Luke’s Go-KART


WALT make and justify inferences

Success Criteria:

  • I am beginning to link implicit information from the text to make an inference
  • I can use explicit language from the text to justify inferences
  • I can identify and describe what the author wanted me to feel, think about or see in the text

Comprehension Questions

  1. Why do the children look so excited and interested on page 4 and 5?

because Luke said he has his own go-cart and take it to school  

2.  What safety equipment did Luke’s dad bring to the School Fair?

      A steering wheel and the brake pedal NiNGA

     3.  What was the problem on pages 8 and 9?

     The problem is Luke dad’s arm shot up and then it didn’t start

     4. Why was Luke feeling so embarrassed on page 10?  

      Because he said what’s wrong with it.

     5.  Why does Luke beg his father to try again?  

      Because he want to try using other staffs

    6.  How does Luke feel on Page 14?

     Happy and excited because his dad has an idea

   7.  What do you think would have happened If the go-kart wasn’t able to be


   Luke will be very sad and other students will be sad too.

Make a list of machines you have at home that have a motor in them

Make a list of machines we have at school that have a motor in them