BOARD MEETING-May 13, 2015


Rose Cholewinski

Allen Crow

Byron Philleo

Greg Stoner

Stu Kahn

Erica Fleishman

Trish Price

Absent :

Ken Petruzzelli

Patricia Quinn

Approval of Minutes

        Minutes from April meeting could not be approved without corrections being acknowledged.

Financial Report

        -Revised Budget for 2015 presented.

        -Projected loss actually less than expected, 3200 better.

        -Berryessa expenses, so far $846, budget $17,000.

        -Worst case scenario presented for employee sick leave, vacations at $50-80/ month.

        -Employee agreement packet for all employees discussed, including expectations, duties,         compensation, etc. To develop and present at next meeting.

        -Check on DOGiving reimbursement by financial committee.  Certain amounts earmarked for

        categories, equipment, scholarships. Also discussed donations to local nonprofits, canned food

        drive. Financial committee to clarify guidelines for contributions=Community Philanthropy

        -Checking on Club Assistant duties

        -Discussion of the company Finis as being more involved financially, sponsorship

        -Investing $ in higher interest accounts discussed.


Coaches Report

        -Gave status of USMS National Coaches meeting. May not make minimum signees

        -There are only 30 full time USMS coaches nationally, doing what Stu does.

        -USMS is emphasizing learn to swim programs

        -Memberships and swim trials discussed. $7 monthly plus $10 for each drop in versus full

        monthly fee. All members requested to be on auto pay through their bank accounts and not

        pay by check.


BIG Day of Giving

        -Final amount $12,500.

        -Hand written letters to contributors discussed

        -Discussed the appropriateness of publishing donors

        -Food Bank donations discussed for some of BIG DOG proceeds.


        -Sign ups so far, 130 Masters, 25 USA swimmers Had 300 swimmers last year, expect 250 this


        -T shirts, mugs, caps purchased. Ink Monkey as sponsor.

        -Water level same as last year

        -T shirts with standard sunburst design.


        -Ordered, to be delivered approx. 6 weeks. Will be installed by DAM, consult with Samantha


50 Meter Pool

        -Discussed city’s proposal for a new sports complex Northeast Davis, cost of 25 million, to be

        attached to roads and pool proposal

Next meeting June 10,  6:30.

Adjourned 8:15 PM