General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Business Services
  2. Upcoming
  1. VPUL
  2. CUD
  3. University Council Steering
  1. Trustee Meetings this week
  1. Committee on Student Life
  2. Stated Meeting of the Trustees
  1. Member of the Week
  2. New FAFSA Policy
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  2. Past University Council
  1. UA Report
  1. New Speaker
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Class Board 2020 Rerun
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Penn Labs Meeting Update
  2. Airport Shuttles
  3. Attendance Policy Clarification
  4. Bios on Website for New Members
  5. Lineages
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Feminine Products
  2. 360-Degree View of Rooms
  3. Division of Public Safety Publicity
  4. Meeting with Student Financial Services
  1. Discussion Paper
  1. Net Price Calculator
  1. Completion Reports
  1. GSR Appropriations
  2. Coffee-Cup Sleeves
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. XCAT System
  2. Revised Proposal for College-Wharton Minor
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Trash Cans in the Quad
  2. Backpack Policy in Van Pelt Library
  3. Meeting with the Penn Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Maintenance Request form on PennInTouch
  2. TV Channel Guides in Houston Hall
  1. Social Justice
  2. External Seats
  1. Residential Services Advisory Board
  2. Dining Services Advisory Board
  3. SHAB Update
  1. Communications


President’s Report

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Business Services

Cabinet met with administrators from Business Services, including Vice President Marie Witt, last week. We discussed the SEPTA student fare program, the 360 degree dorm preview project, reducing lost PennCard fees, allowing students on meal plans to convert unused meal swipes to dining dollars more frequently, accommodating students with severe food intolerances, expanding locations that take Dining Dollars, making “Meatless Mondays” in dining halls, and the UA Airport Shuttle program.

  1. Upcoming
  1. VPUL
  1. Cabinet is meeting with Vice Provost for University Life Val Cade this Wednesday.
  1. CUD
  1. The Council of Undergraduate Deans is meeting this Wednesday and will be discussing what costs students face as they take different courses at Penn and how some of these costs can be mitigated.
  1. University Council Steering
  1. University Council Steering is meeting on Wednesday at the same time as CUD. Sola will go to UC Steering.
  1. Trustee Meetings this week
  1. Committee on Student Life
  1. The Trustee Committee on Student Life is meeting this Thursday from 2:00-3:30 at the Inn at Penn. Students are welcome to come to the meeting as observers and should email Antoine Jones at ahead of time if they plan to come.
  1. Stated Meeting of the Trustees
  1. The Trustees are meeting this Friday from 11:30am-12:30pm at the Inn at Penn. Students are welcome to come to the meeting as observers and should email Antoine Jones at ahead of time if they plan to come.

  1. Member of the Week
  1. This week’s member of the week is….

  1. New FAFSA Policy
  1. Student Registration and Financial Services reached out to me asking if I would share the following fact sheet with students. The sheet explains the difference in FAFSA’s new policies and how those affect students’ financial aid application process at Penn.

SRFS Update JPEG.jpg


Vice-President’s Report

  1. Upcoming UA Steering
  1. Next UA Steering will be this Tuesday (October 18th) at 7:30PM in Steinberg Hall Room 107. Please note the location change! We will be having Chaz Howard (University Chaplain) and Stephen Kocher (Associate Chaplain). Please submit questions if you have any beforehand!

  1. Past University Council
  1. The first University Council took place last Wednesday (October 5th), where the Council met and discussed the plan for this academic year. Much of the meeting was focused on presentation and scheduling of focus issues and Council Committee Charges. There was also a discussion of the programs planned for the 2016-2017 academic theme year (The Year of Media). During New Business, UMOJA made a statement regarding police brutality and the need for the University to address this issue.

UA Report

  1. New Speaker
  1. The UA elected a new Speaker on Sunday, 10/16.

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Class Board 2020 Rerun
  1. The Fair Practices Code states that in the event of a UA or Class Board re-election, such as this year’s Class Board 2020 re-election, the candidates re-running will be reimbursed by the UA for the amount they spent solely in the re-election.  We are reimbursing these candidates from UA contingency for the total amount, $73.77.  We now currently have $10,066.23 left in contingency.

Secretary's Report

  1. Penn Labs Meeting Update
  1. Last Friday, we met with Penn Labs to address the main priorities for the semester. The administrators present were Rob Nelson, the Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning, and Jim Choate, the Executive Director of Technology Services. Penn Labs had been working on Pennvolvement, whose beta version launched over the summer. However, there were glitches that needed to be addressed and we were informed that those have been taken care of and it's ready to launch. However, there is still work to be done from the organizational side in terms of getting information. Some of the proposals that were brought up from their end that they will be looking into are trying to create a mobile app for Penn Ride, adding in a user side cart to Penn Course Review, looking for an outside company to consolidate qualitative information for PCR, creating a general Office Hour queue somewhere, and trying to figure out Events at Penn. If you have any project ideas that would require working with Penn Labs please let me know after.

  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. For Thanksgiving break, we will continue to provide Airport Shuttles for students who need to get to the airport. The only difference this year is that Penn Transit will be covering the cost of the service, so we will not have to worry about that. Coordinating and planning this requires the help of a few people so if you are interested in this, please let me know. We are currently looking to take about 2-3 people. Some of the responsibilities will be communicating with Penn Transit, advertising and posters, and getting members to sign up for their shifts.

