Hello, and welcome to a very exciting edition of the weekly roundup!  This feature needs no description because its name is a bit of a giveaway.

Keshi-head Brgr2022 made his return early in the month with an interesting proposal: a drive containing every episode of TC(T/I/V!) in history -

Another returning member, wi3zap, was able to discover episodes 53 and 54 of Takeshi's Castle, both great editions to our collection -

A new theory on the BGMs of 'Takeshi's Castle' was written, causing a bit of controversy -

A more acclaimed BGM-based topic was the 'BGM Repication Project', a thread in which BlueMantis posts his efforts to recreate the undiscovered tunes -

Also courtesy of Brgr2022, a new thread was made where forum members can name their favorite and last favorite "Parents & Kids" games from the show -

Longtime member Brekkie made the forum aware of another new CBS gameshow, 'Million Dollar Mile', which is set to come out soon -

Some older shows also had big months, such as American Ninja Warrior (, which began its National Finals episodes, and Ultimate Beastmaster (,offset=150#post353519), which released its third series on Netflix at the very end of the month!

Breaking off from all of our television-related news, new member BlueMantis started a new thread for members to discuss the strangest dreams they've had -

We also had a new member making a thread where people ask others questions to learn a bit more about them -

All in all, it's been a very exciting month show-wise and otherwise and we've even played some games!  To check out our "for fun" games, you can go right to our 'Everything Else' section and find the threads labeled as games. if you want to access our trivia games, simply go to your desired show's respective forum, and scroll down a bit!

Our overall member-count is now a smooth 444 - thanks to these three new joiners!:


-Lesigner Girl

-sour sushi