoqaha, She/Her/Hers, Editor in Chief of The Wake Magazine

Angela Twumasi, She/Her/Hers, African Student Association President

Mahad Omar, He/Him/His, President of First Generation Students

Devin Vue, He/Him/His, President of HEARTH

Nate Taye, He/Him, National Association of Black Accountants President

Grant Goulson, He/him, Music Student Association President, UMN Student

Faith Ogega, She/Her, National Association of Black Accountants Vice President

Sam Rosemark, He//Him, UMN Morris Student Body President

Disabled Student Cultural Center (DSCC)

Angela Kunkel, She/Her, Human Rights Student Association Co-President

Tyler Vongphachanh, He/Him, President of the Multicultural Greek Council and brother of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc

Carson Westra, President of Sigma Pi

Elizabeth Zanmiller, Vice President of Students Against Pipelines, Officer of Mindfulness Club

Mandy Lu, She/Her, Fundraising Director for the Vietnam Student Association of Minnesota

Zinneia Wilson, She/Her/Hers, Black Motivated Women Chair

Ellen Sunshine, She/Her, Associate Director

Adonai Yishak, He/Him/His, President of First Generation Students

John Patterson, He/Him/His, Orientation Student Program Coordinator & Gold Standard Show Choir

Haruka Yukioka, They/Them/Theirs, External Vice-President of the Asian American Student Union

Maddie Stumbaugh, She/They, Phony Magazine President, Orientation Leader

Riley Fletcher, he/him/his, President of Coalition for Progressive Change

Matthew Plummer, He/Him/His, Organizational Leadership, Policy and Development Department Representative

Gracie Stockton, she/her, President of Rho Lambda

Emma Vik, She/Her/Hers, StudioU Vice President of Editoral

Lotus Roodi, They/Them, Head of UMN Coven.

Andrea Catarino Mendoza, She/Her/Hers, La Raza LatinX Student Cultural Center President

Naomi Schmeck, She/Her/Hers, Peace Corps Student Group President/Student/W.O.C.

Hibo Ali, She/Her/Hers, Multicultural Undergraduate Political Science Coalition President

Aisha Omar, She/Her/Hers, President of NSBE UMN Chapter

Kaitlyn Minarsich, She/Her/H\ers, President of the College of Liberal Arts Student Board

Sydney Murray, She/Her, UMN Climate Strike Co-lead

Srilekha Garishakurti, She/Her/Hers, Indian Student Association President

Peter Merrill, He/him/his, President of United Nations Student Association

Lili O'Brien, she/her, GWSS Undergraduate Senior, President of Slackline Club

Maya Ulrich, She/Her/Hers, President of Compassionate Action for Animals/ undergraduate student

Madison Fry, She/Her/Hers, President of Society for Human Resources Management

Stephanie Morande, She, her, hers, Black Motivated Women President

Quinn Morris, She/her, President of Women for Political Change (WFPC)

Lina Abdirahman, She/her/hers, BSU President, President of the Kappa Pi Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Kortni Cloud, She/her/hers, President of the HSM Club

Huda Mohamed, She/her, President of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Mu Rho Chapter

Mikayla Finnegan, she/her/hers, Co-President of She’s the First UMN Chapter

Saja Osman, She/Her, President of Sudanese Student Union and Aurora Center Advocate

Mukta Vaidya, She/Her/Hers, Co-President of the Indian Student Association

Raphael Boettcher, Philippine Student Association Board Member

Allison Martin, She/Her, Women for Political Change Board Member

Kania Johnson, she/her/hers, President of Humphrey Students of Color Association, Equity and Inclusion Office of Public Affairs Student Association

Daphne Blount, she/her/hers, President of UMN American Medical Student Association-Pre Med

Sharon Ogata, Black Student Union-President

Hannah Sauer, She/Her/Hers, Orientation Leader

Lucy Mullen, She/Her/Hers, Vice President of University of Minnesota Ad Club

Callie Marino, She/They, 2019-2020 President of Women in Business

Milena Cornejo, President of Sigma Alpha Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority Inc.

Nicole Paulson, She/Her, Sierra Student Coalition President

Adrienne Jadric, Co-President of She’s the First UMN

Peyton Ordner, she/her, Co-President of She’s the First at the University of Minnesota

Feryal Bouayed, She/They, Vice President of Coalition for Progressive Change

Abby Medberry, She/Her/Hers, CASA Advocacy Chair

Cora Arnold, She/Her/Hers, UMN Gymnastics Club Fundraising Chair, Camp Kesem Member

Abby Naglula, VP of the Kappa Pi chapter of ΖΦΒ Sorority Inc., a fed up black woman and UMN student

Saulkdi Yangh, He/Him/His, Hmong Minnesota Student Association Co-Advocacy Chair

Ben Villnow, He/Him/His, College of Liberal Arts Student Board Communications Director

Kaylee Kuehn, She/ Her, MANRRS Treasurer

Daniela Kunkel-Linares, she/her/hers, Human Rights Student Association Vice President

Carolyn Hoerle, She/her/hers, Al-Madinah Cultural Center Treasurer

Esme Call, She/Her, Director of Marketing for PERIOD MN

Morgan Pavelka, She/hers, Marketing Executive for She’s The First

Maddi Johnson, She/Her/Hers, Society of Women Engineers Diversity and Inclusion Director

Latavia Watson National Pan-Hellenic Council Greek Member

Lauren Tehan, She/Her/Hers, MPH Candidate, Member of the Senate Committee on Student Affairs

Brittany Becker, She/her/hers, Former President of Human Rights Student Association (HRSA)

Erica Koina, She/Her, 2019 Orientation Leader

Rowan Halm, They/Them, 2020 Orientation Leader

Aaron Blanchard, He/him/his, Volunteer Tax Assistance Program Director

Thomas Nguyen, He/Him/His, Asian-American Student Union Board Member

Jenna Poff, She/her, Vice President of The Dance Collective

Bailey Sutter, she/hers/her, Humphrey MHR student, PASA Secretary

Marcus Johnson-Luther, He, Black Student Union Marketing & PR chair. 4x Deans list student.

Megan Klebs, VP of Operations for Net Impact Undergraduate

Julia Sexton, She/Her, Students for Reproductive Freedom Board Member

Ellis Raduenz, she/her, Vice President UMN Psychology Club

Vanessa Guachichulca, She/Her/Hers, Student of Color, La Raza Latinx Secretary

Luc Nelson, He/Him/His, Student Services Manager

Emerson Martin, She/Her, President’s Emerging Scholar Peer Mentor

Joey DiSpirito, He/Him/His, Treasurer, College of Liberal Arts Student Board

Ashtin Gulyard, Him,He,His, Member kappa alpha psi

Maya Little, She/her/hers, A black woman/BSU general member/NPHC Greek member

Kara Black, She/Her/Hers, MoQSIE Co-Chair at UMN Morris

Talesh  Singh, He, him, his, Brown Man, Psi chapter Polemarch

Morgan Pavelka, She/Her, Marketing Executive for She’s The First

Nyakueth Biel, She/Her, Community Engagement Officer for the Association of Black Psychology Students

Zach Fisher, He.Him, Officer of Logistics for UMN Climate Strike

Samantha Osei, She/Her/Hers, African Student Association Board Member

Hafsa Mohamed, She/Her/Hers, Human Rights & Mental Health Advocate

Alfreda Tuwumasi, She/Her/Hers, African Student Association- Co-Treasurer

Lydia Vejar, She/her, Vice President of the Dance Collective

Meea Mosissa, Oromo Student Union Secretary

Alfreda Twumasi, She/Her/Hers, African Student Association- Co-Treasurer

Jessica Matix Forster, She/Her/Hers, Former TRIO Student Alliance CoChair

Caroline Rutkiewicz, She/Her, Director of Finance, The Dance Collective

Sophie Nicol, She/Her/Hers 2020 Orientation Leader

Vanesa Mercado Díaz, She/Her

Sourojit Ghosh, He/Him, Former Vice President, United Nations Students Association

Nathan Hafey, He/Him/His Orientation Leader

Caitlyn Speier, She/her, Student Legal Service Board of Directors Chair

Jacqueline Zhang, she/her/hers, CLA Student Board Member

Amy Wesolowski, She/Her/Hers, Society of Women Engineers (SWE) Diversity and Inclusion Committee member, Department of Chemistry Diversity and Inclusion Committee Undergraduate Representative

Ramla Mohamud, She/Her/Hers, Muslim Student Association Vice President

Anna Enfield, She/her/hers, Director of Membership - The Dance Collective

San Kong, She/Her, Sudanese Student Union Secretary  

Saida Mohamed, She/Her/Hers, First-Gen Student Board Member

Charles Golding, He/Him/His, AISCC Vice President

Jessie Fetting, She/Her, Communications Lead at Youth Climate Strike UMN

Katra Abdullahi, She/Her/Hers, Black Student Union Secretary

Prince Nteere, Former President of the National Association of Black Accountants UMN

Natalie Narvaez, She,.Her/Hers, Research Assistant

Tucker Nowack, He/Him, Welcome Week Student Program Coordinator, VP of Operations for StudioU

Nautica Flowers, She/hers/they/them, Community Advisor

Maxwell Johnson, He/Him/His, 2020 Orientation Leader

Haeley Keilen, She/Her/Hers, Orientation Leader - Tour Guide - TA

Amal Kayse, She/Her, Somali Student Association Secretary

Jocelyn Ricard, She/her/hers,  Previous Vice President of PES

Bonna Dabala, He/Him/His, Former President of Oromo Student Union

Maxwell Johnson, He/Him/His, 2020 Orientation Leader

Michael Swope, He,Him,His, Orientation Leader

Madeleine Melloy, She/her, Communications Director at Women for Political Change

Dyani Acosta, She/Her, Orientation Leader, Community Advisor, Cultural Coordinator for La Raza SCC,&CLA PES Peer Advisor

Ben Villnow, He/Him/His, College of Liberal Arts Student Board Communications Director

Raunak Pandey, He/Him/His, SESB Diversity and Inclusivity Committee Director,

Mahamed Eydarus, He/Him, Somali Student Association Committee Chair

Rachel Tripp, She/Her/Hers, SESB Officer

Sonné  Terfa, She/her/hers, Treasurer of Oromo Student Union

Muna Abdi, She/Her/Hers,  2019-2020 Somali Student Association Board member

Meghan Bishop, she/her, Reporter for the Minnesota Daily

Grace Lundgren, She/Her/Hers, Treasurer of United Nations Student Association - Model United Nations

Kendra Anderson, She/Her/Hers, Orientation Leader

Percy Thomas, He/him, LATIS Student Technician

Simbiat Taiwo, ASA Board Member

Derartu Ansha, She/her/hers, Oromo Student Union- Public Relations

Halle Fodness, she/her, Studio U VP of Production

Miguel Pratas Fernandes, He/Him/His, 2019 Orienation Leader

Kristin Gill, She/Her, Women for Political Change Board Member

Khoa Nguyen, He/Him/His, Pre-Pharmacy Club Fundraising Chair

Gbemi Oyetunde, She/Her/Hers, Black Student Union Board Member

Sena Muledhu, She/Her, Former Student Leader

Justin Goetz, He/Him, Student Affairs Senate Committee Member

Benjamin Philbin, He/Him/His, Founder of UMN Memes for Frozen Northern Teens

Brett Herbers, He/Him/His, UMN 2020 Homecoming King and Graduate Student

Kaylee Kuehn, She/Her, MANRRS Treasurer

Elise Toussaint, She/Her/Hers, Current and First Black Minneapolis Aquatennial Queen of the Lakes

Georgina Simon, Student and Ex-Black Student Union Board Member

Isetta Williams, Student/Teaching Assistant/Community Adviser/Woman of Color

Ikraan Omar, She/Her, Black Student Union Treasurer

Howard Schwartz, He/Him/His, Adult Special Student

Stefanie Amundsen, she/her/hers, Orientation Leader

Juan Salazar, He/Him/His, Orientation Leader

Kathryn Meenan, She/Her/Hers, Ecology Club Officer and RadioK DJ

Aaron Councilman, Director of Performance, The Dance Collective

Kerri Newcomer, She/her, CAA Vice President

Janet Nguyen, she/her/hers, Vice President for Women for Political Change

Sidney Enninga, She/Her/Hers, Carlson Ambassador

Giselle Beebe, She/Her/Hers, 2016-2018 National Society of Black Engineers UMN Student Chapter President