  1. Attendance Policy Clarification
  1. All absences are considered the same and are not excused unless that absence causes a UA member to exceed the absence limit, which would cause that member's removal. This semester, there are 12 GBMs and 15 committee meetings (including Airport Shuttles shifts and the retreat). UA members cannot miss over 35% of the 12 GBMs (4.2) or 25% of the 15 committee meetings (3.75). If you miss 4 GBMs for any reason including religious, those won't be excused because they are part of your "allowable" absences. If you miss a 5th GBM for a religious or medical reason, then you would apply to Exec for an exemption to the absence rule (you would apply for that to count as an excused absence). Exec would then evaluate the legitimacy of your exemption request and present our decision to the UA Body. If the UA Body feels that Exec has granted an excused absence unfairly, they can overturn that exemption and the member in question would go through the removal process.

  1. Bios for Website for New Members
  1. So yesterday, you should have all received an email describing the format of a bio that will go on the member section of the website. Please get this to me so I can update the website, and let me know if you have any questions.

  1. Lineages
  1. This year we will be re-introducing lineages to the UA. We truly believe that this is a great way to get to know people that you might not normally hang out with. In terms of structures, we will be prioritizing freshman and put at least one member of Cabinet with them. The New Student Representatives were sent an email asking them for their three preferences and we have received the responses. We are currently in the process of working on the lineages, but they will be finalized after we get our two new members from the special election.

Student Life

Project Updates

Feminine Products

Authored by: Lawrence Perry

This week I met with Thomas McDonald, Operations Manager of Penn Hospitality Services. He manages the vending machines on campus. I spoke to him about getting feminine products in all residential halls. Currently, the only college house with a vending machine that has feminine products, namely tampons, is Harnwell College House. This is due to the insistence by the former House Dean Dr. Suhnne Ahn. Tom has agreed to ask Vengo to add feminine products to their current product line-up.  Tom has also agreed to keep me updated on progress. However, the caveat with Vengo is that the machines only have six slots, which are up to the discretion of Vengo, based upon volume of sales. Besides the Vengo, Penn has a contract with Canteen to furnish all other vending machines. Canteen currently has two types of vending machines in college houses, food based vending machines, and convenience based vending machines. Canteen would have the space for the both pads and tampons. I have proposed we explore both Vengo and Canteen options. Next step is to approach CHAS about seeing if college house cafés would be a willing partner to provide feminine products, if vending machines prove not to be viable.

360-Degree View of Rooms

Authored by: Michael Krone

I brought the idea of the Virtual Tour of rooms to the Residential Services Advisory Board meeting, as well as to Cabinet’s meeting with Business Services. Both groups agreed that this was a good avenue to pursue, but raised some questions as to the process by which it should be achieved. I am currently waiting to hear back from the housing/residential services departments at Temple and Drexel Universities, which are the models that this project seeks to emulate, regarding their processes. I am reaching out to Stouffer College House administration to see how they proceeded with their existing model. Some questions for discussion on this project are:


1.     Would students be able to take the room pictures themselves if provided equipment/instructions?

a.     How could students be incentivized to participate?

2.     How could we display the Quad where all of the rooms are unique?

3.     What platform or website should this feature be listed on?

4.     Should rooms be empty or fully decorated?

Division of Public Safety Publicity

Authored by: Michael Krone     


Earlier this semester, I reached out to groups from UA Steering to gauge interest in doing a photoshoot with officers from the Penn Walk program and with vehicles from Penn Ride. I received interest from UA, SCUE, MERT, AIS, and CSSP. This Wednesday, we had the first set of photos taken, with help from Stacy Ritchie from DPS and Barbara Lea-Kruger from Business Services. Thank you to members of UA who were able to come out, and to members of MERT who came for their shoot as well. I am going to reach back out to SCUE and AIS to try to schedule a time for next week, and then work with DPS Communications to turn the photos into posters to hang in College Houses and Academic Buildings. If you have additional recommendations for clubs to reach out to, please let me know.

Meeting with Student Financial Services

Authored by: Samantha Shea


Over Fall Break, I met with Elaine Varas, the Director of Financial Aid, and Karen Hamilton, the Communications Director of SRFS, to discuss numerous Financial Aid questions and policies.

  1. Outside Scholarship Policy- As it currently stands, any student that is awarded an outside scholarship (any scholarship from a source not tied to Penn sources), Work Study is deducted from first, then Student Expected Savings, then loans, then Penn Grant, with your parents contribution not being touched.
  1. Example: You receive $10,000 from XYZ Educational Trust. You have a Financial Aid package consisting of $1,000 in Work Study, $2,500 in Expected Savings, $0 in Loans, $20,000 in Penn Grant, and $20,000 in Parent/Family Contribution.
  2. When the $10,000 scholarship is taken into account, your Package will go to $0 in Work Study, $0 in Expected Student Savings, $0 in Loans, $13,500 in Penn Grant, and $20,000 in Parent/Family Contribution.
  3. This no longer lets you work for a work study job, but it does decrease your bill by the $2,500 in the Student Expected Savings.
  4. Note: these are made up numbers and in no way reflect an accurate Financial Aid package except the process in which the funds are deducted.
  1. Possible advancements on Financial Aid for students that want to move off campus-This is a very complicated problem. The main problem is that a lot of first time students moving off campus need to be able to write a check for the first month’s rent and a security deposit before July 1st. July 1st is the start of the new fiscal year for Penn, and that is the very first day funds could possibly be released for students. SFS understands why students want to move off campus, mostly because it is cheaper, but one must remember you are trading one budget for another.
  1. On campus budget: Room & Board and a dining plan.
  2. Off campus budget: Rent, utilities, food, transportation to and from campus
  1. Emergency Funds- SFS does have emergency funds. These are used for students in dire situations, for example if a student does not have money for food. If a student does not have enough money for food, it triggers an immediate re-evaluation of their financial aid package. Emergency funds can also be used for students who run into unexpected situations when abroad, or when they are robbed.
  1. SFS has been increasing their communication with different departments across campus (VPUL, SAS/SEAS/NURS/W Advisors, SHS, etc) in order to better help those students that are in need of emergency funds.

