The Fall of Rome: The Fallen Empire

The fields are pummeled with dead souls, waiting to be lifted to the deepest reaches of heaven, knowing that they did their job. As the battlefield lays cold with dark wine stained colored blood. The fall of Rome shall begin. The bodies, battle scarred and wounded. The greatest army of all time, the romans, take on the starving but vicious Goths. One by one, slowly but surely, the Romans shall fall to the floor, lifeless, limp, and dead. Fight, after fight, loss after, loss, the Romans shall not this time end up victorious. As they fought, the more that people would sought to win. As the Goths invade with heavy armor they slice their way to victory as well as making the empire burn to the ground. All the sweat and tears put into making the empire as successful as it was, only to be taken down and destroyed. As they fought, more the dead bodies will fall to the floor dead. As the tragedy was coming to an end, the result in the end was the Goth’s winning. As they feel joyous, taking over the empire, or what was at least left of it. They danced around the Romans helpless dead bodies.