Subha Ravichandran, She/Her/Hers, Marketing Director for WE Charity

Jacob Ring, he/him/his, Student Orientation Leader

Lesley Blanco, She/her/hers, La Raza LSCC Board member

Ryan Amundson, He/Him/His, CMO - SAFA / Member of Phi Gamma Delta

Carina Hebl, She/Her/Hers, University Tour Guide

Samiat Ajibola, She/her/hers, Marketing and Social Media Chair of the Black Student Union and Historian of African Student Association

Saulkdi Yangh, He/him/his, Hmong Minnesota Student Association Co-Advocacy Chair

Grace Enfield, She/Her, Director of Finance for the Dance Collective

Wren Friedrich, They/Them/Theirs, Queer Student Cultural Center Board Member, Community Adviser

Martha Burket, She/her/hers, Public Relations for She’s the First

Marie Wulff, She/Her/Hers, Chief Engineer at the Small Satellite Research Lab

Tyler Sirovy, He/Him, Officer - University of Minnesota Outdoors Club

Fariza Hassan, She/her/hers, Student Ambassador, Muslim woman of color

Addie Guenther, She/her, Member of the Student Body, Student Athlete

KarlyBeaumont, She/hers, Outreach Director of College Dems (UMN)

Clara Lemaitre, She/her, HRL Community Advisor

Sagal Mohamed, She/Her/Hers, SSA Design Director

Mohamed Alsino, He/Him, Student/Club Organizer

Siham Abdi, Student Representative

Gbemi Oyetunde, She/her, Black Student Union Board Member

Emmanuel Mongare, He/him/his, BSU Liaison

Meghan Cahill, She/her/hers, Lead Team Member of the CSE Diversity and Inclusivity Alliance

Nate Mamo, He/Him/His, Student, ESA Board Member

Simbiat Taiwo, She/her/hers, ASA Board Member

Katelyn McLane, She/Her, UMN Department of Theatre Arts and Dance Student Representative

Ikraan Omar, She/her, Black Student Union Treasurer

Adi Penugonda, They/He, M.Ed Student, Fmr. Ranking Student Senator

Salma Hassan, She/Her/Hers, SHA Public Relations Chair

Katelyn McLane, She/Her, UMN Department of Theatre Arts and Dance Student Representative

Madison Sam, She/Her/Hers, University Outreach Coordinator - AISCC Board

Hamdi Abas, She her hers, Secretary for MAPS 2020-2021

Hannah Greene-Gretzinger, 2019 StudioU President

María Castanon, She/Her/Hers, Former Board Member of La Raza Latinx

Geneva Taylor, She/Her/Hers, General Officer, University Honors Student Association

Johanna Greniger, She/Her, Graduate Student

Jasmine Jackson, She/Her/Hers, Former Events Director at DesignU, Member of Delta Sigma Pi

Lydia Anthony, She/Her/Hers, Undergraduate Advisory Board Member

Frank Back, He/Him/His, Philanthropy Chair of HEARTH UMN

Abdurahman Abdurahman, NSBE Executive Board Member

Madison Sam, She/Her/Hers, University Outreach Coordinator-AISCC Board

Kalisata Vang

Ryan Hankins, He/Him, Former CA, Current Student Worker

Bea Burke, They/Them/Theirs, Director of Education | PERIOD: The Menstrual Movement

An Garagiola Bernier, She/Her/Hers, An Anishinaabe woman Master of Public Policy candidate, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Donna Osgood, She/hers, URI’s Director of information

Minerva Munoz, she/her/hers, Director of TRIO Student Support Services

Grace Sharpless, She/Her/Hers, Period @ UMN Executive of Finance

Bao Dang, he/him/his, Co-Multimedia of Fraternity Interest Group HEARTH

Catalina Nguyen, she/her, VSAM and Delta Phi Omega Board Member

Tang Nguyen, he/him, HEARTH Member

Duc Tran, CBS Board Member

Eduardo Chavez, Sr, Immigrant, UMN Student, UMN Faculty/Staff/Admin

Serena Armstrong, UMN Student, Staff, McNair Scholar, UMN Tour Guide

Isabela Flores

Katelyn Byczek, She/Her/Hers

Iman Idris

Wil Christensen

Addysen Wlech

Logan Eckhoff, He/Him

Tony Riemensnider

Julia Schowalter, Someone who is done with the continuation of cycles of oppression and violence

Mahia Sikder, she/her

Nick Stumo-Langer, He/Him, Public Affairs Student Association Social Chair

Ellie Branchini, She/Her/Hers

Kendre Niles, She/Her

Lizzie Richter, She/Her

Henry Wieffering

Sydney Hainy, She/Her

Irina Abasova

Gaurav Basnet, He/Him/His

Vivian Pham

Anam Hasan, Medical Student

Dzifa Amexo, She/Her

Mackenzie Roberts, She/Her/Hers

Margerita Afrom, She/Her/Hers

Nafiza Hasan

Ella Napton, She/Her/Hers

Mohini S.

Ethan Hoeschen, He/Him/His

Sydni Northe, She/Her

Jacob Mechler, They/Them

Yogita Thota

Dylan Durgapersad

Anisa Mohamed, She/Her/Hers

Matthew Gabb, He/Him

Kaylee Mina, She/Her

Makenna Lee

Anna Short

Gretchen Nelson, She/Her

Asha Suvarna, She/Her/Hers

Sarah Berton, She/her

Josie Hayes, She/Her

Hayley Wheeler, She/Her

Wambu Ndung’u, She

Sydney Kaiser

Jasmine Rouzegar, She/Her/Hers

Christine DeMarchis, She/Her

Olivia Rudek, She/Her

Maple Maloney, She/Her

Emma Dolacinski, She

Amélie Bolot

Moussaoui Daâma

Jack Gorges

Lindsay harris

Valerie Buvat De Virginy, She/Her

Stephanie Englund, She/Her

Fatima Rahman, She/Her/Hers,

Isobel McCafferty, She/Her

Masie Simpson, She/Her

Sam Miller

Alyssa Wilbourn

Daniel Shnider

Anija Kai

Jeffrey T Wahl, He/Him/His

Hadassah Fisk

Hawa Diakite, She/Her

Luci Camorani, She/Her

Jacob B, He/Him/His, Student

Kaylea Gislason, She/Her

J. Siguru Wahutu

Therese Genis

Megan Gould, She/Her/Hers

Taya Wiggins

Sheryl Stillman

Sidra Islam

Philip Winski, He/Him

Ebony Adedayo, She/Her

Selmat Larmie, She/Her/Hers

Gretchen Vacura, She/Her

Laura Lutton

Cesar Lopez-Perez

Mahad Farah, He/Him, As a black student that is sick and tired of this violence.

Mia Lipsitz, She/her

Muzzammil Raza

Annika Olson

Thomas Lins

Mykaela Korn, She/Her/Hers,

Kailin Oliver

Ian Selzler

Sofiya Hutsal, She/Her/Hers, Student

Hamza Hassan

Asha Hassan, She/Her/Hers, Alumna & PhD Student

Ayub Faarah, He/Him

Garth Herbert

Lizzie Richter, She/Her

Hussein Rage

Nick Buellesbach

Abdulqadir Hassan

Ashha Hassan

Nimca Raage

Wren Keeler, she/they

Misgana Amare

Kathryn Van Hulle, She/Hers

Noelle Dyalsingh

Katrina Barr

Meti Temesgen, She/her

Linnea Burns, She/Her

Sahro Abdullahi

Hope  Thilges

Blair Remington

Lili Braatz

Tehamer Melaku

Caleb Mesick

Jacob Bucu

Lily  Rodriguez         

Aiyanna Tibbetts        

Genesis Zuniga                

Ivy Bolthouse, they/them/theirs, Student and Activist

Mistica Lopez, Her she, Student

Allyson Appelbaum, She/they        

Ramla Yassin, Black Muslim Student at the University of  Minnesota

Riley O’Brien

Olivia  Patterson

Emma Laskowski

Cameron Browne

Noura  Abukhadra

Jack Schroeder

Savannah Giddings

Aubrey Smith

Hannah Moody

Jaquise Brewer        

Sydnney Islam She/her

Rachel  Lucas She/her

Heran  Tsegaye She/her/hers

Diana Zargarian she/her/hers

Kaitlyn  Schurmann She/her/hers

William  Draper        

Cecilia Tojo Soler        

Kennedy  Anderson  she/her/hers

Hermella Demere She:Her/Hers

Samantha Dreher, she/her/hers

Samuel Bents, He, Him, His

Andrew Tisell, he/him/his

Carolyn Christofferson, She/Hers

Sophia Olson

Molly Lindgren

Rachel Johnson, She/her

Keemarr McKinney-Van Buren, He/Him/His

Tori Gardner, She/Her/Hers, Student

Emily Pofahl, She/Her

Linda Barrera, She/Her

Alyse Dees, She/her        

Abigail Ferraro, She/Her/Hers        

Ethan Thomas, He/Him/His, CBS Senior

Sherwina Adams                

Rashed Elbaba, Standing with George Floyd and the people

Jessica Livingston, She/hers, Student

Sierra Powdhar, She/Her/Hers, A Black Woman

Amy Halbmaier, She/Her

Dajanae Humphrey, She/Her/Hers, A black woman

Sahra Mohamed, She/her

Josie Jabs, She/Her/Hers

MckEnzie Newman, She/Her/Hers, An average student looking for justice

Debra Oganda

Hannah Hood, She/Her/Hers

Trenton Alderson

Laura Adami, She/Her/Hers, Treasuer

Sami Doering, She/Her

Luke Dunn

Nora Sankovitz

Sofia Caprini, She/Her/Hers

Carina Anderson, She/Her

Tori Breen, She/Her, Student

Grace Reedy, She/Her

Muriel Knudson, She

Shannon Werstien

Greta Treiber, She/Her, M. Ed Student

Zoe Long, She/Her

Tessa Rossini, She/Her/Hers

Amritha Ramsankar, She/Her/Hers

Haneen Salem

Danny Chemwor

Aishah Damirgi

Natalie Webster

Ranae Choi

Laurel Martinson

James Schaak

Georgia Crandall

Kiet Tram

Katherine Miller, She/Her/Hers

Khai Clardy, She/Her

Abdi Farrah

Emma Hellmer, She/Her

Madeline Brandt, She/Her/Hers

Mikyla Denney, She/Her/Hers

Jason Gumm

Khersten Peterson

Hannah Leatherbarrow She/Hers

Madeline Drummer She/Her

Sarah Christie She/Her

Kalli Dorwart, She/Her/Hers, an angry student

Lynn Lee

Faith Cephus, She/Her

Mira Alotbell-Resendez, They/Them/Theirs, Infuriated student and citizen of Minnesota

