How to Predict Your Blog Success

Pick The Niche of Your Interest

These steps are very important to take into consideration before you start a blog:

These simple approach will separate you from the thousands of people who start blog just for pure profit and have no other motivation behind it.

Brainstorm Your Ideas


A process you can use to help determine which niche is best for you:

  1. Make a list of your interests or hobbies. Which topics fascinate you? List them all (for instance: golf, fishing, yoga, playing games, cooking, etc.).
  2. Make a list of the accomplishments you are proud of (for instance: musical talent, artistic talent, sports achievements, etc.).
  3. Make a list of difficulties you have overcome or defeated (for instance: lost a significant amount of weight, recovered from a financial setback, etc.).

During the course of this exercise, you will get a better feeling for the topics that resonate with you.

Step by Step Success Validation Process

Whether you want to blog for prestige, fortune, fun, or connections, you need to research the niche you choose and make sure the topic is viable.


The following Blog Success Prediction exercise will help you determine whether your blog has real potential for success. These process will reveal the answers to these important questions:

Potential Niche Size

IMPORTANT!  Even if you believe you have a brilliant blog idea but you are not able to find a niche market with enough people or it has too much competition, you will likely struggle to succeed. You don’t want it to be too small or too big. For example: the size of “golf” niche is on average 2.8+ millions monthly searches. This niche would be too big and broad. However if you go after niche that is narrow, for example focus only on “plane golf swing drills” (average 4k searches monthly), the volume of searches would be too small. One way to niche down from “golf” would be “golf tips” (average 350k total monthly searches) or even deeper down “golf tips for beginners” (average 250k total monthly searches).

Here is how you can easily check the niche size:

Check the top 5 keywords for your niche market. Look for at least 10k monthly searches combined for the 5 keywords. You can use Google’s keyword planner (free), Market Samurai (paid) or WordTracker (partially free) tools to check for the volume of searches and get keywords ideas. You want to ensure there is a large enough audience looking for the kind of information you will provide. We will show you how to use the Free Keyword Planner tool to get top keyword ideas and search volume:

With these 5 keywords we have a little over 20k average monthly searches. This niche market (“golf tips”) has enough volume and would be a good choice.

Potential Competition

It’s a good sign if you have competition. That means others are talking about your niche and are actively involved in pursuing it.

Here is a simple competition check:

Monetization Possibilities

Example of affiliate deals at ClickBank:

Example of the affiliate offers in Google search:

This process will help you determine whether you can build a successful blog in the niche market of your choice.