How might this program help my child?

Finding the right educational, behavioral, social and employment supports for children and young adults with gifted, exceptional and dynamic developmental and educational uniquenesses is often at the top of the“needs list” for parents.

As children develop, and continue progressing through elementary to postsecondary levels, many parents experience greater challenges  in locating and providing accelerated or supplemental education supports for their developing child. Often children will develop frustration and even regression with educational learning, mastering information, staying focussed during lessons, completing tasks, test taking, and being a part of group and social activities. These stresses often bring the child to feel and exhibit outward signs of anxiety, worry, hesitation, sadness, anger and despondency.

Children and teens with exceptional giftedness and/or developmental uniquenesses often find it difficult to express their feelings and experiences, leaving them more vulnerable than their peers to internalize the stress they feel. This often results in apathetic, behavioral and emotional charged incidences, gradually increasing until teachers and parents find themselves experiencing decreased hope and at a loss of how to help.

Giftedness and unique differences can create challenges in the areas of self awareness,  emotional responses, information processing, verbal vs. nonverbal communication, social language and rules of engagement can also create challenges in their being able to initiate and maintain relationships with peers and family members.

Relationship development and building is an important developmental achievement and can be one of the largest areas of stress and recognizable developmental gaps in children and young adults. Most often students with unique learning and developmental needs struggle with processing information, addressing personal relativity in family/social rules of engagement, and responding within the “norms” of expectation. As children continue to struggle in school work and in family and social relationships, they seem to develop an increased awareness of their differences, but often are not provided an environment where positive self awareness and understanding is taught and supported. Without this support levels of stress and feelings of hopelessness rise for children, young adults and parents.

At HopeWell, we believe that the creation and development of each child is beautiful and hope giving. We believe that each student is not the sum total of the labels, challenges or experiences they have had. We encourage our students to discover their identities and gifts in all areas, not only in academics, but through the beautiful purposefulness they were given by God. Our lessons, social stories and skits, discussion groups, presentations, student led activities, internship programs, postsecondary education and employment training, life skills, and relational networking is all designed to help provide a pathway to they're feeling and living out their intended purposes.

Our foundation of hope is in the Lord and his beautiful design for each child and young adult in our program. Hope is what we offer each student and family who attends our school. HopeWell, is designed specifically to meet the needs of children with exceptional and diverse gifts and needs. Our small classes, classical education model and creative and practical supports were created and are redesigned as needed, by our on-campus Education Specialist to meet the individual educational, home and community needs of children, young adults and families.

What also makes our program unique is that it was founded and is led by a Special Education teacher and Autism Advocate, who is also a parent of a child with exceptional and special needs. Her training and work as a special education teacher, support group coordinator and Autism consultant provided her invaluable insight, experience and knowledge in recognizing and supporting the needs of children and parents with Autism - not only as a parent but as an educational provider.

These experiences and decades of training led her to develop an educational program where each child attending HopeWell is embraced, nurtured, and guided, from childhood into adulthood. Partnering with parents and celebrating each child’s unique and exceptional differences, are our focus. We do all this on the wellspring of Hope in the Lord’s promises:

 “I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11