Discussion Papers

Net Price Calculator

Authored by: Samantha Shea

Background: The Net Price Financial Aid Calculator is a tool to be used by US citizens and permanent residents , and primarily prospective students, to help estimate how much it will cost the student to attend the school the next year. Almost all colleges and universities (if not all) have net price calculators, including Penn.

Below are Penn’s Net Price Calculator Questions:

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.18.11 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.18.17 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.18.04 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.18.23 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 9.18.28 PM.png

For those of you that have ever used the Net Price Calculator, you most likely found it confusing and inaccurate, hence “Keep in mind that the calculator is limited in recognizing all facets of your family's financial situation in the same way Penn will do once you actually apply. Therefore, families with more complex situations such as divorce/separation, self-employment, business ownership, and unusual circumstances will not likely receive realistic results.

The estimate provided does not represent a final determination, or actual award, of financial assistance” from Penn’s own calculator.

SFS wants to change the calculator and make it more accurate for those students that use it, and may even factor into the number they receive at the end when making a decision about where to go to school.


  1. How can Penn make this more comprehensive?
  2. What questions should SFS add to the calculator?
  3. How do we keep it simple yet comprehensive?

Completion Reports

GSR Appropriations

Authored by: Stephanie Aliaga

Until the beginning of this academic year, students had the ability to appropriate (take over) a Huntsman GSR if the person who had the GSR reserved did not show up to claim the room 10 minutes after the start of their reservation. Not being able to appropriate GSRs disrupted the Wharton study room complex of and created confusion over who had claims to rooms in different circumstances. The issue was resolved within the first few weeks of school by Wharton Operations and students can now appropriate GSRs in time for midterms.

Coffee Cup Sleeves

Authored by: Max Grove

The original goal of this project was to have coffee cup sleeves placed in all dining halls so students are able to carry hot to-go cups without burning their hands. I emailed Stephen Scardina, the manager of Dining Halls through Cafe Bon Appetit, who said this was a feasible and good idea to implement. He reported that the sleeves will be made available in the upcoming week.

Academic Initiatives

Project Updates

XCAT Project Update

Authored by: Taylor Becker

On Monday I met with Gary Purpura, Associate Director of Academic Advising and Assistant Dean for Advising. We discussed my XCAT project and how we can go about improving it. We discussed some key background information, such as the fact that XCAT was originally created by and for SAS, but was expanded to all the other schools. This explains some of the limitations of the system, given it was only created for one school. He confirmed that the system will be updated with NGSS, and we also identified some ways that we can improve the process in the meantime.

Firstly, he mentioned that while XCAT requests do send notifications for faculty approval, that these notifications can be turned off. This means that many requests can pile up before a faculty logs into check. One potential solution we discussed in AI committee is potentially changing this notification setting so that you can never turn it completely off, but the minimum could be set to 1-2 weeks.

I want to address the fact that faculty are not accountable or asked to finish these requests within any certain time frame. However, there is a problem of enforcement. Who is going to stay on top of all of the many departments to make sure they approve the requests in time? What would happen if they didn't approve them? The answer is, there is no way we can create a policy that forces faculty to do this. So one solution may be to individually reach out and meet with all of the "worst offenders" and ask the department heads to create an internal timeline with which they will review XCAT requests.

Finally, we discussed the way that we can set and communicate expectations for students. Obviously knowing what units you have is crucial for selecting your class schedule, knowing when you will graduate, etc. Hopefully, we can mitigate some of the anxiety that comes with this by helping students understand the process and the timeline. Some ways we can do this is to create a guide for transfer students, and for study abroad students. These will be distributed to the Transfer Student Organization, as well as study abroad groups. In addition, Dr. Purpura indicated that when we create a guide, he will ensure that it will be included to all SAS transfers (and hopefully we can get this sent to all transfers and study abroad students, regardless of school.)

Revised Proposal for College-Wharton Minor

Authored by: Naomi Kadish Nile Nwogu


Last year, I began to work on a general business minor in order to give students in the college another option for a quantitative applied business background. The body passed a resolution to continue to work on giving students in the college an opportunity to demonstrate their interest and expertise in business acumen. After discussion with Rob Nelson, the Executive Director for Education and Academic Planning, I learned that the minor would be more successful through an inter-disciplinary approach -- something more Penn than a general business minor.


Nile joined the project this semester in order to bring a Wharton perspective. He added that is important to understand the academic culture at Wharton. Since Wharton students earn a B.S. in Economics rather than a Bachelor's of Business Administration like students at NYU Stern, Umich Ross, or Georgetown McDonough, a minor in "business" does not fit. Nile and I have drafted two potential interdisciplinary College-Wharton minors that would target students who have clear and expressed intentions in a technical background. Our goal was to look at unmet demand and act on realistic opportunities.

After looking into combinations for interdisciplinary minors, we believe that the demand for these types of programs has been sufficiently met (please correct us if you have an idea that has not been discussed). The lurking problem we discovered was that access to Wharton's Finance departments is not open. We have decided to a certificate in lieu of a full minor in order to attack the demand head on and open the program to all students at Penn. There are models for this type of certificate at Princeton and Northwestern. Students would have to apply to the certificate administered by the Finance department itself where they would take around 50 students per year.


