1. Use the website to select a lesson and review as many materials as needed.

  1. Complete as many exercises as needed to make sure you are ready for the assessment on the skill.

  1. Every two assignments you will be required to turn in a completed assessment. An assessment consists of a particular challenge provided on the website. In order to pass on to the next skill you will need to score 80% or better.

  1. For every other music theory assignment you may turn in you work on a exercise. To turn in an exercise you must have at least 50 questions answered. Percentage doesn’t matter.

  1. If you cannot pass in the allotted time you can turn in an assessment with less than 80% for half credit. You can then re-try that skill’s assessment after completing another exercise week. You can continue to try that skill as long as you continue to improve your assessment score.

  1. Exercises provided are customized, but can be customized further by clicking the “customize” symbol.

  1. To turn in your assignments you need to provide proof of completion.

  1. After completing the assignment click on “View Report”.


  1. Sign the Progress Report with your first AND last name. Click “Sign Report”

  1. Click on the Code that appears. It will take you to a new web page. Once there you will need to either copy the link or take a screenshot of the progress report.

  1. Once you have your link or picture. Go to classroom.google.com and login with your school account.

  1. Click on the week of music theory that you need to turn in and open the document.

  1.  Paste the screenshot or link into the appropriate area. Hit the “turn in” button on classroom and you’re done.