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Welcome back to this new school year.  Cedar Valley is a wonderful school and our goal is to make this a great year for everyone – students, parents, and teachers.  Our teachers have been busy this summer attending trainings and preparing to help each student achieve at school.  Working together we can make this a very successful year.

We are excited to welcome many new teachers and staff this year.  Tanja Paterson will be teaching 3rd Grade, Michelle Kantaris will be teaching 6th Grade, and Karla Nance will be our new resource teacher.  Traci Marinos will be our new Secretary/Librarian, and Brian Clark is our new custodian.

This year we will continue to hold Wrangler Nights, but we have continued to make modifications to better meet our needs.  Based on feedback from parents we will be including an individualized night so that parents can receive more specific information about each child.  Students will be invited to attend all sessions with parents because we want them to be part of the goal setting process and be invested in their academic growth.  The following dates have been selected for Parent Teacher Conferences:

        October 4th - Wrangler Night

        November 8th - Individual Conferences 4-8pm

        February 6-7th - Wrangler Night / Individual Conferences


We will continue to have double dosing time during the school day.  Aides will help classroom teachers meet the needs of individual students.   We will continue to use Wrangler Time as an added intervention time and we will continually adjust to make that time as effective as possible.  This will be held on Monday-Friday after lunch.  

I encourage you to join the PTA and volunteer your time.  Your involvement shows your children that you value education.  This is a wonderful school, and I enjoy working with the children and their parents.  

If you have questions, concerns, or comments, I encourage you to come in or give me a call at 801-610-8702.  I recognize that you are the most important person in your child’s life and that the most successful students come from homes where the parents and school work together.

Thank You,

Mr. Schmidt

Our Guiding Principles



Inspiring students for lifelong learning.


In order to fulfill our mission of inspiring students for lifelong learning, we are dedicated to creating a school in which:

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To reach a teacher’s voice mail after hours, call the school at    (801) 610-8702 and dial the extension.  We also welcome e-mails.

Mr. Schmidt, Principal                125750

Mrs. Marinos, Secretary                 125755

Miss Thomas, Kindergarten                  125208

Mrs. Shanks, First Grade                 125206

Mrs. Cobabe, Second Grade                 125207

Mrs. Peterson, Third Grade                 125105

Mrs. Payne, Fourth Grade                 125103

Mrs.  Perkins, Fifth Grade                125102  

Mrs. Kantaris, Sixth Grade                  125101

Mrs. Nance, Special Education/Resource                125107

Mrs. Jacobson, Computer Specialty                 125108

Mrs. Barratt, Mrs. , Mrs. Sorenson-  Kitchen                  125760

Messages may be left on Mrs. Miller’s phone (Ext 125755) for:

        Art Specialist, Mrs. Jensen

        School Psychologist, Mrs. Taylor

        Nurse, Mrs. Dejornett

        Custodian, Mr. Clark

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Each family will fill out the Emergency and Health Information form online.  This form provides essential information that is invaluable in the event of an injury, illness, or accident.  It is essential that you go online to fill out this form.  We will do everything we can to contact either a parent or a person named on the sheet if a serious accident or illness occurs.  In the event of an extreme emergency, appropriate medical assistance will be sought.

Students are expected to attend school unless they are ill.  Please respect the health of other students by keeping your child home when he or she is not well and notify the school if your child is not able to attend.  This will reduce the spread of infection at our school.  Please use the following guidelines for illness.  A child should stay home if there is:

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Regular on-time attendance is a critical factor in achieving academic success.  Students who are frequently absent or tardy miss valuable instruction.  The state legislature defines a “valid excuse” as illness, family death, approved school activity, or a pre-approved absence, which does not adversely impact the child’s education.  If your child is sick more than a few days, a doctor’s note may be required.  Students are responsible to make up any missed work.  For your child’s safety, please inform the teacher or school when your child is absent.  The Skyward automated calling system will contact you by phone if your child is not in school and has not been excused for the absence.

Excused Absences:  When a child is absent, the parent/guardian should call or send a note to excuse the child from school within five school days of their return to school.  Parents are welcome to meet with the principal to discuss extended absences.

Supervision is provided for students who arrive on time.  Students who arrive after their regular starting time (9:00am) are required to check in at the school office.  Tardy students must be accompanied by a parent or bring a parent note explaining the tardy and providing the time the student should be arriving.