Proposal: Certificate in Finance

Prerequisites: ECON 10 or ECON 001 & 002 and MATH 104/110, STAT 101/111

Core Requirements (2 CU’s): ACCT 101, FNCE 100

Upper Level Finance (2 CU’s): Electives that will be approved by the department

Nile has met with Rob Nelson, Executive Director for Academic Affairs, who is supportive of the new direction of the project. Our next steps include working with the Wharton Dean's Advisory Board and Wharton Vice Dean Lori Rosenkopf to gauge feasibility and fine tune design.

Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Project Updates

Trash Cans in the Quad

Authored by: Elena Hoffman

This past Wednesday, I met with Damesa Bennett, the Quad Building Administrator to discuss why there are no trash cans along the buildings inside the Quad, which has become a recent concern for its residents. Mr. Bennett explained that there were four primary reasons why this was the case: (1) Policing the garbage would become an issue. The Quad guards would not have the capability to ensure that the trash cans were not constantly overflowing; (2) Visibility. Overflowing trash cans would be a repugnant sight for visitors and admissions tours; (3) Pest-management. There is a big emphasis on enforcing a pest-free environment within the Quad, and the trash would case rodents to come out; and (4) Potential fires from trash cans (which has happened before when people have thrown away cigarettes). Even though Mr. Bennett understood the added benefits of placing trash cans in the Quad, he made it clear that the negatives outweighed the positives in this situation, and that trash cans will not be added.

Therefore, we moved on to Plan B; figuring out what we could do instead. We came up with three potential action items: (1) Mr. Bennett said he would reopen the discussion of adding trash cans to the Quad with his team. He mentioned that he was unaware this had become a recent concern on behalf of the students, and that he would bring it to the discussion table for that mere reason; (2) Coming up with a list of lounges and libraries in the Quad that have trash cans. This would be a short term project, and Mr. Bennett said he would send me the full list as soon as possible. The UA’s task would then be to convert this information into a presentable handout that we would email to Quad RA/GA’s. The RA/GA’s would then print them out and distribute the flyers to everyone in their hall; and (3) Adding signs to indicate trash rooms. There are currently three trash rooms in the Quad, but their locations are not marked from the outside, making them difficult to find if one does not where they are located. Mr. Bennett mentioned he would propose a long term project which would result in brick signage that would clearly mark where the trash rooms are. This would be useful for visitors who need to find somewhere to throw away their trash when leaving the Quad.

Backpack Policy in Van Pelt Library

Authored by: Elena Hoffman and Kyle O’Neil

There is currently a loosely enforced policy that mandates people exiting Van Pelt Library show their open backpacks to security guards to prove they are not removing books from the library. I emailed Sal Caputo, the Manager of Library Facilities in the Business and Services Department of Van Pelt Library, saying that the rule should either be better enforced so as to not make it appear trivial and unnecessarily inconvenient, or removed altogether, which would be the ideal solution for the majority of students. While speaking to Mr. Caputo on the phone, he explained that the reason the policy will never be removed is because it would require a policy change that would have to go through high levels of administration. He also mentioned that many other universities and public libraries have similar bag check policies. Expanding on this, Mr. Caputo admitted he is actually in the process of writing a stricter policy on how bags need to be checked. Starting November 1st, all students will be stopped when exiting Van Pelt so that the guard can fully and properly check their bag. Additionally, Mr. Caputo informed me he is going to write  a training curriculum that he will pass onto Van Pelt security guards at a training later this month. He told me that when he finished writing the official stricter backpack check policy and training curriculum, he would share both with me to get a better student perspective on the content, and I was also told I’d be invited to the training. Lastly, Mr. Caputo asked that I get the word out to the student body that stricter bag checks will begin the first Monday following November 1st.

Meeting with the Penn Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

On Wednesday, October 5th, I met with Joseph Haughey (Director, Business Development for Penn Recreation), Angel Prinos (Senior Associate Athletic Director - Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics), and Hikaru Kozuma (Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs) to talk about open spaces on campus in athletics. Among the topics we discussed were the current SCC moratorium, the structure and revenue generation of the division, Penn wellness, and the current price of Pottruck health classes.

Completion Reports

Maintenance Request form on PennInTouch

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

FRES will be adding a link to the maintenance request form for College House residents on November 11th. This update stems from the UA Cabinet meeting with FRES earlier this semester, where we asked them to help streamline the user-end of maintenance requests.

TV Channel Guides in Houston Hall

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Tony Klaumenzer (VPUL Facilities) posted channel guides near the televisions that can be operated by the public over Fall Break. The channels can be changed on the side of the televisions.

Social Justice

External Seats

Residential Services Advisory Board

Authored by: Lawrence Perry

Last week RSAB met and discussed summer renovations to college houses, as well  the topics they will be pursuing for the year. The board decided on the following projects: UA’s 360 room view, working with FRES to simplify the maintenance request system, recommending a pricing structure for temporary cards as college houses move to Salto locks, as well as working to develop a recommendation guide for students needing religious accommodation during room selection. The next meeting will focus on how to increase retention in the College Houses.

