Welcome to our first monthly round-up!  Here you will be able to find links to the most important discoveries made over the past month.  Once you've checked out all the information we've listed for you, you should be completely up-to-date with television and forum news - thanks to this little blue box!

Challenge was at it again, trying to edit-out all the innuendos on Takeshi's Castle - http://bkeshiheads.runboard.com/t3705

Possibly exciting progress on our research of the Takeshi pilot episode - http://bkeshiheads.runboard.com/t3173,offset=60

Finding TC episode 50 and getting episode 106 in better quality - http://bkeshiheads.runboard.com/t3632,offset=60#post350362

New show that promises to appeal to fans of Takeshi's Castle - http://bkeshiheads.runboard.com/t3702

New German gameshow "The Big Bounce" - http://bkeshiheads.runboard.com/t3708

Progress on our new KHTV show - http://bkeshiheads.runboard.com/t3680,offset=40

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