Once there was a big black 5 legged boar called Piggy Pig. He lived in piggy pet shop with a brown 2 legged boxing legend who was his friend and called Jo. But lots of other normal pigs were not his friend's. One day a couple of tough looking men came in looking for some pigs to kill to get bacon. I'll take your two most meaty boars.

One day a big brown boar called Piggy Packer Punch came in and challenge Jo to a boxing match. Jo said yes, all the other pigs said wow. The boxing match was scheduled for 2/7/2015 but some people wanted to buy the challenger so the match date was brought forward to 4/6/2015 Tomorrow. Ding ding ding Fight. Bang bang bang. Punches rained down on Piggy Packer Punch, I surrender he yelled. Piggy Pig wins yelled the ringmaster.

The next day a army Commander came in and handed over some money, I'll take the one with two legs and the one with 5 legs. The shop keeper said are you sure there not normal pigs. That doesn't matter I've only got one leg to.

The End