Washburn University

Department of Education

The Reflective Educator

Master of Education Degree Program

High Incidence Special Education Elementary (K-6) Program of Study

(This program is for Washburn University graduates only.)


Prerequisites: The candidate must already hold an initial license in Elementary Education (K-6).


Core Courses: The following 6 semester hours are required:

_____ ED 665 -- Introduction to Educational Research (3 hrs)

_____ ED 668 -- Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3 hrs)

_________________________________________________________________________________________Area of Concentration:  A minimum of 30 semester hours to include  the following (electives or substitutions must be approved by the Graduate Program Advisor, the Department of Education’s Graduate Admission and Program Committee, and the Chair of the Department):

_____ SE 610 Learning and Behavior Problems (3)

_____ SE 635 Conferencing and Collaboration in Special Education (3)

_____ SE 660 Assessment (3)

_____ SE 657 Practicum II (3)

_____ SE 680 Resources of Families (3)

_____ RD 622 Readers at Risk (3)

_____ ED 680 Integrating Technology into the Curriculum (3)

_____ ED 697 Independent Study (3) – to include a practicum


Any two or more of the following (for a total of 6 or more credit hours) are also required. Consult your program advisor prior to enrollment.

_____ SE 663 Except Young Child (3)

_____ RD 616 Teaching Writing in Classrooms (3)

_____ RD 620 Assessment Procedures in Reading (3)

_____ RD 626 The Reading Specialist (3)

_____ RD 684 Reading in the Content Area (3)

_____ EA 686 School Law (3)

_____ ED 660 Advanced Educational Psychology (3)

_____ ED 680 Integrating Technology in the Curriculum (3)

_____ ED 696 Thesis (1-3)


This 36 hour program and completion of required Capstone Experience leads to a Master’s in Education. An added endorsement in High Incidence Special Education (K-6) requires successful completion of the State of Kansas content tests.


PROVISIONAL LICENSURE REQUIREMENTS: In order to renew a provisional license it will be necessary to complete at least one half (18 hours or more) of the 36 hour program. Once a candidate holds a provisional license they cannot convert to teach on a waiver if requirements are not met for provisional renewal.




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