Alex Frankki, He/Him

Justina Shenouda, She/Hers

Jasmine Webber, She/Her

Marah Petre, She/Her/Hers

Taillon Miller

Ashmita Sarma, She/Her

Madison Oelke

Mackenzie Turner, She/Her, Queer, Hispanic, Dean’s lsit student

Antonio Songas

Cierra Machado, She/Her

Emily Oetzman, She/Her/Hers

Marnie Dickson

Arcadia Langmead, They/Them

Lauren Kraft

Jonathan Overstreet

Maryah Hijazi, She/Her

Madisen Clemensen, She/Her

Magdalen Deschane, She/Her

Justine Anderson, She/Her

Anna Marie Mitchell, She/Her

Kaitlyn Murphy, She/Her/Hers, A UMN Undergraduate Student

Leah Schiffman, She/Her

Tenzin Jangchup

Kylee Roby

Morgyn Reiten, She/Her, Undergraduate Student

Maeve Gimpl, She/Her/Hers

Shukri Abdullahi, Sigma Psi Zeta

Linda Herbrand, She/Her

Seun Abolade, She/Her/Hers, Black Motivated Women

Nehita Onwubuya, Minnesota Nursing Student Board Member

Lydia Vejar, She/Her, Vice President of the Dance Collective

Abdiaziz Mohamoud, He/Him/His

Paige Grebin, She/Her/Hers, Senior

MinhTu Nguyen, She/Her

Sydney Hardek, She/Her

Stephanie Tapia-Ponce, She/Her

Elique Vaughn, He/Him

Grace Laske

Peter Grace

Carly Walkowiak

Jennifer Robles, She/Her/Hers, La Raza Latinx SSC - Co-Treasurer

Deanna Wallin, She/Her/Hers

Hannah Hargis, She/Her

Katie Boettcher

Isabelle V

Kevin Flores, He/Him

Rachel Joseph, She/her

Nikki Ashtiani, She/Her/Hers

Sofiya Briguene, She/Her, Incoming Student

Katherine Hein, She/Her

Maeve Fitzgerald

Noor Mohamed

Alex Mountain

Isabel Sander, She/Her, Citizen

Ksenia Gorinshteyn, She/Her

Amari Hall

Nyanna Wright, She/Her/Hers, Student

Adalia Samuel, She/Her

Brenisen Wheeler, She/Her/Hers

Jose Tpaia, Ally/Friend

Crystal Ausler, She/Her/Hers

Corina Fuentes

Gargi Samarth

Eliesa Hamilton, She/They

Kathryn Desch, She/Her/Hers

Lillie Albright, She/Her/Hers

Killian Coffinet, He/Him, They/Them

Kelsey Weddig, She/Her/Hers

Jocelyn Anderson, She/Her/Hers

Isabel Lundquist, She/Her

Sabrina Ali, She/Her/Hers

Gabriela Ines Diaz

Mia Sannasardo, She/Her/Hers

Emily Casper, She/Her

Elizabeth Lee, She/Her

Max Kronstadt, He/Him

Mackenzie Hemming, She/Her

Drew Ficociello, She/Her, Associate Director of ABTS

Amil Raage

Katie Wilson

Carli Etheridge

Melissa Denizard, She/Her/Hers

Kate Massell, She/Her

Gina Mathew, She/Her, Rice University

Maia Irvin, She/Her/Hers

Katherine Kadoun, She/Her

Sydney Doto, She/Her/Hers

Emilie Gruell, She/Her/Hers

Citaly Escobar, She/Her, Community Supporter from Augsburg University

Aiza Suraya Jamean, She/Her/Hers, Student Leader

Skye Feist, She/Her

Micahel Osei, He/Him/His

Bethany Brynteson, She/They

Claire Bromley

Yonis Mohamed

Brian Craig, He/Him

Shivani Mohabir, She/They

Mikayla Bell

Lindsey Kalmin, She/Her

Holly McCloskey, She/Her

Anthony Preston, He/Him/His

Payton Maki-Waller, She/Her/Hers

Gunnar Carlson, Black Man & MPA ‘20

Patrick Kennedy, He/Him/His

Andrew Vixayvong, he/him, advocate

Cole Anderson, He/him, Grad student

Faith  Emovon David,  She, Her, Hers, A Black Women

Amanda Son, She/Her

Ellie Strelow, She/Her/Hers

Clare Peterson

Leah Stillman, She/Her/Hers

Kiarra Scott, She

Emily Kurland. She/her. Student

Anna Pedrick

Faith Joseph, She/Her/Hers

Nicole Hults        

Julio Gracida, He him his

Benjamin        Olson, He/Him/His

Veronica Hendren,  She, her

Shamily Jadhav        

Sarah M.        

Jordan Davis        

Maylee Moore, She/Her/Hers

Jacob Bernier, He/him

Chloe Hansen, She/Her/Hers

Hannah Busser, She/Her/Hers

Katie Gleason, She/Her/Hers

Elizabeth Ritchie, she/her

Dharshini Anugu,  She/Her/Hers

Josiah Wollan

Abbie B.

Nina Raemont, she/her

Gretchen Nelson, she/her

Spencer Johnson

Lauryn Rodgers, She/ Her/ Hers

MaKenna Tramp, She/her

Abigail Wharram, She

Grace Abifarin She, her, hers

Elizabeth Steenberg, She/Her/Hers

Maddy Koss

Kendra Egwim, She, her, hers

Sophia Naizghi She/her

Laken Bartel        

Lucia Sculati, She/her

Maeve Christlieb, She/her

Katherine        Robinson, She

Maddie Lind, She/Her

Abdullahi Abdille

Grace Sobeich, She/Her

Lena Alubaidi, She

Michelle Orellana, She/Her

Jim Ayoub, Him/His

Alice Shaw

Sara Sabri

Maria Xiong, She/Her/Hers

Alice Bennett, she her

Baylee c.         

Christina Craig, She her

Miko Scott, She/Her/Hers

Zaria Lelei        

Tymbar Williamson, She/Her

Mychala  Stoner, She/her

Noah Carpenter, He/him

Sienna Nesser, She/Her, Graduate Student, APS

Ivana Ndege, She/Her/ Hers

Fatou Barry, She/her/hers

Kayli Salmela, She/her

Daniela Tintin Pena, she/her

Quinn Amsden, She/Her

Anthony Nichols, He/Him/His

Sam Jirik

Daria Cathey, She/Her/Hers

Kallie Geer, She/Her

Naomi Cargeor, She/Her

Taylor Gish, She/Her/Hers

Mara Currens, She/Her/Hers

Avery VanDenBerg, She/Her/Hers

Daniel Helgeson, He/Him/His

Q Bayo

Cassie Mullenbach, She/Her/Hers & They/Them/Theirs

Amaia Barajas, She/Her/Hers

Elizabeth Behnke, she/her, Grad Student

Blake Peterson

Jackson Thellin

Colleen Wille, She/Her/Hers        

Teagan Woods, She/her        

Helen Benton, She/her/hers, Student

Kate Arms, She/her, An Ally

Munira Ahmed, She/Her/Hers

Moselle Punni, She/Her/Hers

Ellue Radovich, She/Her/Hers

Matusola Bein, He/Him/His

Paige Press, She/her        

Kayla Blanek, Second year, UMN School of Dentistry

Magala, Stern, She/Her/Hers, a Black Student

Mr. Chris Shovein         

Kyle Scislow                

Jake Ender                

Jacob Bendfeldt, He/Him

Brandon  Chen, He/Him/His

Shuaib Moalim                

Hannah Reichenbach, She/her        

Julia Robley, She/Her/Hers        

Jack Pacchetti, He/Him, Student of the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

Maria Martell, She/Her/Hers, Student

Alexis Harcey, She/Her

Josephine Allen, She/Her, MSA General Member

Elizabeth Al

Hillary Thomas Jr        

Nilesh Domah, He/Him, Enlightened POC

Sahar Kian                

Jacob Lynde, He, Him, Student

Adam Hunte, Him/His

Cassandra        Hansen, She/her

Aunya Mukherjee, She/her

Aaron Williams        

Jacob Ramirez, He/Him/His

Liban  Mohamed        

Karsyn Schirmer, she, her, hers

Ellissa Cleveland, She/Her

Aslee Addison, She/Her

Jordan Myers        

Chenda Hing, She/Her/Hers

Sedona  Brown

Melanie Johnson, She/Her/Hers

Jordyn Massop, She/her

Nibir Sarma, he/him

Natasha Stark, she/her

Abby Silman, She/Her/Hers

Meghan Mokhtary, She/her

Lydia  Doe, She her

Isabella Garcia, She / her

Julia Klaus, She/Her

Julia Asmus, She/her/hers, M.Ed. Student

Moses Nyangacha

Vivien Dagan

Samantha        Smalley

Ashley Jallen        

Haley Carrero, she/her

Rachel Lida

Bethany Tamrat, She/Her/Hers, A Black who is tired and fed up

Kaily Ceballos, She/Hers

Exodus Sirleaf, Exodus, Student

Nicole Thue, She/Her/Hers, Undergraduate Student

Dane Sorenson, He/Him, Student

Thomas Stokes

Alex Balfour, She/her

Farhin Sayeed

Gloria Obeng-Amoako

Mohamed Ahmed

Romit Desai

Charline Glahn

Elisabeth Kuball

Edna Ahmed

Jocelyn Landwehr, She/Her/Hers, Student

Caitlin Scovil, She/Her, UMN Student and Ally to the Black Community

Lovelee Smoot, She/Her

Alana Rowell, She/Her/Hers

Osica Pasachhe, She/Her/Hers, an angry WOC

Donal Couch, He/Him/His, Undergraduate Student

Kyle Sorbe, He/Him/His

Michael  Osei, He/Him/His, Student

Rosalind Moore, She/Her/Hers

Abyehn Aden, She/Her/Hers

Nastausha        Marshall

Derek Sykes, He/Him, A gay man, descended from slaves

Verbena Dempster, she/her, Student

Jenna Herbrand, She/Hers

Hanna Madkour, She/Her/Hers

Mubarak Hassan, He/him/his

Mutasim Makeen

Cassandra Yoo, she/her/hers

Leah Honsky

Sumeiya Abdi

Neesha Moore, she/her/hers

Tanyarath Phoutinane, She/Her/Hers

Caroline Osiemo,  She/Her/Hers

Sabit Wagad, He/Him/His

Tejas Nivarty, He/Him, Concerned Student

Fiona Donnelly        

Isabella Wendland, she/her/hers

Madison Amland        

Jessica Marty, she/her/hers

Owen Ryan, He/him/his

Sophia Klein, She/her

Jack Nodler

Ansh Sikka

Ethan Gallant, He/him, Student

Amy-Mae Cooper, Amy-Mae

Noah Mithcell, He/Him, UMN Student

Ali Ahmed,  He/him, UMN Student

Ianna Oatis, She/her/hers

Nina Dussias

Hellen Gesry

Ashley Jensen, She/Her

Grace Keller, she/her/hers

Nat Findell        

Lucie Cherel, she/her/hers

Mr. Jeremiah Johnson

Gosa Dube, she/her/hers

Soli Baisa

Arunima Bhattacharya, she/her/hers, Student

Valerie Pool, She/her, Student

Madison Shea, She/Her

Kari Larsen, She/her/hers, Student

Nyalaam Jok, She/Her, Future Student Athlete

Julia Weiler

Lillian Johnson, She/Her, Frustrated UMN Student

Makeda Tadesse, She/her, Student

Helena Elwell, She/her

Sam Rumbelow

Samuel Riedel, He/Him, Student

Tsion Alemayehu, She Her

Shayla Nguyen, she/her

Cedar Thomas, they/them

Christopher Magulski, He/Him/His

Stefanie Simpson, she/her/hers, Student

Osman Abdullahi

Warda Mohamed

Milto Atomsa, They/She

Hibo Mohamed, She/her

Lul Mohamud, she/her,  Student

Lou McCarthy, They/them/theirs, student

Benjamin Fife, He/Him

Zakaria Bensherif , He him

Mr. Chandler Jarvis, He/him

Taylor Gnikpingo, She/hers, A black woman.

