Action Plan for Exhibition Project

Before you begin your action plan. I want you to spend about 10 minutes looking through the questions on this chart below. As you decide on your action, think about what questions below your action might answer. If it doesn’t answer any of them, there is a chance you are thinking about presentation and not action.

Your Name:

Your Partners:

Limit to 2 partners unless discussed with Miss Burke

Describe Your Action:

Remember, your action is not creating a presentation, video, or webpage. Everyone will have the option to do this if they choose to after their action is completed and/or planned.

Other Things You Want to Do:

Here is where you share what other things you want to do. Whether it’s related to your presentation or action. Things like make a webpage, Floorplanner, videos, presentation, etc.

Steps to Make Your Action Happen:

Make sure your steps are detailed and you have numbers listed by what you are going to do. This needs to be specific.

Action Timeline:

How long is your action going to take to accomplish. Depending on how you budget your time, different things might be doable. However, you need to make things realistic. Working on your project for a solid month, isn’t doable.

Do not write anything in this box. Instead, go up to the steps in your action plan. Next to each step, (in parentheses), write how much time each will take you to do. You are allowed to work on this at home. If you need time after school to work on things, be sure to talk to me.

Other Notes:

Use this area to record other ideas, what you want to do with your information afterwards, etc.