St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Preschool

is looking forward to the fall!

We still have openings for Twos and Threes! For details, contact Laura Rice at

***2018-2019 registration forms are located under the Forms & Docs tab***

Important Dates

9/5: Orientation 3 day Twos & Threes

9/6: Orientation 2 day Twos & Threes; 4-5 day Threes

9/7: Orientation Fours & PreK

9/10:  1st Day of School Fours & PreK

9/10: Gradual Entrance 3 day Twos & Threes; 4-5 day Threes

9/11: 1st Day School 4-5 day Threes

9/11: Gradual Entrance 2 day Twos & Threes

9/12: 1st Day of School 3 day Twos & Threes

9/12: Stay & Play and Specials start

9/13: 1st Day of School 2 day Twos & Threes

Playground Improvement Project!

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church Preschool is undergoing a summer project to renew our playground with wonderful new equipment, fun shiny new toys and a fresh look!  Look for details in late summer about a dedication ceremony and enjoy watching the progress throughout the summer.  Thanks to the Church and the Preschool PTA for supporting this project!

**Tee shirts, tote bags and water bottles with the preschool logo are available to purchase in support of the playground improvement project.  Contact Laura Rice for more details.**