Links for East Middle Staff, including all links found in the Staff/Student Links drop-down menu:

  1. Home Base Apps 
  2. PowerSchool Learning (formerly Haiku) 
  3. EdPlan 
  4. Clever 
  5. Discovery Ed 
  6. K-3 Formative Assessment 
  7. Office365 
  8. E-Docs
  9. Travel Tracker 
  10. Print Shop Orders 
  11. Program Moves 
  12. Employee Accounts Guide 
  13. Staff PD
  14. Destiny
  15. IT Portal
  16. Main/Tech Tickets 
  17. Send your pictures to the Publicity Committee This link opens a folder into which you can drop picture files for the Publicity Committee. The committee will sort the pictures into sub-folders of the Publicity Pictures Folder, linked below.
  1. Publicity Pictures Folder  (All EFMS staff can view and make copies.)
  1. How to edit your webpage (after you have signed in to Schoolwires as Site Manager).

If there are other links that should be added, please email them to (Earl Anderson).