Dining Services Advisory Board

Authored by: Lawrence Perry

I met with Pam Lampitt and Penn Dining and Dining Advisory Board.  The administrators welcomed UA’s Meatless Monday idea as a lunch option at all residential dining locations. However, administrators made it clear that Meatless Monday must be clearly marketed as a UA initiative. Penn Dining made it clear that the UA and student groups must lead to insure viability. Christopher Smith, Bon Appetit Campus Executive Chef is working with Executive Chefs at all residential dining halls to develop sample menus. Recommendations from administration included reaching out to their schools to see how this is implemented there (I imagine this was done in a discussion paper) and partnering with student groups such as Penn Vegan Society, Muslim Students Association, HJA, student athletes, etc.  The administration also proposed a change to the swipe-out hunger program at the end of fall semester. Rather than proceeds going to Philabundance, in the fall, donated swipes would be collected and redistributed based upon need (similar to Columbia’s Emergency Meal Fund). Penn Dining is working with SFS to pilot this program. Penn Dining launched Tapingo, an app that allows students to order meals for pick-up in advance. Tapingo accepts Dining Dollars, Debit and Credit. Delivery through Tapingo will be rolled out soon.  Penn Food Week begins next week.

SHAB Update

Authored by: Michael Krone

Student Health and Campus Health are providing flu shots in Houston Hall (Bodek) from October 25-27. Shots are $25 and are covered under the Penn Student Insurance Plan. We reviewed the marketing for the clinics and went over how to promote them now that there are three continuous days. Giang Nguyen, Executive Director of SHS, informed us about demographic questions being added to the patient satisfaction survey in order to figure out how different demographics experience SHS. We also discussed a poster campaign to enforce Penn as a tobacco-free campus, which should be launching in the next few months.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  1. Krone- Apparel - we will be getting quarter zips. Please fill out the form. Let me know if you have any questions
  2. Jason- I am currently making a graphic resource for websites that are most commonly used. Please fill out the internal survey that i will send out
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Business Services
  1. Their main aspects of Business Services are Transit, Housing, and Dining. Kyle mostly led the discussion. If you want elaboration on anything that is listed, please let me know.
  1. Lawrence- I sat in on DAB- what was the UA’s proposal on meal swipes?
  1. Kat- The idea that was most students use up dining dollars but not meal swipes. In the past you can do it once a semester. There is interest to increase flexibility. Maybe an we do this 2x or 3x a semester.
  1. Jordan- Can you elaborate on airport shuttles?
  1. In the winter, people leave at various intervals so its not possible. Before there was no uber so getting to the airport was an issue. Then, other services were made and getting to the airport was not a big problem. The cost of the shuttles became a problem, but we found out that Business Services will be paying for it this year. Jay will go into more details of this in his report.
  1. Upcoming
  1. VPUL
  1. Meeting with them on Wednesday. Maybe talking about club recruitment form SL
  1. CUD
  1. It meets once a month. There are 4 main topics: Course costs, half credit courses, single mental leave, policy regarding missed classes. This month’s meeting is focused on course costs. We will discuss what we have seen and what students have to say.. Link through a survey that was made by SCUE. The results look good.
  1. University Council Steering
  1. It will take place this Wednesday and Sola will be leading it.
  1. Tunmise- How does it work of bringing up topics?
  1. Kat-It is off the record
  2. Sola- we can meet separately to discuss concerns
  1. Trustee Meetings this week
  1. Committee on Student Life
  1. I sit on it and it will take place 2:00-3:30 at the Inn at Penn. Anyone can sit on it but you have to tell them in advance
  1. Stated Meeting of the Trustees
  1. You can come to this as well as observers but please email them in advance so they know how many to expect.
  1. Member of the Week
  1. Lawrence!
  1. New FAFSA Policy
  1. There will be a lot more communication on this coming up from SRFS. Look at the fact sheet regarding new policies. It's important to keep this in mind. Let me know if you have any questions.
  1. Krone- Can you just send me to post?
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UA Steering
  1. We will be having Chaz Howard from the Chaplains office for Steering this Tuesday. If you have any questions please submit them to me beforehand
  1. Past University Council
  1. UC met last Wednesday and much of the meeting was focused on focus issues and Council Committee Charges. We discussed the plan for this year. Theme for next year which is media. Next one is in 2 or 3 weeks. This wed i will meet with them
  1. UA Report
  1. New Speaker
  1. Riad Hamade
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Class Board 2020 Rerun
  1. Since  Class Board 2020 presidential candidates were forced to re-run, we had to reimburse them. The total was $73.77 which came out of contingency and brings our contingency to $10,066.23 left in contingency.
  1. Secretary’s Report
  1. Penn Labs Meeting Update
  1. Last Friday we met with Penn Labs. Rob Nelson and Jim Choate were present. They had been working on Pennvolvement, which launched over the summer. It had things that needed to be addressed and it is now ready to launch with the fixes. Listed in the report are some of the proposals that were mentioned and things that they will be working on.
  1. Aren- Did they mention what was wrong with it?
  1. They did not mention the specifications
  1. Aren- Did they talk about data migration?
  1. That was not brought up
  1. Jason- Can you please explain Pennvolvement?
  1. Aren- It is a tool designed to engage students with the community. It will serves as a resources for students and organizations to go to if they want to get involved.
  1. Krone- Was there a timeline for the Penn Ride app?
  1. It was just an idea that they were thinking up but currently there is no timeline on it.
  1. Airport Shuttles
  1. We will continue to provide airport shuttles over Thanksgiving break. Please let me know if you are interested in helping out.
  1. Krone- What is the policy on attendance for those that might not know?
  1. Jay- So the airport shuttle shift counts as 1 committee meeting attendance. .5 is for the shift itself. The other .5 is for advertising shift.
  1. Attendance Policy Clarification
  1. Please look at the report. There are 12 GBMs and members are allowed to miss a maximum of 35% which is 4.2 absences. There are 15 committee meetings including airport shuttles and retreat and members are allowed to miss 25% of them which is 3.75 absences. There is no such thing as an excused absence. An absence that is religious and/or medical that causes you to go over the maximum absences will not trigger the process of removal.
  1. Bios on Website for New Members
  1. I sent the email out to new members. Please get them to me as soon as you can. Let me know if you have any questions.
  1. Lineages
  1. We will be re-introducing these this year. I think this is a great way to meet people that you normally would not meet.
  1. Student Life
  1. Project Updates
  1. Feminine Products
  1. Penn Dems did a tampon event. This is something that I feel is a problem. I looked on the campus in vending machines. Harnwell had this because the previous house dean had requested it. Spoke to Tom about asking Vengo to add their products. Its up to Vengo to decide what goes into the 6 slots that are there. I will also reach out to Rich loroccha. I was thinking of having them put into the cafes. I would appreciate any ideas and help that you need
