Quizlet...more than flashcards!

Quizlet is a great study tool that is extremely versatile!  Quizlet can be adapted to any subject/content area and has a variety of applications.  It’s informative, simple to create, easy to use, and fun for students. I love it! (christine.ceraolo@chardonschools.org)

Easy for the Teacher!

  1. Create an account….Quizlet.com!
  2. Create a study set...name it, enter the terms, enter the questions.
  3. Spice it up...add quizlet pictures.
  4. Save it...you can save your sets and edit accordingly, create folders to sort your sets.
  5. Share it...Google Classroom, Twitter, Facebook or embed it on your website.

Easy for Students!

  1. Study flashcards...shuffle, flip, repeat, sort, note the tough ones.
  2. Learn it....type in the answer to the definition on the screen.
  3. Spell it...type the word you hear.
  4. Test yourself...multiple choice, true/false, matching, written.
  5. Change it up...play timed games like “match” or “gravity” and try to beat your time or the best time of your classmates.

Make it Collaborative!

  1. Teacher selects “live” on the screen.
  2. Students go to Quizlet.live and enter the access code from teacher.
  3. Collaborative groups must work together to answer all twelve questions before the other groups.  (Incorrect answer takes team back to square one!)
  4. Quizlet must have 12 questions.
  5. Must have at least six participants to play.
  6. Benefits:
  1. No need to make new Quizlets...use the ones you’ve already made.
  2. Questions repeat until team can answer all twelve.
  3. Teacher can shuffle to teams with a click of the button.
  4. No limit to the number of participants.

Flip it!

  1. Have students create their own cards...share with others.
  2. Search Quizlets shared by other educators.

Quizlet is free, however a teacher upgrade is available for a cost.  Upgrade allows teacher to add audio and custom pictures, track student progress, and customize Quizlet.live.