Stick Insects


By Dawn McMillan

We are learning to use inference to find the meaning of unknown words.


List 5 facts you found out from the text:

1.        Stick Insects preditors are birds,wasps,possums,

2.        Stick Insecks eat leaves

3.        Stick Insecks have 4 bode parts

4.        In New Zealand,ther are meny different kinds of Stick Insects

5.        Stick Insekts live in treesanbon plants

Fill in the missing words:

Birds, wasps, and possums eat stick insects, but stick Insecks, use camouflage to keep safe.  Camouflage means that Stick insects look like the plants that they live on.  That makes it hard for the birds, wasps and possums to find them.  

List 6 words to describe stick insects

 True of False


Look like a stick

  1. The Māori word for Stick Insect is rō.



2. A Stick Insect has 8 legs.


4 body parts antennae heaed thorax abdmen

3. Antennae are also called feelers.


stik with legs

4. Stick Insects eat birds, wasps and



meny kinds of stick

Insects in nz

5. A female adult Stick Insect is

called a nymph.


stick Insects spray sumthing from ther bottom

6. There are many different kinds of

Stick Insects in New Zealand.