DSCC eLearn Discussion Boards

The discussion board is where you will collaborate with other your instructor and classmates on various class topics. Students are encouraged to post questions and concerns related to the class on the discussion boards and help each other to enrich the online learning experience. It is also important to note that discussions are often counted as a participation grade and serve as a means of attendance verification so it is important that you participate.

  1. To view and post on a discussion board, sign into your online class and select the Communication link in the top navigation bar and then select discussion in the drop down menu.

Communication 1-2.PNG

  1. The Forums and Topics List will open. Some courses may only have a few topics while others may have many. To view and post on a discussion topic, select the title of the desired topic.

Discussions 2-3.PNG

  1. Some topics may only be open for posting for a specified period of time. Discussion topics with specific availability dates will show the availability dates listed directly below the topic.

Availability 3-4.PNG

  1. To read a discussion message, select the subject line.

Read a discussion 4-5.PNG

  1. To create a new discussion thread, select Start a New Thread.
  2. In the New Thread window enter a subject, and in the Content section enter the body of your message.

New Thread 6-7.PNG

  1. Once you have composed your message, attached any desired files or audio, and reviewed it for accuracy, select the Post button.

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