Computing Y5 S2 TA HopScotch - Planning and applying rules before creating a program

We will look at a game and discuss its rules and coding.

To be successful you will need to understand the reasons and the process for designing a program; logical reasoning, rules; recap and apply any previously  learnt computing knowledge including; sequencing, variables, inputs and outputs.

Steps to Success


I understand the process for planning and designing a program.

Which is the better statement?  Tick the right one

Planning ensures I have thought about what I want to achieve before I start      ⃞

There is no need to plan, it just wastes time      ⃞

Detail 4 rules for ‘Space Invader Tap’





I understand coding basics.

Positioning a character or text on the screen.


Label the x and y axis                   What is a variable?  (Tick the right one)


                         Something that is fixed      ⃞

                         Something that can be changed   ⃢



I understand code basics

What is this code used for? Tick the right one

Creating a random background  ⃞

Moving a character or text to a random position on the screen      ⃞

I understand coding

What happens to text on the screen when the program is run?

‘How many times can you tap the Alien?’

The text will appear and disappear after some time     ⃞

The text will appear and stay on the screen     ⃞

I understand coding

What is this code for?  (Tick the right one)

Moving a character        ⃞

Creating a background      ⃞

Planning your own game

What would your game be called_______________________________

What would be the rules?





Planning your game

Note any other features of your game.

Draw the background for your game.

Draw the characters you would use in your game.

DO Assessment: