Last Week in English

Each week, a group of students will write a short recap of what we did during the week.

Week of 13 March- This week we finalized presentations and were to begin on Tuesday. But the technology demons had other ideas. Nothing worked. So students revised presentations and turned them in for Ms. Ekman to grade. The rest of the week was spent finishing the Individual Reflection paper. We also got a huge project that is due on May 26.

Week of 6 March- This week we focused on getting our presentations ready. On March 14 we will begin presenting. The Friday writing this week was about our choice books.

Week of 27 February- This week started off in the lab again finding more sources for the multimedia project. We also worked on reviewing proper MLA documentation for this project. Honors classes were also working on a literary essay which was due on Friday. This week’s Friday writing was about unplugging from technology, which can be very difficult in our modern society.

Week of 20 February- The week started with a day off for the students, while teachers had staff development training. Tuesday we were in the computer lab and learned how to use TouchCast for creating presentations. The Honors classes worked on an essay about diction in Homer’s Odyssey on Wednesday and Thursday. The Regular classes worked on adding more sources for the presentation to their shared document. Friday’s snow day cut the week short.

Everyone should have choice books finished by the end of this coming week.