Research Proposal Template

Proposed Research Question / Title

A concise statement of the research question.


A brief, one-paragraph summary of the information below.

Goals of the Project

Summarize the goals of your project. State the target population and expected impact/relevance.


Review the background regarding the research question and goals of the project. This section may include a summary of the peer-reviewed literature or other relevant material pointing to prior work and current gaps in knowledge. Why are you proposing this research? Why is it relevant?


Discuss the methods to be used, including study design, materials, sample size and characteristics, as well as data collection and analysis.


Discuss whether ethics approval is needed, and any special considerations.

Proposed Timeline

Discuss the timeline of the project and expected major milestones.

Proposed Budget and Resources

Discuss the budget required with a summary of the anticipated costs. If you need the additional resources of the SNO Division of Family Practice, please note the resources required. If any further human resources, including clinical staff or student time might be required, include that here.


Refer to relevant resources in a reasonable format.