Zoe Challenger, she/her, Student

Clarence Ondieki

Saadiya Abdiqadir

Laura Noel, She/Her, Student

Vianna Rocha, She/Her

Kayla Siemann, They/Their, Undergraduate Student

Jessica Jabbar, She/Her

Matthew Altmann, He/Him Undergraduate Student

Olivia Olson

Claire Witzmann, Her/hers

Mia Zovic, She/her, Student

Madeline Jones, she/her/hers

Sumaya Mohamed, She/her/hers, Student

Attiyyah Bethel, She her hers

Natalie Swanson, She/Her, Ally

Angela Kunkel

Erin Mikolajczak, she/her/hers

Mark Odumuyiwa, He/Him, Student

Danny Bruce, He/Him, Graduate Student

Ilyaas Farah, He/Him

Keila Sainyeruult, She/Her

Toneh Gaypia, She/Hers, Student

Roman Dain,

Kimberly Cardinal,

Fadumo Haji-Aweis

Keyla Nguenkam, She/Hers

Eryn Stoerzinger, She/Her

Zach Strombeck

Neda Khan, She/Her

Nikhil Rajkumar, He/Him, Incoming Freshman

Dylan Carlson, He/Him, UMN DPT Student

Cecilia Pugh, She/her

Amalia Scipioni, She/Her

Raquel Reser, She/Her/Hers

Corina Podubnii, She/her

Zakaria Bensherif ,  He him

Daima Mosiori

AJ Mullozzi

Jada Jesberg, CLA Student

Katelyn Witala, She/Her, Peer Mentor

Gaelin Elmore, He/Him

Sabirina Sufi, She,Her

Asha Hurreh, She/Her

Makda Araya

Annie Le

Kelsey Omariba, She/Her, Directive Officer

Kevin Huynh, He/Him, MCAE

Annika Kohrt, She/Her

Katherine Swanson

Aisha Hussein

Breanna Simon, She/Her/Hers

Mya Halvorson, She/Her

Pierre Avesca

Thomas Ryan, He/Him

Saji Fernandes

Reya Larson, She/Her/Hers

James Stadelman, He/Him/His,

Nicole Park, She/Her

Erin Cheatham

Madelyn Lewis, She/Her

Hannah Quick, She/Her

Olivia Rychlik        

Cassie Osuji

Prada Fo

Mackenzie Lenhart, She/Her.Hers

Cassie Varrige, She/Her/Hers

Nasteho Omar, She/Her/Hers

Rosemary Olatunbosun

Melissa Asarem,She/Her/Hers

Mike Osh, He/Him

Manoj B

Nardos Ejigu

Seyd Hussein

Holly Gilvary, She/Her

Tony Namira, He,

Naima Osman, She/Her

Connor Ranck, He/Him/His

Gianna Backowski, She/her/hers, Undergraduate student

Isabelle Altrichter, She/Her

Ben Howery, He/Him, Student

Hamida Abdullahi, She/Her, Student

Mitra Kian, She/Her/Hers

Kyrie Maloney, she/her/hers

Kali Hickman, She/Her/Hers

Misara Omar

Fatuma Jama, She/Her/Hers, Student

Kylie Clausen, She/Her

Julissa Gilbertson, She/her

Rachel Standal, She/her/hers

Jude Ghangha, Him/He

Ellie Karol, She/Her/Hers

Annika Bell, She/Her

Pooja Chimata

Rheanna Thompson, She/Her, Incoming Undergraduate Student

Mackenzie King

Libin Said, She/Her

Abby Yates, She/Her

Kaviya Suresh, she/her

Maureen Zeleny, She/Her

James Deputie, Supporter

Trong Cu

Elsie Fladeboe, She/Her

Mardrekia Cook, Drek

Zainab Abdi, she/her

Angela Perez, she/her/hers, Ally

Summer Abouhasira

Goanar Tap, a leader

Selena Pittman, Her

Edgar Gonzales Reyes, He/him/his

David Ragan, He

Grace Gama        

Maria Ryan, She/her/hers

William Koivumaki        

Mr. David Visser

Tory Rochat, He/Him/His,

Megan Bormann

Ethan Thomas, He/Him/His, College of Biological Sciences

Eleanore Stevenson, she/her/hers, Concerned Student

Michael Dunst, He/Him/His, College of Design

Tory Raether, She/Her

Morgan Hamernik

Frances Joe

Emma Cozzi

Henry O’Callaghan, He/Him, Computer Engineering

Nayelie Avalos, She/Her

Gadiva Hubbard, She/Her/Hers

Ryan Dircks, He/Him

Molly Garrity

Twisha Boradia, She

Aysia Dukes, She/Her

Mackenna Page, she/her/hers

Luna Yemane, she, her, hers

Xavier Walden, He/Him/His

Manyi Ayuk, She/Her/Hers

Erick Juarez, He/Him/His, Student of Color

Leah Jordan, She/Her

Pearlson Omesa

Trip Kit, He/Him

Consuelo Sanchez-Bautista

Nyagach Thuok, a black student

Edna Ogega

Trevour Auls        

Lauren Winston, She/her/hers

Ilhaan Omar, She/Her

James Remmers, He/Him/His

Bemnet Kika

Olivia Mosby, She/Her

Luke Beggs, He/Him

Sophia Meza, She/Her/Hers

Josie Kamara, She/Her, A black woman

Giulia DeLucs, She/Her/Hers

Keely Ashton, She/Her/Hers

Aron Ghirmai

Morgan Allen, She/Her

Demond Counce, He/Him/His

Salma Ibrahim

Aashay Desai, He/Him/His, Sophomore

Sundus Hussein, She/Her

Lateefat Ajidagba, She/her/hers

Blair Bryant, she/her        

Teq Rebel, Thinker

Guadalupe Ruiz, She/her/hers

Alex Hein, He/Him

Andrew Nelson, He/him/his

Diane Nguyen, She/her

Pallavi Janian

Christopher Lee        

Ryan Garbe, He/him

Aminata Kromah, She/Her

Nathan Bunkowske

Maleka Alexander

Elizabeth Gates, She/Her

Anna Jennissen, She/Her

Mahdy Micahel

Nikhita Dhar, She/Her/Hers

Lydia Stannard

Dana Zarn

Anna Blaine, She/Her

Lauren Lewis, She/Her

Chloe Doud, She/Her

Tay Ann, She/Her

Chanelle Waters

Mildred Agyapong

Dorine Onyancha

Jordan Allen, She/Her

Bibiana Giple

Nivia Moraa, She/Her/Hers

Wycliffe Magiya

Kelechi Okoro

Sigal Leavitt

Adeyink Omotoyinbo

Delia Koolick, She/Her/Hers

Payton Lange

Hailey Winograd, She/Her/Hers

Rachel Olivarez, She/Her/Hers

Libby Taffe

Brianna Buth, She/Her

Rosesam Smith, She/Her

Olivia Morales, She/Her/Hers

Saharla Hamud

Aisha Ali, She/Her/Hers

Faizaa Omar

Ella McMeans, She/Her

Jade Larson, She/Her

Taiye Bello, She/Her

Sashank Yarlagadda

Abdiaziz Ibrahim

MC Arvidson

Koyila Dema, He/Him/His

Samantha Beugen, She/Her

Marissa Beth, She/Her

Zeinab Mohamud, She/Her/Hers

Emily Smith, She/Her/Hers

Eisley Nkwonta, Him/His

Natalie Ysebaert, She/Her

Caitlin Gunn, She/Her

Shelby Larsen, She/Her

Parker Toyne

Noah Wilcoxson, He/Him, UMN Undergraduate Student

Amanda Boll-Barbeau, She/Her/Hers

Cole Harms, He/Him/His

Patrick Derf, He/Him

Rolyne Pritchard, She/Her

Nasra Abdi

Rahi Patel, She/Her/Hers

Afeefa Ahmed

Marin Ryan, She/Her/Hers

Egran Jama, MSA

Peter Hartford, He/Him

Emmanuel Bioh, He/ him, Student

Hailey Fuller, She/her        

Andrew Johnston, He/him        

Jordyn Obey, Angered UMN student

Aliyah Jelle, She/Her

Stephanie Rudenko, She/her/hers

Danny Le, He/Him

Nayana Gurung, She/they

Devin Boeing

Venessa Darkwah, She/her

Joyce Makanda

Grace Duggan, She/her/hers, Concerned undergrad

Brady Grapevine, he/him/his        

Amber Nelson                 

Maria Gwanganalie

Kirsten Ericson, Class of 2024 Student

Kiara Joseph, she/her/hers

Ivy Arnold,  She/Her

Julia Beczkalo, She/her/hers

Grace Gothard, she/her/hers

Tiffany Cardoza, she/her/hers

Margaret Johnson, she/her

Emmanuel        Okematti        

Sophia Peterson, she/her

Rachel de Sobrino, she/her

Haley Erickson, She/her/hers

Andrea Abrams, she, her, hers

Madi Johnson        

Arnela Sahbegovic

Sabrina Nguyen, she/her

Amina Qureshi                 

Claire  Matrisciano, She/her         

Emma Wigdahl, She/Her/Hers, Student

Erin Falline        

Shania Smith, She/Her/Hers

Jesica Toledo, She/Her,

Dora Ogunkanbi, She/Her

Hawwii Tufaa

Olivia Crull, She/Her

Mya Thant, She/Her

Matthew Pappas, He/Him

Amena Ahmed, She/Her/Hers

Seth Green        

Gratias Sessou, She/her

Sharon Ngunu, She/Her, Concerned Black Woman

Aidan Ludlum

Sam Weaver

Amelia Wolff, She/her

Annika Clouse, She/her/hers

Morgan Weberg, She/Hers

Tyffanie Loko, She/Her/Hers

Naima Mohamed

Samira Moalim, She/Her

Lidia Haile, She/Her

Precious Echenwunne

Joanna Espioza

Jesemy Travers, She/Her

Abla Kpozuxe

Amanda Schmidt

Loko Bakpatina

Kossivi Loko

Sena Geleta, She/Her/Hers

Kush Brahmbhatt, He/Him

Jospeh Davis

Kiyaha Tyshae, She/Her

Samuella Williams, She/Her

Ricky Tin

Melat Ashagre, She/Her/Hers

Lily Groover, She/Hers

Samuel Munene

Matthew Oehler, He/Him

Grace Johnson, She/Her/Hers, Undergraduate Student

Carol Machogu

Erica Wahlund, She/Her, Concerned Student

Hailey Marsyla, She/Her

Grace Kauffman, She/Her, Incoming Freshman who cares about her friends and is worried for their safety

