Industrial Revolution Mastery

You will be using HSTRY to create a timeline of the Industrial Revolution.

Use this tutorial to help you.

Guide to Using HSTRY

In your timeline you must address the following topics: (Use these as Heading labels)

You are to include information from class activities and assignments, as well as information from the following resources only:

Industrial Revolution Overview

HMC Standards Reviews


Be sure to include images, at least two per topics mentioned above. You must use royalty free images properly cited from Photos for Class. (Hint; Helpful search terms= Industrial revolution and Jacob Riis)

You may also include brief classroom appropriate YouTube videos to elaborate on concepts AFTER the timeline is completed, if you wish.

Work must be in your own words. We will be working on this in class today. Whatever you do not finish in class is to be completed for homework. If you do not have access to the internet, Chromebooks are available for use before and after school today and tomorrow. This will serve as a project and review for the Unit 3 Exam.