Checkout:  We have a checkout book in the office for parents to sign when it is necessary to take their child out for an appointment, illness, etc.  District policy requires that the parents or a responsible person (an immediate family member 18 years or older, or someone named on the Emergency and Health Information Sheet) sign the child out in the office.  We are not allowed to release a student based on note, telephone call, or the child’s statement.  The school must have proper documentation on file if any individuals are legally restricted from contacting a particular student at school.  Please verify that this information is correct annually.

Checking on Attendance: Student attendance and grades are available via the Internet on Skyward.  Parents can obtain their student’s access information from their school secretary.  Tardies are recorded (on Skyward) as “T” = unexcused tardy, “V” = very tardy, “L”= excused tardy.  A “T” or “V” can be changed to an “L” with a parent note within five days.  You can also access this information with the Alpine District app.

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When students arrive at school in the morning we ask that they play on the playground until the bell rings at 9:00 am.  The bus will arrive at approximately 8:50 and we ask that students who eat breakfast go straight to the lunchroom to eat so that they can make it to class on time.  Students should not arrive at school before 8:45 am, because we do not have supervision on the playground until then.

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Bike racks are provided at the school.  All bicycles should be placed in the bike racks and locked securely.  Cedar Valley Elementary is not responsible for theft or vandalism.  Scooters, skates, roller blades, skateboards, and shoes with wheels should not be brought to school.


Phones are available in each classroom and in the school office for students to use with permission from a teacher.  Students are not allowed to use cell phones during school hours – this includes class time, recesses, and lunch.  Student phones must be kept in the “off” position at all times and should be used for emergency contact purposes only.  We strongly urge that students not bring games and other items that may get lost or stolen.


Schools are never conflict-free zones.  Problems, concerns, and misunderstandings are best taken care of quickly.  Discussing these situations with others usually leads to more problems, concerns, and misunderstandings and often rumors are started that are difficult to resolve.

If you have concerns, please talk to your child’s teacher or to Mr. Schmidt.  There is almost always further information to be shared concerning any problem. We are all members of the Cedar Valley School Community, and we each have a stewardship to create a positive learning environment for all students.


We follow the Utah State Core Curriculum for each grade level.  Alpine School District supports the ‘Balanced Literacy’ method of teaching reading.  This involves teaching reading skills (phonics, comprehension, fluency, etc.), spelling (word work) and the writing process to support each student in gaining the literacy skills to be successful.  

We also follow the Alpine School District ‘Balanced Math’ strategies in order to help students gain math understanding as well as proficiency in problem solving.  

The new Utah Core Curriculum can be found at or you can come in and get a copy from the teacher or Mr. Schmidt.

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We want to help each student develop self-discipline that leads to higher self-esteem.  During the year we practice kindness and manners.  Students learn procedures for different activities at school.  The habits we work on help students realize that they play an important role at our school as well as our nation.

Teachers are encouraged to use a student’s improper behavior as a private teaching opportunity for the student.  They are encouraged to involve parents and the principal for persistent or serious problems.  If a student’s behavior is unsatisfactory, a conference will be scheduled with the child, parent, teacher, and principal to discuss what we can do to help the student succeed.  The purpose of discipline should be to promote successful behaviors at school.

Students are expected to show respect to everyone at school, to follow school rules, to value all property, to listen to others, and to do their best to cooperate and learn.  They will not be allowed to hurt others with words or actions.

Each teacher sets the discipline tone in the classroom by outlining school and class guidelines that will maintain the standards listed above.  If problems in student behavior occur, students will be treated fairly but firmly in helping them understand why their behavior is a problem and how they can improve.

Fighting, swearing, or using vulgar language, possession of drugs, vandalism, bullying, lying, and stealing are not acceptable behaviors at our school.  Such behavior will be reported directly to parents.


At Cedar Valley Elementary we strive to create a positive learning atmosphere for our students.  Our dress code is designed to reduce disruptions of that positive learning environment.  Please review the following guidelines:

Hair - Hair should be clean and well groomed.  Hairstyles distracting in appearance or needing constant attention are not acceptable. Pink, blue, green, orange and off color hair is discouraged. Mohawk hairstyles are not acceptable.


