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CTV Uploading Series
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Uploading and Scheduling Your Series Show Online for Playback


1)    Log in to using your unique credentials assigned by CTV staff

2)    Click on the “Media” tab within the browser window

3)    Click the “Upload” button and select the video file you wish to upload.  (Or for the drag-and-drop feature & resumable uploads option, install ChromeFrame, or use Chrome or Firefox).

4)    After the upload is complete, select Edit from the drop down menu to the right of the thumbnail of your show.

5)    Put the name of your show in the Title section (Example: Random Access)

(Note: Do not use quotation marks)

6)    Add a brief description of the episode you have uploaded into the Short Summary section. (Example: Josh Young interviews the Burrito King.)  

(Note: Do not use quotation marks)

7)    Add in the episode number to the Episode ID section. If you do not use episode numbers please leave blank

8)    Click on  Publish.  

9)    Verify that the video is present on the “My Media” list.  

10)  Click the “Schedule” tab at the top of the page
11)  Choose an upcoming unfilled time slot and hit the “Fill” button to the left

12)  In the popup window hit the “New Episode” button on the top right

13)  This will take you to a blank New Episode Page.  Hit the “Media Library” button towards the bottom of the page.
14)  Select the new episode you wish to add to your show and hit “Save”

15)  Return to the Schedule page and verify that the selected timeslot has been filled.


(Note: All shows must be scheduled one week prior to its expected air date)


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