Students in grade 12 (and grade 11, if there are available openings) may enroll in VHS if they have maintained a strong academic record. It is anticipated that VHS courses will require at least as much time, organization and preparation as current Burlington High School Advanced Placement, Honors or College Prep I courses. Students must have the ability to work independently and possess solid computer skills. Students not meeting the criteria but wishing to enroll, must submit their request in writing to the principal during the prescribed enrollment period, which will result in a review of current academic performance, test scores and teacher feedback. The principal will then make the final decision.

The following guidelines apply:

1. Students may only enroll in courses not available to them at Burlington High School.

2. Core course requirements cannot be met through VHS courses.

3. Students may only enroll in one VHS course per semester, and they must file an application in the spring.

3. All VHS courses will not be counted toward rank and G.P.A, but the grade will still be reflected on the transcript.

4. Students must report to an assigned area during the scheduled period. The VHS course instructor, not the Site Coordinator, will determine grades, which will be submitted to Burlington High School for report cards and transcripts.

5. The Administration and Guidance Department may recommend VHS courses to accommodate specific, unusual individual student needs (i.e., irresolvable scheduling conflicts or transfer situations).

Students must sign up for the normal required courses at BHS. Also they must file a separate VHS application. Students will be notified if they are accepted into their chosen VHS course and their schedule will be adjusted accordingly over the summer. Please see your Guidance Counselor for an application.