RE-ENTRY RULE: Any of the nine starting players may withdraw and re-enter once,

provided such player occupies the same batting position whenever he is in the line-up. A

substitute who is withdrawn may not re-enter. The starting pitcher is governed by the

provisions of Official Baseball Rule 3.05.


NOTE: If a player re-enters illegally as a pitcher, fielder, or runner, there is no penalty

except he must be removed from the game immediately when discovered. If he re-enters

illegally as a batter, such illegal re-entry is penalized according to Official Baseball Rule

6.07, Batting Out Of Order.


Listed below are interpretations of the above rule:


This rule applies to both local league and tournament play.


Each of the nine starting players may be withdrawn from the game and re-entered once.

When re-entered the player must occupy the same batting position as he occupied when

starting the game, i.e., a starting player and his substitute cannot be in the game at the

same time.


A pitcher withdrawn from the game may re-enter immediately if withdrawn while a

batter or base runner, if he was one of the nine starting players. If withdrawn while he is

on the mound pitching, his substitute must fulfill Official Baseball Rule 3.05 (b) before

he is permitted to re-enter the game.


All other starting players may be withdrawn and re-entered immediately. A

substitute withdrawn from the game can never re-enter the game.


A substitute may replace a substitute and the starting player may still re-enter for the

substitute, i.e., starting player Jones is replaced by substitute Smith: substitute Smith is

replaced by substitute Clark. Starter Jones is eligible to replace Clark.


A starting player withdrawn from the game more than once cannot re-enter.


Withdrawal and re-entry takes place only when a player has been removed from the



If the pitcher is removed from the game because of a second trip in the same inning, he

may re-enter the game in any position with the exception of pitcher, if he was one of the

nine starting players.



JEWELRY - Jewelry is prohibited. Players, coaches and managers shall not wear

jewelry. Medical alert and religious bracelets or necklaces are not considered jewelry. If

worn, they must be taped to the body so as to remain visible.  


TRIPS TO THE MOUND - Refer to Official Baseball Rule 8.06 with the following

exception: the second trip in the same inning to the same pitcher shall automatically

result in the removal of that pitcher from the game as a pitcher only.



A REGULATION GAME- Refer to Official Baseball Rule 4.10 with the following

exception: a Babe Ruth League Regulation Game shall consist of seven innings.

Therefore, where reference in Official Baseball Rules, here or elsewhere, is made to nine

innings, substitute the word "seven" for "nine". Tournament Rule 11.05, paragraph 7 and

8 applies for tournament play

TIE GAME - To interpret Official Baseball Rule 4.10(d), in case of a "tie game" the

results are entered into league records as a "tie game" and are so indicated in league

standings. After the regular season is concluded, if the tie game affects the league

standing of either team involved, the game is replayed as a new game. Pitching eligibility

for the replay is determined according to the calendar week in which the game is played.



BASEBALL) - The ball is dead, the umpire shall warn the pitcher of the infraction and if

the infraction is repeatedly violated, would have the authority to remove the pitcher from

the game as a pitcher only

CONTACT RULE - If a runner attempting to reach home plate intentionally and

maliciously runs into a defensive player in the area of home plate, he will be called out on

the play and ejected from the game. The objective of this is to penalize the offensive team

for deliberate, unwarranted, unsportsmanlike action by the runner for the obvious purpose

of crashing the defensive player, rather than trying to reach home plate. Obviously, this is

an umpire's judgment call.


OFFICIAL BASEBALL RULE 8.01- The pitcher must take signs from the catcher, while

standing on the rubber. PENALTY - After a warning by the umpire, the pitcher, on the next

offense, shall be removed from the mound as a pitcher for the remainder of the game.



Any local league game may be terminated once becoming regulation if one team is ahead

by 10 or more runs and have had equal times at bat or the home team is leading.


BABE RUTH BALL - A ball stamped "Official Babe Ruth League Baseball" shall be

used in all local league play. These official baseballs include A.D. Starr, Champro,

deBeer, Diamond, MacGregor, Pro-Nine, Rawlings, Riddell, Trump and Wilson.

Metal bats are approved for use in Babe Ruth Baseball and must meet the provisions of

Official Baseball Rule 1.10

PROTECTIVE HEADGEAR - Protective headgear shall be worn on deck, at bat, while

abase runner, and by players in the coaches box, during practice and all games. Such

headgear must cover the top of the head and have extended earflaps, which cover both

ears, and properly fits the player wearing it. Penalty - if a player refuses to wear  



headgear, he shall be removed from the game

CATCHER'S MASK AND THROAT PROTECTOR (1.17)- Any player, manager

or coach warming up a pitcher at home plate shall wear a mask and it is recommended

anyone warming up a pitcher at any location wear a mask. A throat protector is

considered part of the catcher's mask. The “hockey” style mask does not need to have

the dangling throat protector. (Comment pending agreement from Maine Babe Ruth

State UIC) Penalty - If a player refuses to comply he shall be removed from the game.



which covers the top of the head and properly fits the player wearing it must be worn by

the catcher during practice and all games. Penalty - It the catcher refuses to wear this

equipment he shall be removed from the game

BALL/BAT BOYS/GIRLS- must wear helmets while out of the dugout in both local

league games and tournament play

3.17- Only players, substitutes, a manager, two coaches and a bat boy/girl shall occupy

the bench during the game

6.10-Does not apply. The designated hitter rule is not permitted