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In the never ending battle for more muscle growth and better performance, one simple truth continues to stand the test of time: speed is king. Elite athletes and serious weight training enthusiasts alike want results as fast as possible – they don’t have time to waste. Once the final rep is completed from a hardcore training session, the clock starts and the real race begins. Your muscles are in a critical race against time to recover, repair, and grow bigger and stronger before the next workout.

That’s why the brand of protein you choose to feed your muscles is so important. You need a product backed by science with the highest bioavailability and the fastest absorption to give you every possible advantage.

Your protein must be comprised of the highest quality Whey Protein Isolate formulated by leading experts in Sports Nutrition. Each key ingredient must be backed by rock solid research and published in a respected scientific journal. And most important of all, your product must deliver the results you deserve – it has to be proven in the real world by athletes of all levels, without compromise.

You don’t make compromises in the gym or on the field, and you should never compromise the quality of your protein. For the absolute best in performance protein, make the educated choice – the choice of champion athletes across the nation. Choose ISO-XP.

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