DSClassic is a ruleset for playing DS games that is more focused on fair and balanced games as well as avoiding powergaming/minmaxing/broken characters/etc. DSClassic will be much more static in its rules then DS has been, only making minor changes to accommodate new Paizo materials and rule clarifications. We may be more open to allowing GM approved modifications to meet perceived dev intention but such modifications would no longer be DS legal, only DSClassic.

  1. Why?
  1. How do I join?
  1. How does this affect DS?
  1. Is this because of *insert incident/rule of choice here*?
  1. Does this mean DS is doing things wrong?
  1. What happens if a DSClassic character becomes overpowered?
  1. Rule X is clearly trying to do “......” but a strict RAW reading I found this loophole. Can I do “.....”?