Belcarra USBLAN for Windows  


1.0 Driver Overview

 1.2    Address management and discovery

 1.3    Composite Function

2.0     Evaluation – Demo Driver

A demo version is available from Windows Update for evaluation purposes.

To use the latest evaluation driver the device should offer Vendor and Product ID’s as follows:

To get the driver, simply ensure that the Windows system is connected to the Internet, connect the device, and let Windows search Windows Update.

The driver matching is independent of the particular network protocol (CDC-ECM, CDC-EEM, CDC-NCM, RNDIS). The INF file of the USBLAN evaluation driver creates global variables in the registry using Service name BelcarraDemoUSBLAN. These parameters can be modified later using RegEdit

In the case that Internet access is not available, Windows Update blocked or other considerations Belcarra can provide  upon request evaluation kits.

NOTE: Evaluation versions (download kit) of Belcarra’s USBLAN driver will run for 30 minutes at a time. A re-plug event is needed to resume normal operation.

3.0 Installation Kit

4.0  OEM Kit Customization

5.0  Driver Operation

6.0  Debug

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