Melissa Fellrath, They/them, Undergraduate Student

Ana Keller-Flores, She/Her, Student

Brionna Bryant, She/Her/Hers

Reba Landers, She/Her, Graduate Student

Jailyn Robinson, She/Her

Tre Guyton

Brookelynn Nowak, She/Her/Hers

Macy Harder, She/Her

Sophie Caprella, She/Her/Hers

Ganne Shin, She/They, Student

Andrew Griesel

Natalie DePalma, She/Her

Casey Lagueras, She/Her

Carina Anderson, She/Her

Asiya Hassan, She/Her/Hers

Emmanuel Ehrich

Amira Almujahid, She/Her/Hers, A black female student

Alice Olagbaju, She/Her

Abas Farah, He/His, Student

Hanan Abdirahman, She, Student

Aimee Krebsbach, Undergraduate alumni & Graduate student

Nasra Hassan

Marina Lindell, She/Her

Saisamyukth Shankar

Rebeccah Smith

Carissa Fitzlaff, She/Her/Hers

Emma Flynn, She/Her/Hers, CCAPS Senator

Matthew Chambers

Kumba Phillips, She/Her

Macie Benson

Kerri Newcomer, She/Her, CAA Vice President

Rachel Springer

Paige Grebin, She/Her/Hers, Senior

Oyinda Omoloja, She/Her

Julianne Brandes, She/Her

Olivia Federman, She/Her/Hers

Fatuma Ilmi, She/Her/Hers

Audrey Woychick, She/Her/Hers

Paige Hemmer

Caitlin Johnson, She/Her/Hers

Halle Amankwah Akuffo, She/Her

AC Sullivan, She/Her

Jillian Moldestad, She/Her, Admissions

Chelsea Amankwah Akuffo, She/Her/Hers

Kevin Monagan, He/Him/His

Luci Camorani, She/Her

Colin Leuthold, He/Him/His, Agriculture Business Club Treasurer

Nya Gayluak

Samuel Estes, HSOCA Treasurer

Jessie Walker, She/Her

Camille Nierengarten, She/Hers

Landon Humphrey, He/Him/His

Suvarna Nallamalli, She/Her/Hers, President of WE Charity MN

Angel Banks Price, She/Her, African American Student Union President

Kaitlin McAvoy, She/Her

Erin Donnelly

Alyssa Levine, She/her

Martina Lagman, She/Her, Finance Director at UMN SHRM, HR Director at MN Quants

Jayson Velazquez, He/Him

Tristan Monteith, He/Him/His

Annabelle Casperson, She/Her/Hers

Joyce Lee, She/Her/Hers

Siham Olad, She/Her/Hers, Student

Sabrina Casiano

Rylee Scott

Yusanat Tway, She/Her/Hers, Student at the U of M

Ty Torra

Nia Hall

Portia Howard, She/Her

Kossivi Loko

Loko Bakpatina

Tyffanie Loko, She/Her/Hers

William Voigt

Kalaya Kilzer

Andrew Jensen, He/Him, Student Nurse

Emmalea Mulder

Eva Goldfarb, She/Her

Pavit Kohli, He/Him

Kevin Huynh, He/him, MCAE

Magdeline        Holm, She/her

Jenny Tam, She/her/hers

Cat Clements, She/her/hers, Women for Political Change

John Streed, He/him/his, Student seeking justice

Emily Robichaud, she/her

Ms. Sarah Domini        

Sanika Kulkarni

Merryn Skarphol, She/her, Graduate Student

Mya Thant, She/Her,

Jessica Emerick, she/her        

Quincy Sime, She/Her/Hers

Kylie Stubbe, She/Her

Chieng Lor, He/Him/His

Steven Thongdysirisack

Adelaide Zibrowski, She/Her

Lauren Smith, She/Her

Alyssha Maes, She/Her

Emma Rage, She/Her/Hers

Jessica Gordon

Barrett Woods, He/Him

Melanie Dinca, She/Her/Hers, Senior Undergraduate

Jack Soden, He/Him/His, Student

Alexandra Elrod, She/Her

Austin Gruenberg, He/Him

Najma Hassan, She/Her

John LaRock, He/Him/His

Tatiana Jara, She/Her/Hers

Caelyn Steele, She/Her/Hers, Student

Pajda Yang, She/Her/Hers, Ally

Ithaca Hogan, She/Hers, Student

Kaetlyn Lindquist

Nicole Awad, She/Her

Marlena Schlegel, She/Her

Grace Hillmyer, She/Her, UMN Undergraduate Student

Bryn Carter

Quinn Trudell

Megan Krummel, She/Hers

Sarah Eckerstorfer

Estera  Nyquist, Student

Paige Allen, She/her, A fellow Black student

Natashia Otiso, she/her        

Olivia  Thomas, She/her         

Sydney Monroe, she/her        

Charlotte Goetzka, She/her        

Amoslyn  Kun

Deborah Abisi
Veronica  Hendren,  She, her

Zachery Smith, He/him/his

Jenna Vassallo, she/her/hers

Heather Smith

Melanie Steiner, She/her/hers

Ross Brazel        

Ange Muue

Abdirahman Mohamed

Mackenzie Fellenz, She/Her/Hers

Annika Scott, She/Her

Sartu Jamal

Steven Franklin, He/him, Club Officer

Alex Dang, He/him

Hannan Mohamed, She/her/hers

Nitin Venkatesh, He/him/his

Milki Gemeda, She/her/hers

Madelyn Pritzl, She/Her

Prita Narayan, They/Them

Vaishnavi Venkat, She/her/hers

Linda Lubi, She/her/hers

Fardous Hassan, She/her

Paul Garbis, They/them

Bethany Marquand, She/her/hers

Isaac Riggins, He/him/his, Member of the Latinx Community

Jasyanna Brown, She/her/hers

Nadira Omar, She/her/hers

Zosha  Winegar-Schultz, She/her, Ph.D Candidate, CSCL Department

Ewura-Esi Ewuakye, She/her/hers

Sarah Miller, She/hers, Graduate Student

Tamara Sabri

Carissa Hagen, She/Her

Allison Guidish She/Her

Charles Green He/Him

Ravin Lauhjrun

Jane McKenna

Danielle Adams, She/Her

Bailey Atkinson, He/Him

Carson Sabinash, He/Him/His

Quentin Cochran, He/Him/His

Natasha Stark, She/Her

Carl Owusu

Gideon Chweya

Tim Wehrs

Monai Harris

Stanley Liu

Zamaria Demby, She/Her/Hers

Nashilah Copeland

Rebecca Hardin, She/Her, Student

Jonnesha Walker

Josh Lokken, He/Him

Jefferson Choti, A human being for justice

Ella Peterson

Ellie Bahr

Troy Mayon

Benson Webb, Mr

Sagrario Torres Flores, She/her, A brown woman // UMN Student

Ahmree Schear, He/Him, Student

Falastin Hassan, She/Her/Hers, CEHD Student Worker

Thomas Williams

Brenda Maranga

Mohamed Omar, SSA

Elle Wegner

Steff Alaniz, she/her

Madison Siiter

Lucy Carey, she/her/hers, student

Brianna Mathias, They/them

Alyssa Arnold, She/her, University of Minnesota Freshman

Isabella Que, She/her/hers

Brendin Kavitz, he/him/his

Luna Heimpel, She/her

Owen Luterbach, He/Him/His, Spirit Squad/Marching Band

Naomi Basterash

Sonya  Olson, she/her

Hunter Batterson, she/her

Ridwan Said

Zach Mundt, He/Him

Ronald  Rin, He/him/his

Emun Solomon

Naomi Cargeor, She/her

Grace Brickl, She/her

Sam Mormino

Mayuri Vonnegut

Genevieve        Benson

Dinah Tauferner

Francel Colon-Acosta

Benay McNamara

Josie Rehbein, She/her

Amira  Eromosele

Ashley D’Souza

Maggie Eckerstorfer, She/Her, Philippine Student Association Advocacy Chair 2018-2019

Divya Mouli, She/Her/Hers

Maddie  Dillingham

Emily Zaffiro

Neesha Moore

Sandhya Ratnam

Elizabeth  Mack

Emily Meiners

Grace Loescher, Student Athlete

Rob Kretz                

Anthony  Preston

Aspen Kurth

Claire Riesgraf

Hayden Morrissey

Stella Olson

Taylor  Fontaine, Member of UMN Dance Collective

Erica Bouska

Erin Caneen-Cox, She/her

Abdi Saleh, VP of SUA Board of Governors

Calder Saari

Cassandra         Schultz

Josh Spitzer-Resnick

Mary Ji Ludin, she/her, an ally

Jess Taylor

Drue Schwitters

Sosthene Foka

Kate Mullen

Rachel Rosenwald

Isabel Brown

Grace Scherwenka, Any pronouns

Jerica Gomez, She

Marta Rohner, She/her, Student

Rick Pradhan, He/his/him, Carlson School of Management Student Ambassador

Sophia Smith, She/her

Elizabeth Sirianni, She/her, Disgusted and distraught student

Sharlotte Irwin, She/her

Annie Stang, She/her, Student

Lindsey Allen, She/Her

Rebecca Jungmann, She her hers, Undergraduate student

Shane O’Leary

Ikraan Omar, She/Her, Black Student Union Treasurer

Benjamin Yawakie, He/Him/His, Student Representative on the Senate Finance and Planning Committee

Foney Marcellino, She/her, Concerned Student

Kate Drakulic, she/her, graduate student

Abdigani Abdulkadir, He/Him, Public relations officer of Atrican Student Association

Ibti Mohamed, she/her/hers, SSA member and student

Anthony Damiano, he/him/his, Graduate Student, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Jorguino Savio, He/his/him

Julia Stedman, She/hers/her

Claire Hanegraaf

Martha Taye, She/her/hers, Incoming graduate student

Avery Lees, She/Her

Asha Muse, She/her/hers Black Student Union Historian

Nicole Thompson, She/her, Student

Stephen brockman, His/him/he, Graduate Student

Gabriel Phelan, He/him/his

Jacob Daubenberger, He/him/his

Joseph Gottinger, He/him/his, Student

Harlee Peterson, she/her

Jenna Herbrand, She/Hers

Chloe Beaudoin, She/her, student

Anh Doan, She/Her/Hers, PES Mentor, TRIO Student

Safiya Haille

Niklas Schaaf, He/They, Student

Izzy Agpalasin

Caleb Haberman

Emily Iverson, She/her

Alex Koch, she/her

Rafael Buettner-Salido, He/Him/His

Ana McMahon, She/Her        

Erin Lemke, she/her        a tired, frustrated, disgusted student

Bernadette McGinty

Ryan Redmer, He/Him His, Humphrey School

Megan Dunn, She/Her/Hers

Carley Dowell, She/Her/Hers, CFANS

Max Peichel, He/Him

Nikki Ashtiani, She/her/hers        

Rachael Herbert, She/her

Ally humpert, She/her/hers

Annika Fisher, She/her

Steve Reaves, He/Him, Student

Sam Storck-Post, He/Him

Nahrissa Rush

Meer Opiew, she/her/hers, a black student

Emma Faeflen, She/her/hers, current UMN-TC Student

Ignacio Pardo

Kathryn Barnett, She/her/hers

Claire Rettler        

Ajanice Knox, She/Her

Josette McMurphy, they/them

Xenia Rodriguez        

Milli Sandhu, She/her/hers

As-Sita Bamba, She / Her/ Hers

Nimo Ali, she/her/hers

Randi  Selvey        

Kelsey Kienhol, She/her, Student

Erik Aas

Sophronia        Cheung        

Alexandra        Tesic        

Meg McIntyre

Kyria Stark        

Katherine Alvarado         She/her/hers        

Lauren Fisher, She/her, Graduate Student at Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Marina Lundell, She/Her/Hers, A future teacher who worries about the state of her country and its impacts on youth.

Ann Bui                

Elizabeth Arnold, Her

Andy Ruggeri, them/they

Sneha Sinha, She/Her/Hers

Anika Tol, She/her

Ryan Gavin        

Molly Gjerde, She/her

Liana Dawson        

Yamini Talasila, She/her/hers

Bailey Perryman, She/her

Mallory Garfield, She, her, hers

Ashley Harrington she/her/hers

Gracie  lowinski, She/Her/Hers

Darian Smith

Megan Navratil, She/her, Women’s Rugby Former President (2019 season)

Elisabette Hinze, She/her

Ashley Meierhofer, She/Her, Incoming Grad Student

Isabella Ou, she/her/hers, student

Fatima Tufail, She/Her/Hers, Grad Student

Meredith Song

Eleanna Sorensen, She        

Brinley Montour, she/her/hers        

Samuel Beaulieu, He/him/his

Jessica  Sanchez, She/her

Krystal Aviles        

Bailey Craton        

Conor McEvoy        

Tom Garritty

Zachariah Weiman, he/him

Jamie Traynor, she/her

Kristi Krabbenhoft        

Riley Grainger, she/her

Selena Galvan, She/her/hers

Tatziana McKnight, She/Her

Lucy Witchell, She, her, Medical School, MS3

Rielle Miguel, She/Hers

Catherine Zack, she/her/hers

Gwen King-Lunde, She/Her, a black woman

Ava LeNeau, She/Her

Kenny Ajayi

Tamara Sabri

Veronica Phonsavath, She/Her

Rachel Ramset, She/her/hers, Student

Tanu Padma, She/her

Nathan Vikeras, He/him/his, Graduate Student, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Nafyad Mamo

Hannah Stocklein, she/her/hers, Student

Avery Ward, she/her/hers, Student

Chris Riera

Sasha Gekht, She/her

Ian Obert, He/him, Lacrosse team captain

Katherine Larkin, she/her, Student

Montana Hirsch, She/her, Incoming graduate student (Fall 2020)