  1. Taylor- Other university have moved to free of charge do you know how?
  1. Lawrence-I looked at Brown and they have done it from their student government and the burden is on them
  1. Natasha- having the RA/GA have them?
  1. Lawrence-I-They are not always available and not that many people are comfortable with them
  1. Tunmise- It might be useful to look into how they provide the condoms in the college houses. If you need to push pressure, let me know. I would love to help
  1. Lawrence-I know that SHS provides the college houses with these. 1st step getting it in the college houses.
  1. Brian- would you be opposed to first having them in their office?
  1. Lawrence- I think we have to try to get them in the college houses.
  1. Krone- Tell Ian or me because we sit on the Student Health Advisory Board we can bring it up there.
  2. Taylor- last time I was at SHS, you can get condoms there and there were signs there.
  3. Jordan- In college houses, do you know what cost they will be offered at? Subsidized?
  1. Harnwell charges a $1. Goal is to get them in the college houses and then go to SHS for subsidization
  1. Will-Brown? How have they done it?
  1. Brown put it in all the bathrooms. It was the burden on the UA.
  1. 360-Degree View of Rooms
  1. I met with RSAB and also at the Business services meeting and agree that this is a good idea. I emailed Temple and am trying to get information from there. I am trying to get into contact with Drexel. This could also be something that Penn Labs could work on. I am at a standstill as to how to continue with this process. They like the idea though.
  1. Elena- Will there be a way for a rep on UA or a separate a committee. Maybe there can be someone who goes to every room and takes pictures of them.
  1. Krone- I think we should crowd source through social media. And provide incentives through business services. Someone from Business Services would go in and take the pictures.
  1. Max- There are only singles, doubles, triples. Every single is the same aside for the size of it. I think it should be upto the individual college houses website. You can also reach out to house deans for more information as to which rooms to
  1. Krone- That is currently where Stouffer college house has their. In house or inter house room selection. At business services, they were thinking more sort of small, medium, large rooms.
  1. Kat- I think this is a good idea. Students should not have to do this. There are professionals. Maybe have small, medium, large and have a disclaimer that all rooms might not match this. I think it should be on campus express. Fully decorated is good.
  1. Krone-I don't think they would be willing to go out and spend the money for 3rd party. I think campus express would be a good idea. I think it would also be good to have it in the portal when you are selecting rooms.
  1. Jordan- They have student workers. Maybe you can get help from them. There is a site with amenities but it is not helpful. It might be helpful to know that there was a closet/wardrobe.
  2. Natasha- I think you get the room key before campus express. I think it would be better to do it at the end of this year. I don't know if small, medium, large is the best representation.
  1. Krone-It would be for the high rises as well. The new college house has this. The will prioritize 4 year college house. Then work on the other houses.
  1. Simon- Maybe have a pop-up that comes up when you click on the assignment.
  1. Krone-Before they paid student workers to go and measure out the rooms
  1. Division of Public Safety Publicity
  1. Krone- Earlier i met with DPS. We worked on getting photo-shoot. Mert went after. I reached out to CSSP. I also reached out to SCUE and AIS. We will try to make this into a poster series and hang them in the College Houses.
  1. Sola- AIS was discussing what time.
  1. Meeting with Student Financial Services
  1. Sam- Outside scholarship- information is in the report. They are in the process of changing it because a lot of students are upset. Hopefully by next year they will be changing their policy. Advancement for financial aid for off campus housing: Penn’s fiscal year doesn't begin until july 1st when we have to make a decision for housing before that. They are looking at whether they can coordinate with landlords. This does not look possible for those looking to move off campus. But with that said, there is still aid for those wanted to move off campus. There is an emergency fund: for example if a student does not have money for food, it triggers a reevaluation of the students aid.
  1. Lawrence- How does the outside scholarship work?
  1. Sam-First it goes towards work study because it will help the students since they could focus on academics more. They feel that parents did not earn that scholarship. If they take away from the penn grant they can help more students.
  1. Jay- Was the financial aid with student insurance mentioned?
  1. Sam- Can you send me an email to remind me. I will bring it up.
  1. Discussion Paper
  1. Net Price Calculator
  1. Sam: This is what SFS brought to me to bring to you. The net price calculator is a tool used by U.S. citizens to kind of ballpark their expected payment to the university. Important for prospective students. In my experience this tool is horrible, which SRFS understands. The screenshots are the questions the calculator asks you to fill out. You can see that they are not comprehensive. I have 3 questions.. Main is how do we keep it simple?
  1. Lawrence- I think an example of what the question means might be helpful
  1. Sam-I will look into that
  1. Jordan - Is there a successful one?
  1. Not really. Every school is different so its hard to define successful
  1. Krone- how long have they been doing it?
  1. College board it the main company. If anything changes it would have to go through them
  1. Taylor- I thought this was used not to give you a ballpark range not exactlly an precise estimate
  1. Sam- It is somewhat true. But there are many factors at play. If you have investment properties, you don't know whether to include them which impacts the estimate.
  1. Brian - People in SFS know the process. Used past examples do that.
  2. Jay-I used it and it was accurate. I think the issue is not with the calculator but with people’s understanding of the calculator. Not enough eople understand what the question is actually asking for or what to include.
  3. Kat- We have so much data. I think that we should do something like a 90% confidence interval. Create a tool that doesn't give you an exact answer but rather a range.
  4. Max- There is a place on penn website that has a bracket of incomes and the estimate price. Have the options for students just to take a look at these or do a more precise one with the interval.
  5. Michael- I think they can provide worksheets. I would try to make the format as welcoming as possible.
  6. Lawrence- One way to make it easier would be to import W2 forms
  7. Natasha-  Screenshot of the tax form would be helpful, which circles/highlights as to where to look on the form
  8. Riad- Kat you wanted to develop data from schools. Please explain
  1. Kat-They would take data from students and making a vector chart for that. Then they would be able to provide an estimate based on past data from students.
  1. Simon- Many parents don't want to give students information. If there is something for parents that would make it easier for them that would be helpful.
  2. Elena- It might be important to identify as to what is missing?
  1. Sam- That is something we are trying to answer. If anyone has personal experience please let me know.
  1. Kat- It’s very  important to keep into mind what students can answer and what they can't
  2. Natasha- making it more clear
  3. Elena- I personally used this calculator. I received a better package than what the calculator said. My situation was unique and I think everything can’t be quantitative.

