Hello –

I am Dr. Edwin Yager, President of the Institute and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCSD School of Medicine.

It is my wish to introduce you to Subliminal Therapy, a psychotherapy that offers successful treatment of mental problems, and many physical problems as well, in only a few therapy sessions.

This technique doesn’t require months or years, but rather hours. Subliminal Therapy consists of a series of rational, logical steps that make the patient/therapist relationship unusually effective in resolving life problems that so many people face today—depression, chronic pain, phobias, addictions and eating disorders; the list goes on and on. The sole purpose of the Subliminal Therapy Institute is to promote this technique so that more people can be helped by its use. To do that requires controlled studies. Data recorded from patient-completed inventories I obtained in my private practice, indicates success rates well above all other established procedures. Anecdotal reports of success are also frequently received from other clinicians using Subliminal Therapy; however, the limiting factor in promoting Subliminal Therapy within the professional community is that data from my practice is the only clinical data available. It is also true that I have successfully treated many hundreds of cases with Subliminal Therapy before I began to formally collect data from my patients. But now, controlled research is required to demonstrate success in ways that will satisfy the professional community of its viability.

A series of modest case studies is planned as the initial phase of research. Each study will address a separate problem that has been successfully treated by employing Subliminal Therapy. The first planned study will be on controlling chronic pain, the second will be on resolving addictions and the third is planned to be reversing the often-unfortunate consequences of traumatic experience. Succeeding studies will include treatment of behavioral problems, anxiety and depression.

The cost of each of these randomized, 24-to-36-subject, case studies is estimated to be $16,000, with completion of each study within a six-month period. Obtaining funding for these studies is the primary, immediate goal of the Institute.

— Ed Yager, Ph.D
     May 1, 2014