Olivia Haselow, She/her

Debbie Nah

Miranda Steffen, she/her/hers, A Sophomore Student

Trinity Ek, she/they, Student

Phoebe McGowan, She/Her

Isabella Harbison, She/Her and He/Him, Student

Shayla Cook, She/They

Hannah Griffin, She/her

Abby Skapyak, She/her/hers, Student

Joshua Hauf, He/Him/His, Undergraduate

Rachel Perreault, She/her

Henry Bush, He/him

Céline Bediako

Gretchen Koomjohn, she/her/hers, Society of Women Engineers Outreach Chairwoman

Marta Uhlenkott, She/her/hers, Student

Salmaan Mulla

Kaitlyn Wall, She/her

Nia Wilson, She/Her, Endorsed black woman for Women Winning MN

Tripat Rihal, She/Her

Rayna Klatt

Muzzammil Raza

Melissa Bartlett

Aeriyane Weems

Madeline Lawrence, She/Her/Hers, 2019-2020 AMSA Executive Board Member

Natalie Franklin

Anna Stalsberg, She/her/hers, Student

Abdul Malik Lekuti, Him/his

Karsen Staton

Gabie Knopick, She/her/hers

Saliha Tahir

Lizzy Kruse, She/Her/Hers

James Hamrick, he/him/his, Incoming MSW Student

Leah Hopperstad

Kayla Greifenkamp, She/her

Emmalene Meier, She/Hers

Erica Broxey, she/her

Ashley McCann, She/her

Jessica Jackman, she/her/hers

Alison Michael, she/her

Katrina Hang, She/Her/Hers

Josie Boyum,

Kamie Ashanti

Ian Chambers, He/his

Emily Schotzko, She/hers/her

Nonkululeko Shongwe, She/her

Aliya M

Biniam Lemma

Onyeka Abasiri, He/Him/His

Rebekah Makonnen

Jacob Richards, He/him/his

Leyla Taghizadeh, She/her, Student

Michael Magnusson, He/him/his, Vice President of University of Minnesota Sociological Association

Maya Kern, She/her

Faith Ndungu, She/her

Anne Nguyen

Grace Tordoff, she/hers

Elizabeth Paxton

Georgia Hoyer, She/her/hers, University student

Mariah Weiss

Hannah Christianson, She/Her/Hers, Student

Nika Dean, She/Her

Matthew Billie

Michaela Bowman, She/Her

George Yetter, He/Him/His

Lindsey Kalmin

Renee, Boney-Jett, She/Her/Hers

Foney Marcellino, She/Her, Concerned Student

Orion Simione, He/Him

Mark Kathurima

Maryan Osman, She/Her/Hers

Natalie Oliver

Grace Moss, she/hers, Student

Govind Makaram, He/Him/His, Student

Sara Sabri

Maxwell McKinney

Lindsay LaBarre, She/her, Incoming grad student

Lauren Goldberger, She/her/hers, MSW Student

Krisha Joshi, She/her

Amma Ewuakye

Anna Warmka

Chloe Vezies, She, Supporter

Madisyn DeFranco, She/Her

Sophia Clark, She/Her/Hers, Student

Anna Crouch, she/her/hers, Budget Officer of the Planning Student Organization

Venus Olenchak, She/hers/her

Olivia Haines, She/her

Emily Fick, She/her/hers

Sophia Palacios

Mattie Kujawski

Jaclyn Lewine, She/Her/Hers, CLA Student

Emma Thor

Selin Toker, She/Her, Student

Naeema Umal

Reed Grumann, he/him/his, UMN Student

Margaret Berger, She/Her

Bharath Sivaram, He/Him

Mallory Garfield, She/her/hers

Gabriel Spahn, He/Him/His

Zaylie Ledermann, She/her, Student

Mia Kellman, She/Her/Hers, Undergraduate Student

Katherine Kelzenberg

Mia Richter, She/her/hers, Student

Dane Holtz, He/him

Daquon Pettigrew, Him/he

Adjoudj Melissa

Angèle BIET

Isabel Roberts, She/her/hers

Laura Fry

Clara, Le Montagner

Angeline Watts, She/her

Dzidedi Azumah, She/her/hers

Makda Tesfay, She/her/hers

Clémence Doinel

Sarah Ghouaie

Amélie Kermel

Audrey Wiesner, She/her

Laurie Michinot

Beatriz Vasquez

Michaela Harvey

Harper Toward, She/her/hers

Zoe Camp, She/her

Nuria Tuxans, Her

Léa Jacquet

Ellen Blezinsky, She/her/hers,

Javien Versey

Emeline Rasamimanana

Mackenzie Swaim, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Sam Crary, He/him/his, UMN Student

Lisette Horne, UMN Student

Leyla Dualeh, She/Her, UMN Student

Tyffanie Loko, She/Her/Hers

Ashley Frankhauser, Her/she, UMN Student

Xatziri Viveros, UMN Student

Paola Santos, She/her, UMN Student

Ilhaan Haaji Kamal, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Sangeitha Thayalan, She/her/hers, 2019-2020 Alpha Alpha Chapter President of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc., UMN Student

Lili Hoschka, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Anne Hoffman, She/her, UMN Student

Eva Marchiando, UMN Student

Amy Dinh, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Aysia Dukes, She/her, UMN Student

Abby Guggisberg, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Ria Muehleis, They/them/theirs, DSCC Vice President, QSCC Outreach Manager, UMN Student

Natalie Harron, She/her(s), UMN Student

Anna Andresen, She/hers, UMN Student

Anna Neuman, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Zoe Rogers, They/them, UMN Student

Nicole Ocansey, UMN Student

Reese Radi, UMN Student

Samantha Duran, She/hers, UMN Student

Sana Jafferi, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Anas Madani, UMN Student

Kara Schwenn, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Sumaiya Mohamud, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Emma Gunderson, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Catherine Gonella, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Grace Wurgler, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Tori Breen, She/her, UMN Student

Nora Sankovitz, UMN Student

Carina Anderson, She/her, UMN Student

Sofia Caprini, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Ashmita Sarma, She/her, UMN Student

Arcadia Langmead, They/them, UMN Student

Ian Selzler, UMN Student

Hannah Sauer, She/her/hers, Orientation Leader, UMN Student

Lucy Mullen, She/her/hers, VP UMN Ad Club, UMN Student

Odin Pass, He/him, UMN Student

Natalie Strait, She/her, UMN Graduate Student, UMN Student

Kathleen Nichols, She/her/hers, UMN Student, UMN Student

Kathleen Nichols, She/her/hers, UMN Student

Riley Schmitter, She/her, UMN Student

Torrin Greathouse, She/her, Teaching Assistant, UMN Student

Asha Hassan, She/hers, UMN Alumna and PHD Student

Chandi Katoch, She/Her/Hers, President of the Rochester Student Association

Logan Magana, They/Them, Distraught UMN Undergrad

Kirat Baveja, She/Her/Hers

Kelly Bissell

Demetria Poe

Tharaniitharan Panchalingam, He/Him/His, Treasurer, MISA

Laura Varanasi, She/Her/Hers

Jacquelyn Wyman, She/Her/Hers, Incoming First-Year

Reanna Abriam, She/Her/Hers, Delta Sigma Pi, Senior Vice President

Kimberly Ralph, She/Her/Hers, Alumni, Graduate Student, and Community Member

Brad Kelly, Cass of 2020

Annamaria Davies, She/Her/Hers

Ainslee Crose

Bryce Enloe, He/Him/His

Keemarr McKinney-Van Buren, He/Him/His

Samanta Toczyl, She/Her/Hers

Brooklyn Petrich, She/Her/Hers, School of Public Health and Social Work Student

Anna Orduno

Casey McCabe, He/Him/His, Executive Producer of Real College Podcast

Adi Penugonda, They/He, M. Ed Student, Fmr. Ranking Student Senator

Keely Zimmerman

Sheetal Digari, Graduate Student

Krista Kaput

Hayden Morrissey, She/Her/Hers

Rachana S, She/Her/Hers

Jacob Sandler, He/Him/His

Olivia Schumack, She/Her/Hers

Katrin Rink, She/Her/Hers, Just a student

Colby Sandstrom, He/Him/His

Seryozha Mzenga

Jalisa Sang

Patrick Dysart, He/Him/His

Tayvian Spiten, He/Him/His, Member of the Black Student Union

Morgan Bartlett, Doctoral Student

Fariza Hassan, She/Her/Hers, Student Ambassador, Muslim woman of color

Abigail Ruoro, She/Her

Isabel Brown, She/Her

Kinga Mozes, She/Her

Alexa Van Laanen, She/Her

Alexandria Tupper

Sydney Cashman


Marc Skjervem, Director of Student and Career Advancement Services - School of Nursing

Sue Staats, UMN Associate Professor

Carly Duran, she/her, GSC

Jacquelyn Burt, She/Hers, Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Gina Brewington, she/her/hers, CFANS Associate Director of Advising

Lisa Channer, She/Her, Associate Professor

Daheia Barr-Anderson

Breanna Anderson Berg, she/her/hers

Ginger Dallin, UMN Faculty/Staff/Admin, Community Member

Shannon Zhou, She/her

Julii Green, PhD, She/Her/Hers, Associate Professor (African American & Native American); Clinical Psychology

Lisa Thomas

Mahva Jones, She/her,hers, CDES Diversity Committee Chair

Liya Fitzpatrick

Anthony Scott, President of the Black Faculty and Staff Association

Anne Thorson, She/her

Danielle Vrieze, UMN Faculty/Staff/Admin

Axel Garcia y Garcia

Anthony Scott, President of the Black Faculty and Staff Association

Ah Vang-Lo

Stephanie DeArmond, She her hers, Art Faculty

Robin Perez, She/Her, Academic Advisor

Kia Whittier

Muhammad Khalifa, UMN Faculty/Staff/Admin

Rachel Hardeman, PhD, MPH, Associate Professor

Britney Hayes, She/Her/Hers

Calli Thompson, She/Her/Hers, GPSAlliance-ISSS Staff

Malik Mitchell

Benjamin Saunders/ He/Him/His

Kristin Youngblom, She/Her/Hers, UMN Faculty/Staff/Admin, UMN Alumni

Hudson Hastings, He/Him,  Student, Community Member

Raechelle Drakeford, She/Her/Hers, Director

Katy Putzker, She/Her/Hers, Undergraduate and Graduate Alumna

Paul West

Abigail Rombalski

Alexandra Zagoloff, She/Her/Hers, Assistant Professor

Kathleen Call, She/Her/Hers, Co-Chair, SPH Health Equity Work Group

Terri Luna, She/They,  Former UMN Residence Director

Ann Meier

Catherine Apeatro

Chelsea Masteller Wareen

Timothy Johnson, Associate Librarian

Douglas Kearney, He/Him/His, Assistant Professor

BIG/External Ten Student Leaders

Jasmine Palmerin, She/Her UCSB Student

Corey R. Plate, He/Him/His, College of Staten Island

Elija Henderson, St. John’s university class of 2021

Marley Dominguez, She/Her, Student from Westminster College (SLC, UT) in solidarity

Larice Meja, Temple University Vice President

Sarah Krusemark, NYC Administrator

Mariana Peñaloza, She/They, Organizer, Abolitionist, Dartmouth College Student

Nazirah Purnell, She/Her, President of the Thurgood Marshall Law Society at Lincoln University in PA

Mark Rey, He/Him/His, Temple University Student Government Vice President of Services

Julianne Romero, She/her/hers, UNO Student Body President

Jacob Fontaine, He/him, Student Body President, Rhodes College

Brandon Henderson, He/him, University of Missouri-Kansas City SGA President

Assata Gilmore, She/Her/Hers, Purdue Student Body President

Emily Ndiokho, She/hers, Barnard College SGA VP of Policy

Emerald Cox, She/Her/Hers, Michigan State NAACP Coordinator

Marc Younker, He/Him/His, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Association of Big Ten Students

Anna Weber, She/Her/Hers, Former Chief of Staff, George Washington University

Caroline MacNeill, She/Her, Ohio State Student Leader

Tim Tierney, At-Large Representative of University Park Undergraduate Association, Penn State

Roaya Higazi, She/Her, Student Body President at The Ohio State University

Asim Ahmed, He/Him, University of Georgia Student Body President

Makaila Ranges, She/Her, Franklin & Marshall Student Body Vice-President

Javier Perez, He/Him, Student Body Chief-of Staff of Rutgers University

Grace Wickerson, they/them, Rice Student Association President 2019-2020

Tim Hernández, He/Him/His, Former Student Body President, University of Northern Colorado

Adam Sisk, He/Him, UMKC Faculty and Student

Neal Bhakta, He/Him/His, UMD Student Body President

Chandi Katoch, She/Her/Hers, President of the Rochester Student Association

Natalia Lopez, She/Her/Hers

Daniela Lorenz

Zachary McKay, He/Him/His, Student Body President of the Penn State University Park Undergraduate Association

Brianna Aiello. She/Her/Hers, ASMSU Vice President for Academic Affairs

Claire Krafka, She/Her/Hers, The Ohio State University ABTS Liaison

Jessica Greely, She/Her/Hers, Executive Judicial Chair, Associated Students of Mills College

Tyler Yarbrough, External Affair Senator, University of Mississippi

Mustafa Abubakr, He/Him/His, Senator, Ohio State University

Kelsey Lowman, She/Her/Hers, Legislative Coordinator for Diversity and Inclusion at The Ohio State University

Dominique Hall, She/Her/Hers, University of Nevada, Reno Student Body President

Juan Zuniga, He/Him/His, Northwestern University Student Body Vice President

Ruth Woldemichael, She/Her/Hers, Vice President, University of Colorado Boulder Black Student Alliance

Maysa Sitar, She/Her/HErs, Michigan State University Student Government Vice President

Andrea Bair, She/Her/Hers, ASMSU Chief of Staff

Kylie A. Kenner, Education PhD Candidate, University of California, Santa Cruz


Chrystal Otundo

Priyanka Shah, She/Her, Former UMN Homecoming Queen, current Carlson GOLD Board Member, Alumni.

