Angel Cupcake

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Created by: Heather Wells of Sweet & Savory Trinkets


Harp and Halo : 18k Gold  Premo, gold colored 28 gauge wire,

Wings: White Premo

Cupcake Body: Translucent Premo, Turquiose Sculpey III

Frosting: Turquoise Sculpey III, Translucent Premo, White Premo

Modge Podge Mold 25117 (Wedding), heart cutter, tiny circle cutter, clear fine glitter, Iridescent blue glitter, small ball tool, clay roller (or pasta roller) clay blade, wire cutters, Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS),  Wilton Star tip size 16,  Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder

Harp Instructions

Step 1:  Condition some 18k Gold Premo Roll it out flat to 1mm thick.


Step 2: Using your clay blade slice a thin strip off  and twist it to form a thin spiral.  Bake it according to manufacturer instructions.


Step 3: Using your heart shaped cutter make an indent as shown in the photo, and draw a pattern in that area if you wish.  


Step 4: Paint the inside design with a darker shade of watercolor paint for an antiqued look.  Use a clean wet brush or a wet finger tip to soften and smudge the color. Cut out the imprinted area once you are finished.


Step 5: Dip a spiral post into some TLS and place it against the top of the harp as shown below.  Cut and place 4 - 5 lengths of the gold colored wire evenly spaced across the side of the piece next to the post and across. Bake according to manufacturer instructions.


Step 6: After your piece is cool cut the pillar of the harp, and the strings at an angle.  


Step 7: Roll some of the gold clay a little thinner than the 1mm thickness used before.  Cut out a thin strip, and add a little TLS.  Place your harp on the strip of clay, and straighten out the strings as best as you can.  Then trim the bottom edges and smooth them on the the bottom of the pillar, and the top edge of the harp.  Bake one final time.


Halo Instructions

Step 1: Roll out a thin snake of the 18K Gold Premo.  Wrap it around a small round object (I used the smallest round pattern cutter made by Kemper).


Step 2: Cut the end off where the clay meets, and smooth the edge together gently.  Roll or slide the halo off very gently.  Bake according to manufacturer instructions.


Angel Wing Instructions

Step 1: Condition some White Premo.  Using the Modge Podge Wedding Mold, place a small amount of the white clay into each of the dove molds at the bottom left corner.  Wait a minute or two and remove the wings.


Step 2: If you want the wings glittered, put on a little TLS, and dip into glitter.  Bake the wings now.  Then slice the wing away from the bird using the clay knife.  Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of cutting away the wing, but I show it in the video tutorial.


Making the Cupcake

Step 1: Mix ¼ Turquoise Sculpey III, with ¾ Translucent Premo.  Roll a ball about ⅝ of an inch across.  

DSC08941.JPG  DSC08942.JPG

Step 2: Hold the ball gently between an index finger and thumb of one hand, on the top and bottom of the ball.  Rotate the ball with the opposite index finger and thumb to form an elongated cupcake shape. Then let it rest for a few hours or set it in the refrigerator for awhile to get more firm.


Step 3: Texture the cupcake with a pin, or needle tool using small circular motions like drawing tiny spirals over each other.  After you are finished you can tap the sides very gently to softly flatten the cakey texture if you wish.  Bake your cupcake base according to manufacturer instructions.  


Frosting Instructions

Step 1: Mix some of the cupcake base color with some White Premo to lighten it.

DSC08972 (1).JPG

Step 2: Roll some of the frosting color into a snake and place it in the walnut hollow extruder using the star shaped tip.  Extrude some clay. Cut it into 4 -5 inch lengths.

Step 3: Put some TLS on the top of the cupcake base, and twist on a length of frosting in a spiral.  The base in the photo is not textured, your should be textured and baked.




Finishing The Cupcake

Step 1: Dip the inside edges of the wings into some TLS and place them on the frosting where you would like them, then place some Tls on the back of your halo and place it on top of the frosting.


Step 2: Place some TLS on the back of the Harp, and a tiny piece of the cupcake base colored clay at the back bottom corner of the harp.  Put a tiny bit of TLS on that small piece of clay.


Step 3: Place the harp on the cupcake where you would like it, and Bake the cupcake one more time according to manufacturer instructions. Add a little iridescent blue glitter on with glaze if you like.

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