Inquiring into Technology Learning Experience created by @MmeLayman (w/ feedback & tweeks from lots of people!)

Before Class

Teacher & Instructional Coach

During Class

Students, teacher, Instructional Coach

  1. What apps/programs have you used/do you know about for sharing information with others? (Complete at the beginning of 1st class period only)
  2. Identify student expertise for app/program.
  1. What do you think you know? (Visible Thinking routine) [Option for students to move to places in room based on their answer to the statement.]
  1. I have never seen a  ___ [Keynote].
  2. I have seen a ___ [Keynote].
  3. I have ___ [Keynote] on my device.
  4. I have opened  ___ [Keynote].
  5. I have used  ___ [Keynote].
  6. I have created a project us ing ____ [Keynote].
  7. I can teach my classmates how to use ___ [Keynote].
  8. I can teach ____ [a known expert] how to use ___.
  1. Who are our experts?
  1. Based on the above activity, identify the varying levels of expertise in the classroom. Optional: group students based on expertise levels.
  1. All students explore the app/program - make a list of things they are able to do. Students should explore at their level (i.e. if they are experts, they should list the most advanced tasks they able to do).
  2. Students compare their lists (discussion in partners) and teach each other when there are gaps (utilize student experts).
  3. What questions or puzzles do you have? What is still confusing? (Visible Thinking routine)
  4. Experts and teacher answer questions to bridge gaps between what students can do and what they need to be able to do (as determined before class).
  5. Student creation (based on prompt) time.
  6. [Review CARP] Reflect - how have I incorporated CARP into my creation?
  1. If students have not been introduced to CARP, consider using the senses to guide feedback. What do I see, hear, feel?
  1. Identify CARP in each other's’ work - stars and wishes. [Or what do I see, hear, feel?]
  2. Exit slip: How can/will you explore further? (Visible Thinking routine)

Example slide deck for Keynote (click here to copy to your own Drive)

Example slide deck for iMovie (click here to copy to your own Drive)

Inquiring into Technology Learning Experience created by @MmeLayman (w/ feedback & tweeks from lots of people!)