  1. All students are required to wear appropriate footwear to school. Sandals may be worn, but wearing flip-flops is discouraged for playground/recess safety.
  2. Clothing which is ragged, tattered, extremely baggy or deliberately distracting in appearance must be avoided.  Short shorts, (shorter than mid thigh) very short skirts, halters, bare midriffs & backs, tank tops, cutoffs, "bike" shorts and jeans of a "grubby" type are not acceptable.  Profane or obscene words and slogans and pictures or advertisements for alcohol, tobacco, and drugs will not be tolerated.  Caution must be taken that baggy clothes cover sufficiently and do not create a distraction.
  3. Hats may not be worn inside the school except during special programs and activities.

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In the event of a school emergency, the policy at Cedar Valley Elementary is to retain the students as long as the building and conditions are safe.  In the event that the school becomes unsafe, students will be moved to alternative sites. Our alternative site is the LDS Church on the highway.


Should there be a major disaster, all teachers and staff members will remain at the school to care for the students until the normal release time.


Parents should fill out the EMERGENCY PICK-UP LIST and return it to the office as soon as possible.


Students may only be released to parents or to another responsible person.  Teachers will keep a written record of student releases.  This emergency checkout record should include the time the child was checked-out of school, and by whom.

Please don’t hesitate to call your child’s teacher to discuss concerns you may have.  

Solving problems quickly can save students from the anxiety or fear that can keep them from learning.  j01345531


        WE WANT TO HELP!  

                CALL THE SCHOOL!!!


We want to report student performance in a way that is helpful to parents and children, as well as indicate an accurate level of student performance.  We work to use assessments as more than a method to determine grades.  We use assessments to determine what the class needs as well as what individual students need.


Report Cards will be sent home at the end of each Trimester.   Progress Reports may be accessed on Skyward at any time.


Grades Kindergarten - 6th Grade use the Alpine District Standards-Based Report Cards.  Students are monitored/assessed based on their understanding of the Utah State Office of Education standards and objectives for their particular grade level.  


Alpine School District has implemented the Skyward information system to track grades, assignments and attendance.  Please contact the school for information on how to access your child’s grades and/or attendance in Skyward.




The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more you learn, the more places you'll go."

— Dr. Seuss, "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!

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The school cannot dispense medication to students without the Authorization of Student Medication form, completed by both the parent and the attending physician.  An adult must bring the medication to the school office.  Students are not allowed to bring medication to school and administer it to themselves.

Children who have asthma can carry an inhaler at school.  The office must still have an Authorization of Student Medication form on file with permission from the parent and physician.


Our PTA does many great things for Cedar Valley Elementary.  Please join the organization and volunteer to help with a project.  Jennifer Collard is our PTA president this year.  The PTA would appreciate any offers to help throughout the year.  Support our students!  Become a part of the PTA organization!


The most important homework students can do is to read at least 20 minutes each night.  We ask that you please make this a priority.


Homework helps to develop a connection between school and home and also works to solidify students’ understanding. Homework requirements may vary from teacher to teacher and from student to student.  If you have concerns about the amount of homework your child may have, please contact the teacher directly and in a timely method.  


Children eagerly pursue individual research on topics they are interested in.  Helping them choose books and resources that will help them gain knowledge helps them become self-motivated, independent learners.

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To facilitate the return of lost clothing and other articles, please label your child’s possessions with his/her name.  Lost articles are placed in the lost and found.  Valuable or tiny articles are turned in to the office.  Unclaimed articles are donated to a local charity several times a year.










Reduced Price Breakfast


Reduced Price Lunch





Checks should be made payable to Alpine School District Nutrition Services or simply ASDNS.  Please write your child’s name on your check.  You may also choose the convenience of paying online at  This free service allows you to view your child's lunch account balance and pay by credit card or check.

We encourage you to apply for free and reduced school lunch and breakfast even if you do not wish to participate.  We do not keep a list of families that qualify, and all students are treated the same when going through the lunch line.  Schools receive funding based on the percentage of our population who qualify, not who participate.  It also improves our chances for grants.  In an economic time when money is limited, this would allow us to have more resources to help all of our students.

You can pick up a free and reduced application at the office or apply online at

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Students participate in PE throughout the year. Please help them remember to dress for sports-type activities on their scheduled days.  They should also have a jacket or sweater if needed.  Students will not be excused from PE because of clothing or shoes.:imgres-7.jpeg


Pets are not allowed at school unless they are for show & tell and have been approved by the teacher.  In that case, parents should bring them so that the pet may be taken home afterwards.  


Students should come prepared for the weather so they can safely and comfortably enjoy the outdoors.  Students are expected to go outside after lunch, except when conditions are extreme and an ‘inside’ day is designated. A daily note must be sent to the teacher if health reasons prohibit your students from  going outside.  In most cases, students who are too ill to be outdoors should be home recovering.

