A meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Lake Sylvia Lake Association (“GLSA”) was held on Saturday, September 9, 2012 at Southside Township Hall commencing at 9:00 a.m.

Present at the meeting were Board members Pat Beithon, Kent Davidson, Jerry Euteneuer, Peggy Jo Fortner, Chris Hector, Nancy Hector, Don Holm, Steve Holmstoen, Joe Lepley, Chuck Lingen, Mike McNellis, Carl Swanson and Harry Wahlquist.  Board members Jerry Dock and Tom Plihal were absent.

Also present for all or portions of the meeting were Don and Rose Mary Nelson and Mike Nelson.

Mr. Lepley, as President, called the meeting to order and announced that a quorum was present.  Ms. Beithon served as Secretary for the meeting.

Minutes.  Ms. Beithon said that a draft of the minutes of the Board meeting on July 14, 2012 had been emailed to Board members the prior evening.  Ms. Hector noted a correction to the minutes regarding the printing of additional copies of the GLSA history book.  Since several Board members said they had not had an opportunity to review the minutes, it was decided to defer approval of the minutes to the Board meeting on October 13.

Treasurer’s Report.  Ms.  Fortner reviewed the Treasurer’s Report as of August 31 2012, noting that GLSA had 422 members, total assets of $191,074 of which $52,298 was designated for invasive species. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the Treasurer’s Report as of August 31, 2012 was approved submitted.

2012 Picnic Committee Report.  Ms. Nelson, as Chair of the 2012 Picnic Committee, reported that GLSA made approximately $7,285 on the 2012 picnic and presented a 2012 GLSA Picnic picture book for GLSA’s historical records.  Board members discussed the 2012 GLSA picnic and thanked Rose Mary and Don Nelson for their work to make the 2012 picnic a success.

  Ms. Nelson reviewed the 2012 Picnic Committee’s recommendations for the 2013 GLSA picnic, which included the following:

Proposed date – August 10, 2013

Proposed location – Chi Rho

Proposed time – 3:00 to 7:00 p.m.  

Proposed theme – Hawaiian with a pig roast

Reservation fee - $10.00 per person with children under 10 years of age free.

Sponsorships – Continue sponsorships by local businesses and GLSA members

Committee Co-Chairs – Rhonda Brau and Allison Barkley

Proposed activities – Silent auction, bouncy houses, face painting, clowns and yard games.  Chi Rho had offered to provide a lifeguard for the beach area.

Board members discussed the need for picnic sponsorships.  Ms. Nelson said the 2013 GLSA Picnic Committee was seeking approval from the Board of the proposed date, time and theme for the 2013 GLSA picnic.  Upon motion duly made and seconded, it was approved by a unanimous vote that the 2013 GLSA picnic be held at Chi Rho on Saturday, August 10, 2013 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. and have a Hawaiian theme with a pig roast.  In addition, upon motion duly made and seconded, the Board approved by a unanimous vote expenditures of up to $100 for the 2013 GLSA picnic.

Don and Rose Mary Nelson then left the meeting.

Bike and Walking Path.  Mr. Mike Nelson said many people biked and walked along 55th Street on the south side of West Lake Sylvia, noting that 55th was a two lane road with no shoulders.  He said he in the initial stages of investigating establishing a bike and walking path along 55th.  He said he recalled that there had been efforts to establish a bike and walking path in prior years and asked if GLSA or any Board members had any records on those earlier efforts.  Mr. Lepley said he would check the GLSA records that he had to see if there were any notes or other records on those efforts.  Mr. Mike Nelson asked that people email him with any information or if they were willing to work with him on this initiative.

