Imagine Lifestyles FAQs

What is Imagine Lifestyles?

Imagine Lifestyles is an exotic driving experience which allows you to push the envelope in a high performance, Italian, luxury sports car just like the rich and famous do! After receiving a basic vehicle orientation, drivers strap into a Ferrari or Lamborghini with 500 horse power engines while putting the pedal to the metal for for three hair raising laps. On this closed course, drivers can push their cars to high speeds without the distraction of traffic lights, pedestrians, or police officers. Those who opt for the driving experience take the wheel while a driving instructor sits shotgun (it is a $200,000 car). Those who choose the ride-along experience the pure thrill of the ride (perfect for the underage sports car enthusiast)!

What is the racing experience like or what can I expect?

This experience allows you to drive around an Autocross Course in a Ferrari or Lamborghini. You get a chance to feel like a celebrity for a day while driving these beautiful exotic cars and great speeds while the wind is blowing through your hair. Getting behind the steering wheel of one of our Exotic supercars and race around an autocross course while being coached by one of our professional driving instructors. Little bit different than when you went for your driving test huh? Learn basic and advanced racing theory that will have you feeling comfortable out on the track.

How Many Vouchers Can I Use Per Day?

Do not exceed 4 vouchers per day. Imagine Lifestyles offers a maximum of 4-6 Driving Instructors per hour.

How Long Does This Experience Last?

This driving experience last approximately 1 and a half hour. You get in the car with an instructor who takes you for a couple of practice laps to familiarize you with the car which takes 20-30 minutes. Then it is your turn behind the wheel! Which should last an hour of driving time.

Do I need a valid driver’s license?

Yes, all drivers are required to bring a valid driver’s license and present when checking.

Are there any age requirements?

To participate in the driving programs participant must be at least 21 years old.

Can I redeem my voucher at Imagine Lifestyles?

No you may not. You have to go online and view the dates and times which are suitable for your schedule. Select that particular date and time and arrive with the print out voucher and confirmation of your reserved booking time. Or if booking online is too difficult, feel free to call Imagine Lifestyles Customer Service @ (866) 436-3514 for scheduling and any further questions you may have about their racing experiences offered.

Can I redeem my voucher for any location?

No because the voucher(s) is made for specific locations only.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes you do. Imagine Lifestyles are only available for certain days at certain locations.

How Do I Redeem or Book my experience?

You must visit the following link to make a booking for your driving experience at your earliest convenience.

  1. Click on "Schedule Here" next to Order Now button.
  2. Select your "State/City", "Vehicle"  and select "service" as Exotic Car Autocross.
  3. Pick the "date available" and hit enter.
  4. Select your "Date" & "Time".
  5. Select "New Customer".
  6. Fill in your information and Rush49 coupon code in "Voucher Code".
  7. Print your Confirmation page and take it with you during your experience.

Repeat steps 1-4 for each deal that you have purchased. If you have any questions please email Imagine Lifestyle at Or if booking online is too difficult, feel free to call Imagine Lifestyle Customer Service @ (866) 436-3514 for scheduling and any further questions you may have about their racing experiences offered.

Do I need to purchase insurance?

Price of voucher does not include track insurance, $49 minimum additional track insurance has to be purchased at the time of registration.