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It is the policy of Alpine School District as well as Cedar Valley Elementary to maintain a safe physical and emotional environment.  Acts of violence, aggression, intimidation, possession of weapons or facsimiles, criminal behavior, or gang activity are not tolerated.  If your child reports any such activity to you, please call the school principal, Mr. Schmidt, immediately. 

For the safety and welfare of the students, and in compliance with school board policies, we maintain a closed campus.  This means that students shall not leave the school grounds from the time school begins in the morning until it ends without permission from the principal.

We follow the Alpine School District guidelines regarding the use of student photographs.  If you prefer that your child’s picture not be taken at school, please contact the principal.




Beginning Bell


Kindergarten Dismissed


First – Sixth Dismissed


          Tuesday – Friday


Beginning Bell


Kindergarten Dismissed


First – Sixth Dismissed


The Cedar Valley Elementary Community Council is made up of community members, faculty representatives, and the principal.  Its purpose is to advise and make recommendations regarding the school and its programs.  The Council assists in developing a school improvement plan, School LAND Trust Program, and student safety plans.  We will be holding elections for the School Community Council during September.  If you are interested in serving on the School Community Council, please contact Mr. Schmidt.



School telephones are mainly available for school business.  Students will be allowed to use the telephone only for illness or other emergency situations.  Please communicate with your child about lunch money, books, homework, appointments, etc. before the student leaves for school.

Children will not be allowed to use the phone to ask permission to play at a friend’s house.  Please avoid trying to contact your child during the school day unless it is an emergency.  Calls to teachers are generally forwarded to voicemail during the school day so as not to interfere with instruction.  Please leave a message on the classroom phone or if you have a critical need call the office and we will help you contact the teacher.  If you need to visit with your child’s teacher, please call before or after school.  

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DIBELS is given multiple times during the year to Alpine School District students.  Dibels is a reading screener that helps us to determine if a student is on grade level in reading.


K - 3rd  Grades        

August 26th - September 18th

K – 3rd  Grades

January 6th – 29th

K – 3rd  Grades

April 20th – May 13th

DRA (DIRECT READING ASSESSMENT) Teachers use the information from this assessment to determine exactly what an individual student needs to increase their reading ability, fluency, and comprehension.

RISE Writing Test (5th Grade)

March 14th – May 19th

RISE Language Arts (3rd – 6th Grades)

April 11th – May 19th

RISE Math (3rd – 6th Grades)

April 11th – May 19th

RISE Science (4th – 6th Grades)

April 11th – May 19th

RISE testing is based on the grade level standards and objectives that were taught during the year.  It gives information on how much of the grade level core curriculum the student has mastered.


Utah Department of Health regulations prohibit the serving of homemade treats to children at school.  If your child would like to bring a treat to school for a special occasion, please bring a purchased treat rather than a homemade treat.


Vision and hearing screenings will be conducted in September under the direction of our school nurse and speech teacher.  You will be notified if we discover that your child may have a vision or hearing problem needing attention.

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There are various ways you can give financial support to our school. Some even cost nothing!

SMITHS:  Please fill out a SMITHS form from the store.  They donate a portion of each sale to the school of your choice! IT COSTS YOU NOTHING.  To Enroll online click here.


TARGET:    If you have a Target Red Card or  VISA  you can call

1-800-316-6142 and tell them that you want to participate in ‘TAKE CHARGE OF EDUCATION’.  Designate Cedar Valley Elementary as your choice to receive a donation from Target of 1% of your purchases.  Target then sends a check to the school in March and September.  Every little bit helps!

ALPINE FOUNDATION: The Alpine Foundation is an excellent way for patrons to make donations to our school.  The Alpine Foundation is a charitable 501 © (3) organization.  Donors may designate their contributions to a specific purpose or as undesignated.  If you would like to donate money to our school, you can specify that you want your donation to go to Cedar Valley Elementary, and if you have a specific purpose for your donation, you may request that the money be spent as you want it spent (books, playground, art, etc.)  All donations are promptly receipted and are tax deductible.  We have forms in the office for you to specify what your gift is to be used for or you can write it on the check.

RECYCLE:  Contribute papers, junk mail, newspaper, phone books, etc. to the recycle bin near the west parking lot.




”What the best and wisest parent wants for his own child,

        that must be what the community wants

        for all of its children.”  John Dewey

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