Any content which harasses or discriminates against anyone.

1-3 Points

Inappropriate Content

Posting something that would be rated R.

1 Point

Copyrighted Content

Content posted should be original and created by you. Do not steal others work and claim it as your own.

1 Point

Invalid Content

Any post which is less than two lines will be considered spam and should be made within the Spam Center.

  • Post not formatted correctly.

2 Point

Topic Bumping

Posting in a topic that you made so that your topic can reach the top of the list.

1 Point

Posting Personal Information

Posting something about someone else that is considered private without permission.

1 Point


Advertising any other community or websites which are in our realm.

1 Point

Report Abuse

Abusing the forum report function in anyway will not be allowed.

2 Point

Signature Violation

Having a huge image as your signature.

1 Point


Posting the same thing multiple times or in different areas.

  • Posting useless posts/low quality post
  • Random reply

1 Point

Multiple Accounts

One account per user.

3 Points

Ban Evading

Create another account to bypass your ban.


Reposting Locked Content

Creating a new post with the same content that the locked post had.

1 Point

Rep Violation

Asking for or exchanging Rep. Giving rep  or taking away someone rep for no reason.

2 Points

Assigned Point Levels

The penalty will automatically be set according to the number of points given.

  1.  >5 Points: no penalty
  2. <5 Points: Moderated content for 48 hours
  3. 10 Points: Restrict from posting content for 7 days
  4. 15 Points: Suspend from accessing the site 14 days