Carmen Nusbaum, She/Her, Former Women in Business President/Alum

Marc Rodwogin

Mackenzie Kerry, She/Her

Andrew “Ondrew” Tillotson, They/He, DSCC President, Class of 2020

Joe Becker, They/Them

Vy Nguyen, She/Her/Hers, 2018 Alum

Kelsey Jennings

Kaitlyn Schammel, She/her

Laila Hernandez, She/Her

Cheniqua Johnson, She/Her/Hers, CEHD Class of 2017

Georgie Kabeto

Philip Cook

Lauren Nguyen        

Pratheeksha Mallikarjun, She/Her, Former President of UMN Robotics

Na’im Madyun

Laura Seithers, She/Her/Hers, Co-Chair of Graduate League of OLPD

Bernadette Casey

Isiah Dennis

Justin Wiese

Sheridian Nygard

Claudia Schuster, She/Her/Hers

Aby Tesfaye, She/Her, Alumni

Elizabeth Kerre

Stephen Maxam

Margaret Rogers

Erica Mutch, She/her

Taoheed Bayo, He/Him/His, Alumnus

Lars Mackenzie

Sally Gesembe

Jayda Jeske, She/Her

Colleen Quesnell, She/her

Jake Herbers, He/Him/His, Former Representative, UMN Council of Graduate Students

Dijon McCain, He/Him/His

Nelima Sitati Munene

Mariam Salama, She/Her/Hers, Former CLA Student Ambassador

Emma Roth

Maggie Cleary, She/Her

Sofia Madden, She/Her/Hers

Jeffrey Park

Olivia Polinsky, She/Her/Hers

Clare Cade, She/Her

Jordan Simundson

Caitlin Fierst

Dainsha Grier, She/Her

Dana Fretty, She/Her, Outraged and ashamed former UMN-TC student

Hamdi Mahamed

Prudence Mugambi, She/Her/Hers

Chloé Colignon, She/Her

Annabelle Lohrenz, She/Her

Simran Mishra

Alicia Niblock, She/Her

Hannah Jeffers, She/Her

Julia Diaz

Sam Norum

Kevin Swanberg, He/Him

Kyle Farmer

Amy Lochli, She/Her/Hers, Former Board Member of Philippine Student Association

Dana Casella

Emma Rettner

Juliane Branca

Rachael Harris, She/Her

Amanda  Tosu, She/Her, Alumni ‘16

Zarea Fonge, She/Her/Hers

UyenThi Tran Myhre, Alumnus and Former Staff

Sarah Heemstram, she, her, hers

Maya Tazel, She/Her/Hers

Melaney Wuollet, She/Her.Hers

Bruno Indig, He/Him

Michaela Gilbertson, She/Her

Kathleen Kanne, She/Her, Graduated from the U of M in 2014

Taechrisdae Feser, She/Her/Hers

Elizabeth Hart, She/Her, UMN Alumni & UMN School of Public Health Student

Shahd Abukhdeir, Alumni

Mitchell LeGrand, He/Him

Claire Psarouthakis, She, Her, Hers, Humphrey Alumni, Former GSPEC Chair

Tanya Horton

Laurel Huffman

Lindsey Januszyk, She/Her/Hers

Matthew Odumuyiwa, He/Him, Alumnus, Member of the Black Student Union

Paul Olubayo, He/His/Him, Humphrey Graduate 2020

Sylvia Villarreal, She/her/hers

Jana Munoz

Addisalem Tesfaye

Javien Versey

John Wiebolt

Erin Edlund

Mackenzi Nelson, She/Her

Shantal Nyabwari

Emeline Rasamimanana

Olivia Baxter, She/Hers

Nemuel Sereti, He/Him

Mikaela Brandt-Fontaine, She/Her/Hers, Previous At-Large Representative for MSA and UMN alumnus

Bailey Soika, They/Them, Alumn

JaLisa Jackson, She/Her/Hers, Alumna

Max Doering, He/Him/His

Brenny Gomez, She/Her/Hers

Johanna Schmidt, She/her/hers, CLA Alumna

KaeLyn Stephens, She/her

Chris Behrend

Kebron Mamo, Alumni

Kupakwashe Madzima, He/Him

Delaney Graves, She/Her

Lisa  Wiesen

Sayidali Moalim

Chloe Williams

Emma Schwiger, She/Her

Natalie Umolac, She/Her

Adiam Bereket, She/Her

Janae Carvalho

Anh Tran, He/Him

Abigail Awode, She/Hers, Graduate Student

Cassie Anderson

Matthew Bluhm, He/him, Spring 2020 Grad

Abdi Mohamed

Maria Martinson, She/Her

Agnes Dieter, They/Them, UMN-Morris Alum

Halimo Ali Hashi, She/Her

Anushka  L., She/her

Muna Hussein

Zakaria Jamari, He/Him/His

Jamee Elsayad, SHe/Her/Hers

Niharika Athalye

Fatuma Abdallah, She/Her, Student

Fatuma Abdallah, She/Her

Raven Ziegler, Humphrey Master of Human Rights Graduate, 2020

Jordan Shaffer, Alumni

Ryan Morgan

Shivani Mishra, She/her/hers

Amal Mohamed, She/Her/Hers

Sai Powar, She/her

Logan Jones, He/him

Cheyenne Tretter, She/Her, Alum

Steffanee Jagdeo

Ellie Blanchfield, she/her/hers, 2019 Alumna

Nick Mabee, He/Him/His, Class of 2018

Dre Atchison

Jeffrey Flores, He/Him/His, UGRAD Alumni

Mckenzie Dice, she, her, hers, UMN Morris Alumna '19, former Student Representative to the Board of Regents '16-'17, '18-'19

Christina Laridaen, She/her, Former student government leader - UMN

Hannah Engel, She/her/hers

Catherine        Miller, She/her/hers

Emma Traun

Kitone Johnson, She/her

Kareena Manalo, She/her

Alysia Allen

Andy Tjomsland, He, him, his

Azsareea Smith, She/Her/Hers, A black 2020 graduate

Zoe Rutherford, She/her, ‘19 Alumna

Jordyn Blomquist, she/her/hers, UMN graduate

Emily Koetting, She / her

Jack Eue

Brianna Barstad, She/Her

Jia Mikuls, she/her, Alumni, College of Biological Sciences ‘17

Miranda Malone, She/Her, Dr. Martin Luther King Program Graduate

Sydney Schewe, She/her/hers

Stephen Mohabir, He/him/his, 2020 UMN Twin Cities Graduate

Samantha Proctor, She/her

Mohamed Warsame, Alumni

Abdirahman Abdullahi, He/Him/His, Alumni

Tessa Dahlgren        

Lexi Schuder, She/her

Lindsay Carrera, She/Her/Hers, Alumni, UN Staff Member

Declan Lowthian, They/them

Madison Boe, she/her/hers, UMN Alumni

Destiny Weaver, she/her/hers, Alumni

Bryce Quesnel, He/his/him, Alumni

Rachel Chevremont, she/hers, alumni

Karissa Wright, She/Her, Alumni

Isabel Voigt, They/them, Recent graduate

Sara Mendoza, She/her/hers

Maraika Lumholdt, She/her, Alumni

Iliana Tisdle, She, Alumni

Jeanelle Carufel

Elizabeth Hoke, She/her/hers, Alumnus

Erica Wooner, She/her/hers, Alumni

Olivia Myers, She/her, Alumni

Alyssa Otieno BSB, MA-HRIR

Brandon Cayetano, He/Him/His, Twin Cities Alum

Betty Nyabuti, She, Alumni

Alynn Kruse, She/Hers, U of M Alumni

Stephanie Ayala, UMN Alumni

Alex Williams

Gracie Johnson, She/her

Fanta Diallo, She/her/hers, Founder of Empower Me!

Charlie Parker, UMN Community Member

Sofiya Maltseva, She/Her, Past Student

Ricky Schmitz

Gabrielle Helmin-Clazmer, She/her

Truman Tyson

Amy Gilbert, She/her

Olivia Baxter, She/her

Nemuel Sereti, He/him

MacKenzi Nelson, She/her

Shantal Nyabwari

Addisalem, Tesfaye

Michaela Gilbertson, She/her

Alicia Niblock, She/her

Sarah Allis, UMN Alumni

Kayla Smith, She/her, UMN Alumni

Elizabeth Ogunkanbi, UMN Alumni

Gabriela Gonzalez, She/her/hers, Former first POC Parent Coordinator for OTE

Payton Johnson, Teacher Candidate, UMN Alumni

Sarah Allis, UMN Alumni

Kayla Smith, She/her, UMN Alumni

Elizabeth Ogunkanbi, UMN Alumni

Macyn Hagen, She/Her/Hers

Sundus Mohamed, Her/she, UMN Alumni

Anissa Salemohamed, She

Bilal Syed, he/his/him

J’Mag Karbeah, UMN Student, UMN Alumni

Madeline Schultz, UMN Alumni

Paige Erickson, she/her/hers, UMN Student, UMN Alumni

Hanan Mohallim

Krizia Duenas, she/her, UMN Alumni

Beth Thelke, she/her

Drew Lukes

Matthew Feldmann

Madeline Knorr

Nathan Murphy, he/him/his, UMN Alumni

Alena Phongsavath, they/them, UMN Alumni

Colleen Chwalek

Sahra Sabri, She/Her/Hers

Dr. Charles Rogers

Audrey Anglin, She/Her/Hers

Rachael Mills, She/Her/Hers

Rachel Lawhead. She/Her/Hers

Hanna Worku, She/Her/Hers

Derek H, He/Him/His

Samuel Baker

Nicole Schultz, She/Her/They/Them

Faulkner Zennah

Greta Bliss, She/Her/Hers

Sarah Brewer

John Temmen

Steve Davis

Simon Brown, He/Him/His

Nicholas Ott, He/Him/His

Aidan Ellison

Martina Lagman

Community Members

Aarica Coleman

Haley C.

Kelly Turner,  She/Her/Hers

Michael Leehan, He/Him

Maedya Kojis,  She/Her

Viann Nguyen-Feng, she/her/hers, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Duluth campus

Laura Bethke, she/her, Minnesota resident

Elizabeth Rosenberger, She

Maile Llanos, she/her, Concerned, frustrated, United States citizen.