  1. Completion Reports
  1. GSR Appropriations
  1. In the beginning of the year, there was no appropriations of GSR. Students can now appropriate GSRs for midterms
  1. Coffee-Cup Sleeves
  1. There are now coffee cup sleeves
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. XCAT System
  1. Taylor-I met with Gary Purpura, who said that XCAT will be improved with NGSS. However, in the meantime there are things that could be done. For students it will be setting expectations like creating a guide. Once we make the guide, he will send that out to all SAS new students. We will then extend this to other schools. There is no enforcement mechanism for faculty. I was thinking of meeting with 10 worst offenders and having them
  1. Jordan- what is XCAT
  1. Taylor Its the external credit approval tool. You can see what credit penn will take from other schools.
  1. Riad- I think this is a great project. There are a lot of differences between departments.
  1. Taylor-There is a notification system for faculty and they can shut it off.
  1. Riad - a lot of time they did not want to approve because they want to make money and have you take more courses at Penn
  2. Kyle- Did you meet with rob nelson about this
  1. No not yet.
  1. Revised Proposal for College-Wharton Minor
  1. We had a discussion paper on this before. There was a lot of demand for access to the finance department. This year Wharton is going under a curriculum review. Initially our goal was to target humanities students. We wanted to cap the program and it was unpopular. We are proposing a certificate in finance. The classes are listed there. This is done Northwestern and Princeton. Northwestern takes about 50 students in their program so we could something similar because we are close in size. Since finance dept knows well, they can lead the applications. Rob nelson fully supports for this. The next step is to work with the dean
  1. Sam- have you guys talked to the finance department.
  1. Nile-No we have not but that is the next step
  1. Krone- I think this is much more feasible at this point. Can people apply at anytime?
  1. Nile- More many programs you apply at the end of your freshman year. For econ they can get recognition
  1. Taylor- Why cap it at 50?
  1. Nile-There is going to be a lot of demand. 50 was just an example
  1. Max- i don't know why there would be a cap for this program
  1. Nile-There are many students that take the requisites. You would be given priority for the classes that you need
  1. Aren- Students can take all the classes but no recognition?
  1. Nile-That happens right now too with many minors. It is needed just for more organization
  2. Aren- in the engineeringing entrepreneurship, you take some form wharton and law school. I think people should be able to get recognized and that there should not be a cap.
  1. Nile- I think we have exhausted possibilities right now. For entrepreneurship there are a lot of problems because most students can't get into the wharton pre reqs needed for upper level wharton classes. That is the main problem.
  1. Kat- There should be more supply. I do believe that if student do the work, they should get recognized. Wharton should fix the demand issue. I think in the meantime, application based makes most sense. Econ 103 is the same as statistics and I think that should be added in
  1. Nile-I agree
  1. Sam- for accounting, finance… there are already 6-7 classes that are run. The other alternative is to have 200 people in the room. It is just not possible.
  1. Nile- it's important for the vice dean to keep the sae student faculty ratio