High Water Committee Report.   Mr. Davidson, as Chair of the High Water Committee, reported that the official water level was below the ordinary high water mark.  He reported that the DNR had not found any Eurasian Watermilfoil in Lake Moses so the DNR would not issue a permit to GLSA to use a cutting machine to cut the cattails between Lake Sylvia and Lake Moses.  After discussion, it was decided that if the DNR were to issue a permit to GLSA to use a cutting machine to cut the cattails between the two lakes, the Board would have to re-approve the purchase of a cutting machine at that time.  Mr. Davidson also reported on possible efforts to remove the beaver dam impeding water flow between the two lakes during the winter months.

Mr. Davidson reported that on August 21 the Wright County Board had approved a permanent no-wake ordinance for Howard Lake, Cedar Lake and East and West Lake Sylvia.  For East and West Lake Sylvia, there would be a no-wake zone in the channel at all times and a 300 foot from shoreline no-wake zone when the lake was a certain number of inches above the ordinary high water mark.

Water Patrol Committee Report.   The Board discussed the need to post boat safety regulations, water safety information and jet ski operation state law and regulations on the GLSA website.

Public Access Inspection 2013 Plan.  Mr. Swanson reported that the DNR would be making grants for invasive species inspections at public access for 2013.  He reported that he had filed a grant application for Level One inspectors at the public access for 2012 and the application had been denied.  Mr. Swanson noted that the public access on West Lake Sylvia is the largest public lake access in Wright County, with 45 parking spots.  He also noted that one of the primary criteria used by the DNR in evaluating grant applications was the proximity of the public access to zebra mussel infested waters and that for 2012 the DNR had determined that Lake Sylvia was not in close proximity to zebra mussel infested waters.  Mr. Swanson said he would file another grant application for 2013.  It was noted that Sugar Lake had received a grant for 500 hours of Level One inspectors for 2012.  The Board discussed the need for paid inspectors at the public access, the hours and days inspectors were needed, and the anticipated cost of inspections.  It was noted that generally the DNR is willing to work with local units of government on paid inspectors at public accesses but not directly with lake associations.

After discussion, it was decided to establish a Public Access Inspection Program Subcommittee with the goal of having paid inspectors at the public access on West Lake Sylvia for the 2013 summer season.  Chris Hector volunteered to serve as Chair of the Subcommittee with Pat Beithon, Kent Davidson, Jerry Euteneuer, Nancy Hector, Joe Lepley, and Carl Swanson volunteering to serve on the Subcommittee.  Initial efforts would be focused on meeting with Joe Shneider, President of the Christmas Lake Association to learn about the Christmas Lake inspection program, identifying the key contacts at the DNR for public access inspection programs, and developing key communication messages for discussions with local units of government and for educating GLSA members.  The Board also discussed the private lake access at Chi Rho and the need to discuss with Chi Rho limiting the use of that private access by third parties.

Membership Committee Report.    The Board discussed the need to clarify membership when lake property is owned/shared by more than one family and when a member owns multiple properties.  It was also discussed setting up paying membership dues and GLSA picnic reservations on line.  After discussion, the Board determined that a second 2012 dues reminder mailing was not necessary in light of the memberships renewed in advance of or at the 2012 GLSA picnic.

GLSA Articles and Bylaws Review.    Ms. Beithon led a review of the proposed changes to the GLSA Articles of Association, which had been sent to Board members for review prior to the meeting.   Board members decided to make minor changes to Section 3.1 – Mission, Subsection (i) of Section 4.1 - Objectives, Section 12.2 – Approval of Amendments and Article XIII – Dissolution; requested additional review of Section 5.2 – Political Activities; amend Section 7.3 – Classified Board to provide that Board members would be divided into three classes and be elected for three year terms; delete Section 7.6 – Proxies; and add a new Article XI – Board Action Without Meeting.  Ms. Beithon was asked to make the changes and distribute a revised cop of the Articles of Association to the Board members for review prior to the Board meeting on October 13.

The Board decided to defer discussion of the proposed revisions to the GLSA Bylaws to the October 13 Board meeting.

Upon motion duly made, seconded and approved by a unanimous vote, the meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

                                                ___________________________________________                                                        Joe Lepley, President


Pat Beithon, Secretary