Allison Millea, She/her, CIS Intro to Literature teacher via Burnsville High School

Faisal Hossain

Jackline Tirimba

Princess Yanforh

Kay, Kad, Female, A person on the right side of history

Ahmed Samatar, He/Him, Civilian

Isabella Owen, She/Her

Roselidah Nyaberi

Josie Bolinger

Madeline Bergh, She/her

Dani Lau, She/Her/Hers

Sarah Sorenson, She/Her

Claire Ettinger, She/Her, College & Career Coach for Community Bridges & AmeriCorp Project Change

Wambui Ndung’u, She

Misha Lelchuk

Sabrina Sok

Brittney Williams

Aimee Chihuahua, She/Her/Hers

Preston Norrison

Anbrea Corbitt

Benjamin Larson, Ze/Zir

Tristan Reyez, Interim-Chair of the Colorado Student Government Coalition

Sophie Cardin, Vice President of Outreach, Colorado College Student Government Association

Kendall Archer, Saint Mary’s University of Student Body President

Haley Halvorson, College of Saint Benedict Student Senator

 Ian McNicholes, UMD Student

Michelle Cardenas

Cole Sterr, He/Him, Former Student/Human with compassion, UMN Alumni/Community Member

Adrianna  Turano, She/her/hers, Director of Operations, University of Rhode Island Student Senate

Treya Pettit, Her, MIXED BLACK WOMAN

Damaris Osoro

Jacey Niemeier

Alexa Jo Schafer

Aurélie Klein

Emily Ashkin

Vincent Nguyen

Chi Vo

Zakaria Jamari, He/Him/His

Maryam Karaborni

Carla Placenti

Charlotte Dantec

Kayla Musgrave

Élise Hudelot

Justine Gallet

Karn Qi, She/Her, Rice University Class of 2020

Manon Trdv

Pauline Matan

Emmaline Good, She/Her/Hers

Khanh Dinh

Wendi Williams, She/Her/Hers

Crystal Deng, She/her

Allison Allen, She/her, Student

Darrien Whitney, She/her

Edman Kalmoi, She/her/hers, Concerned Citizen

Nicole Ryden, She/her, Community Member

Nicole Ingram, She/her, Minnesota college student resident

Emily Wittkop, They/them, Morris Student

Bryan Gichaba

Sarah Larson, She/Her/Hers, Minneapolis Resident

Jordanella Maluka

Christian  Beebe, A Black Woman, Concerned and Enraged Citizen

Ryan Oak, He/Him, Incoming Undergrad Student

Annais Loko, Scholar

Okedje Diokpo, She

Denzel G, He/Him/His, Supporter

Derrick Kabaka, He/Him

Selene Mohammed

Sam Walker, He/Him

Kara Bostick

Kendra Smith

Awa Mally, She/Her

Kate Probst

Festus Kei, FESTUS KEI

Donn Ravara

Luis Rodriguez, He/Him, Fellow Minnesotan, Student at SCSU

Greg Iknjh, He/him, Mankato member of ΚΑΨ

Anna Clyburn, She/hers, Rice University Student Association President        

Cordy McJunkins, Duncan College President

Black Lives Matter, BLM, King

Tariq Abdul-Quddoos, He/Him/His

Anisha Sharma

Alecia G

Lauren Newman, She/her

Jeremiah Vetsch

Kaylee Kemp, She

Rachel Smith

Selasie Azumah

Bailey Hubby, She/Her

Yana Chernyak

Matthew Cao, He/him/his, Rising Freshman

Ebyan Mohamed

Anat  Agyei

Lemu Korpah, She/Her//They/Them, a black person in Minnesota

Lucy Pabst, She/her

Alia M

Jessica Westberg, She/her, University of MN Parent

Jacob Grothe

Alex Glasenapp, He/Him

Claire Holton, She/Her

Alexis Zehlke, She/her

Samantha Wheeler, She/her

Milan Monteiro

Dalicia        Simpson, She/her/her, An African American woman

Katherine Kessenich, She/Her/Hers, ‘10 Undergraduate Alumni; ‘15 Graduate Alumni; Former OSA Employee

Rashed Elbaba, Standing with George Floyd and the people

Muna Osman, She/her

Amaris Rodriguez-Price, She/her

Zach Schmit, He/him

Clara Godoy, She/Hers, St. Kate’s Student

Madyson         Sklar

Ahlam Mohamed, He/him

Najma Ahmed

Munira  Ibrahim, She/hers

David Villarama

Jenna Esslinger, She/her, Resident of MN

Sydney Mullaney

Alison Oh, She/Her/Hers

Isabel Eaton, She

Harold Anderson, Him/His

Logan Klein, She/her/hers

Omar Porte

Paola Casillas, Sher/her/hers

Devin Newby

Stephen Nichols, He/Him/His

Anna Loken

Abray Indissa, Ab

Foluso Famuyide, He/him/his

Bethel Tadesse, She, A black woman

Alyssa Luttschwager, She/her

Jack Doenges

Shaniya Turner

Jane Halldorson, She/Her/Hers, I don’t go to the U, but I support you all.

Jack O’Donnell-Mache, He/Him

Symone Abington, She/Her/Hers, Citizen of Minneapolis

Jack Kinsman, He

Alex Napgezek

Shahida Sayeed

Evan Gustafson

Logan Jones, He/him

Sofiat Amos, #BlackLivesMatter

Crystal Audi, she/her, MSW Student

David Grunder

Zach Courtney

Asad Adow

Aisha Hassan, She/Her/Hers

Sabrina Tobe, She/hers

Ehsan A, Her

Wendy Hill, Disgusted & Horrified from Scotland

Ryan Frank

Isra Ashiro

Annette Okafor, She/Her

Joslyn Blass

Elena Horst, A concerned citizen

Jadrian Hein, She/Her, Non-Student

Sierra Brown, She/her, Former University of Minnesota Morris Student Body Vice President

Sarina Forster, She/Her, Resident of MN

Madeline Carpenter, She/Her, An utterly disgusted, repulsed, angry, 20 year old MN native. Demanding change.

Austin Berger, He/Him/His

Terrell Moses, NAACP Vice President

Lanette Ndubi

Sierra Houle, She/hers

Lili Ocampo, she/her

Aisha Philippe, She/her

Elizabeth Medlin

Matt Moreland

Azinat Popoola, She/her/hers

Maile Llanos, She/Hers, Concerned, Frustrated Citizen

Mason McGregor, he/him/his, UMKC College Democrats President

Riley Gallagher

Breyanna Primous, She/Her/Hers

Sam Abrams

Shelby Justi

Stewart Campbell

Alex Tyndall, him/he, Concerned Student from the University of Iowa

Leah Milojevic, She/Her/Hers, Associate Director of the College of Liberal Arts Diversity, Access, and Equity Programs

Devyn Ewert, She/Her

Maddie Lee, She/her

Andrew Niklawski, He/him/his

Paul Barigayomwe

Rachel Doe

Salma Said, She/her

Erin Edlund

Sam Ferguson, She/her/hers

Tori Miller, She/Her, BLM Ally

Emily Martell, She/her/hers

Gwen King-Lunde, She/Her, a black woman

Roseline Ameyaw, She/Her/Hers

Rachel Wojcik

Joshua Lamppa, He/Him, Seeking Social Justice, Community Member

Karen Alqasem

Becca Wilts, she/her

Jeff Yost, he/him/his, UMN Parent

Cindy Ryman Yost, she/her/hers, UMN Parent

Isabella Coppa, She/Her

Cindy Ryman Yost, she/her, UMN Parent

Susan Mabera

Lijun Kasten, She/Her/Hers

Eric Vuong

Amerior Walker, She/Her/Hers

Nakeshia Warren, She/Her/Hers, Concerned Parent

Jordan Sandvig

Chiquita Ewert

Madison Valley, She/Her/Hers

Teejay Ramnarine

Michael Johnson, He/Him

Jennifer Torres, She/Her

Erin DeJan, She/Her/Hers

Clara Williams, She/Her/Hers

Kurtis Kee

Lisa Ismail, She/Her/Hers

Jay Manolis, He/Him/His

Manee Yang, She/Her/Hers, Concerned community member

Ansh Sikka

Amir Whitehead, He/Him/His, A concerned citizen

Shanna Sivakumar

Lizzie Richter, She/Her/Hers

External Students

Eveline Murphy-Wilson, She/Her/Hers

Imani Moore, She/Her, Augsburg University Student

Sneha Arunkumar, she/her

Madeline Vagts

Madison Stevens, She/Her

Sydney Kissel, She/Her

Sameera Taylor, She/Her, UST Alumni

Alex Donadio

Josie Hayes, She/Her

Aaisha Abdullahi

Alexis Gomis, She/Her, Highly concerned student

Caleb Dillehay

Shelby Justi

Justin Dinh, He/Him, Medical Professional

Mowuko Amoussou-Kpakpa, He, Undergraduate

Sam Mesfin, He/Him, A Black USC Student

Fanny Albertini, She/Her/Hers

Alyssa Lewis, She/They

Hope Parsons

Adara Kamarainen

Dacotah DeHoet

Adha Abdirazak, she/her

Fanny Albertini, she/hers, Student

Grace Chalmers, she/her

Oluwafaeranmi Oribamise

Jordan Medenwaldt, She/Her

Jessy Feng, She/Her/Hers

Megan Wren

Adriana Derksen

Anna Qiang

Tziah McNair, She/Her

Loise Barhayiga

Katie Preamble, She/Her

Amira Chowdhury, Ally

Kate McKay, She/Her

Eyob Davidoff
Robert Cozzolino, He/Him/His, UMN Faculty Affiliate

Lauren Biegel, Wiess College President, Rice University

Jason Pelmard, Jason

Jonathan Levy, he/him/his

Jordyn Kruse

Emma Ockuly, she/her, Student, Community Member

Lucile Guermeur

Felicity Rondeau, She/Her/Hers

Julia Forsman, she/her

Krithika Selvarajoo, She/Her/Hers, President of Her Campus at UMKC

Kacie Suchanek

Daysha Fliginger

Jessica McAllister, she/her

Amandine Bugeaux

Ashlyn Nelson, Her/She

Doriane Plantey

Liv Quiram

Cassandra Rawlings, Her/She, SCSU student and captain of the SCSU swim and dive team

Lucius Caecilius, He/Him/His

Nathan Duncan, He/Him/His, SCSU Graduate Student

H. S., Student

Christian Galo

Joselyn Tseng, She/They

Laura Ortmann

Jazmyn Carpizo, She/Her

Yumel Hernandez, Entrepreneur, Former president of a leading tech and entrepreneurial organization

Elise Nguyen, She/Her/Hers

Greta Cross, She/They, Student from Twin Cities

Casey Johnson

Megan Sash, She/Her/Hers

Sebrin Ahmed, Student Senator at Saint Scholastica

Henry Broback, He/Him/His, Cal Poly College of Liberal Arts Ambassador

Maya Mukamuri, She/Her, Luther College, Minnesota Resident

Rachel Foulk, She/Her

Ian Hobbs

Genevieve Fabiola Schaffer

Fiona Thompson

Chris Kurle, He/His

Karmel Sabri, She/Her

Yoceline A, She/Her/Ella

Sam Waterman, She/Her/Hers, Director of Marketing, College Democrats at IU

Siham Isse

Chazz Colburn

Emily Kaldenberg, She/Her/Hers

Cassidy Van Roo

Max Le, He/Him/His

Aminah Mason, She/Her/Hers, Protestee

Dawit Solomon, He/Him/His

Leah Hazelwood, She/Her/Hers

Oladimeji Olayinka, He/Him/His

Laura Hines, She/Her/Hers

Lawal Oydemi

Joargy Perez

Mira Evans

Jed Baul

Sophie Warrick

Emma Poole

Nisma Elias

Alexis Zak, She/Her

Darling Lee, She/Her/Hers, St. Kate’s Student

Hailey Vierck

Adam Moncibaiz, He/Him/His, Student of Texas A&M

Carolina Espinal, She/Her/Hers, Tufts University ‘21

Giancarlo Ortega, He/Him/His, Latin guy

Sahar Kurani

Sonja Kuftinec

Gabrielle Torrez

Hayelom Fitsom, Board Member of Multicultural Student Center

Mia Karras, she/her/hers, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities