Hi! I have published a post on my website about the project so that by my students already contacted and on Thursday I have a meeting regarding this project with them

I like the project and think it will be interesting

thank you!!!! they can plant some seeds in small pots and keep them home... and compare them in september

especially I like the tracking of cultivation, and I have to admit the possibility to introduce some recipes with pulses specific for our country

yes, sure!!! planting and comparing and cooking are basic parts of the project….. we can exchange some seeds also

mini cookbook from the Croatian, Greek, French, etc.

i have bought many traditional greek seeds and i can send you and you can send me your seeds

Daniela Ruzic Mrak 16:31 Daniela Ruzic Mrak

that will be great

but that has to be now as in september it will be late for planting

in september we will exchange pulses only for cooking

each student will follow throughout the summer rise in his vegetable garden, because they have all gardens

and we can write a collaborative story about a seed that travels from one country to another and its experiences in the fields or with local people


great (the gardens!!!)

please remind them to take photos and send you to post in the blog or post in facebook

Daniela Ruzic Mrak16:34 Daniela Ruzic Mrak of course both

Athanasia Zafeiropoulou Athanasia Zafeiropoulou you know what? i will copy our dialogue in this chat box and i will post it in blog… it is a brainstorming

More chat?????

12-06x480.jpggood idea to keep public some discussions.

I gave some seeds to 2 students, in charge to give me back a diary report in september

Athanasia Zafeiropoulou 29 June 23:03 Great news from Lafrançaise and Donji Muc! You are lucky as you still have students and we have hopes for their contribution during summer.

Athanasia Zafeiropoulou02 July 21:07 Pleased to announce i have my first student involved in the project, Ioanna in A’ class who is also member in environmental club and who has started some activities today