  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Trash Cans in the Quad
  1. Elena- Students feel that there should be more trash cans along the wall on the outside. I met with Damesa Bennett. They had four main points. 1. Policing the cans would be a problem. Guards would not be able to check them constantly 2. Visibility - we have a lot of tours and that is not very pretty. 3. Pest management- rodents. 4. There could be potential fires coming from the trash cans. There was a time when there was fire. We can up with 3 action plans. 1. He will bring it up at facilities board meetings. 2. Coming up with a list of lounges that have trash cans. 3. Adding brick signage to see where they are and locate them.
  1. Tunmise- This sounds wild. How are the cans on other parts of campus more different?
  1. Elena- It might be because there is no other area that has this many people in one area
  2. Tunmise- There are trash cans
  3. Riad- he really stressed pest control. More cans would be more rat problems. Quad gets a lot of attention in terms of visitors and dont have the capacity to figure out the logistics.
  1. Jordan- I don't think there is a problem with number of cans, but that they are outside and not inside. Maybe having bigger cans indoors would help
  1. Elena- The rationale for having them outside is that he said that you will be leaving everyday for something so you will pass it. Adding it inside also leads to pest controls. He did hint at making a guide for students
  1. Krone- If you want to make a graphic please let me know and we can work on it via Comm
  1. Backpack Policy in Van Pelt Library
  1. There is a very loosely backpack policy. Emailed Sal Caputo to see the stance on the policy. He said that the policy would not be removed because it would have to go through upper administration. Other big libraries have other policies. He was in the process of writing a stricter policy already. Mr. Caputo said that he will share the updated policy and curriculum with me.
  1. Jordan- If this is so mandatory, why does it not happen at other places
  1. Elena-There are many more books there.
  1. Krone- Did he say that how they are going do this in an efficient way?
  1. Elena-Not really
  1. Lawrence- can they invest in better barcodes that can be removed? Or detectors?
  1. Elena-I think he was very adamant on this because it might be the most feasible way
  1. Natasha- was this like a serious problem before?
  1. Elena-Yes, they lose a lot of books every year.
  1. Jordan- I end class at 4:20 but have one that starts at 4:30.. There should be a way to speed up the process
  1. Elena-We are still in the process of figuring it out.
  1. Meeting with the Penn Division of Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics
  1. This year we have been working a lot with clubs to get space. Feel free to ask me details about this.
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Maintenance Request form on PennInTouch
  1. FRES said that they would be adding the link on Penn intouch
  1. Jay- I think its already there
  1. Krone- Yes it is
  1. TV Channel Guides in Houston Hall
  1. The channel guides are posted and you can change them if you like.
  1. Social Justice
  2. External Seats
  1. Residential Services Advisory Board
  1. They discussed what projects they will be looking at this year. In terms of incentives they said about $10-15 but it would have to be Penn related. They wanted to work with FRES to simplifying the process. Also in the process of installing Salto Locks.. You will still need a temporary card if you lose your Penncard. They will be figuring out a price. They are also looking into making a guide for students needing special accommodations for religious practices.. Next meeting will focus on
  1. Jay- Can you explain the locks in more detail?
  1. Lawrence-Right now they have to replace the keys. With Salto, they will never have to replace the lock but rather just deactivate your card.
  1. Natasha- $10 dining dollars? Elaborate?
  1. Lawrence-They can only provide payment that is penn related. They are in favor of it.
  1. Elena- At a certain point, i was not able to use my card to get in and had to use my keys.
  1.  Lawrence-They next one up is the high rises and then the quad
  1. Dining Services Advisory Board
  1. The main idea was the meatless monday but it would be from the UA marketing. They did not want it to seem as if they are doing it to cut costs. The campus exec chef will reach out to other chefs to try to come up. In terms of meal swipes, they were looking into more columbia’s emergency fund. Bon appetite will be showcasing the dining halls.
  1. Brian- Meatless mondays-will their be an option for other students?
  1. Lawrence-One of the partners is student athletes.
  1. Ian- would this apply to Houston? Doesn't SFS already have an emergency fund?
  1. Lawrence-It will not be at houston hall. Only at dining halls. Columbia's structure is that they would go into excess swipes first
  1. Sam- Hill had this when it was open. Swipes- SFSR did not bring up the swipes. I urge students not to bring up this Columbia’s structure. When students meal is gone, they go through reealuation of financial aid. I think we should still be helping out the community
  2. Elena- elaboration of columbia’s model?
  1. Lawrence-I don't have much information on this.
  2. Sam- i suppose that the extra swipes will go to the emergency fund for other students to use
  1. Ian- can you in the next meeting, tell them to go away with the Emergency plan?
  1. Lawrence-I will def bring this up.
  1. Sam- I will definitely email SFS to see where they are with this. They did not bring this up.
  2. Elena- I think the purpose should be improving convenience
  1. Lawrence-Now knowing the UA’s perspective that will be good
  1. Krone- Use tapingo!
  1. SHAB Update
  1. Get your flu shots!! They are $25 but are covered by Penn’s insurance plan and most other plans. Dr. Winn told us that there were going to be demographic questions that were being added to the satisfaction survey. Penns a tobacco free campus!
  1. Aren- Will they just ban smoking like one day?
  1. Krone-They are aiming at a culture campaign and showing that this is a tobacco free campus. Not strictly policy that is enforced.
  1. Riad- the Quad is that no smoking too?
  1. Krone-No smoking on campus
  1. Sam- I was part of this working group and it was shut down. It is an open campus and who is going to enforce it
  1. Krone-There is no way of enforcement. We can stop anyone from coming in. Now the only way you can enforce is having citizens politely ask someone to stop.
  1. Jason- There is no enforcement from Penn?
  1. Krone-Penn police will not come up and tell you to not smoke. They will put more signs though.
  1. Sam- will they take away more cigarette buds/poles?
  1. They will strategically see where garbage builds up. Having buds indirectly promotes smoking.
  1. Riad- I will be sending an email about Thursday 4-5. Transparency and accounting working group.
  1. Communications