This is a list of biographical novels based on rulers of Ancient History (ending with the fall of the Roman Empire in 476 AD) sorted first alphabetically by region/empire and then chronologically. It includes out of print and self published novels, I do not distinguish by quality so read at your own risk but I do try to note different sub-genres, publishing types, and availability. The intent is to provide a complete reference list of every novel ever written on each monarch/consort.

This is forever a work in progress so if you see any errors or missing books, please let me know with this form or you can contact me at Goodreads.

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Table of Contents

Babylonian Empire

Hammurabi (ruled 1792-1750 BC)


Narmer aka Menes (ruled 31st century BC, 1st Dynasty)

Merneith (ruled c. 2970 BC)

Khufu (ruled 2589-2566 BC)

Merenre Nemtyemsaf I (ruled c. 2283-2278 BC)

Senusret III (ruled 1878-1839 BC)

Senakhtenre Ahmose and Tetisheri (Teti the Small)

Seqenenre Tao (ruled c. 1560 BC) and Ahhotep I

Kamose (ruled c. 1555 BC)

Ahmose I (ruled c. 1539-1514 BC)

Thutmose I (ruled c. 1506–1493 BC) and Queen Ahmose

Hatshepsut (ruled c. 1479–1458 BC)

Thutmose III (ruled 1479-1425 BC - co-ruled with Hatshepsut until her death)

Amenhotep III (ruled 1391-1353 or 1388-1351 BC)

Akhenaten (ruled c. 1351–1334 BC) and Nefertiti (and other wives)

Smenkhkare (ruled c. 1334)

Tutankhamun (ruled c. 1332–1323 BC) and Ankhesenamun

Ay (ruled c. 1323-1319 BC)

Horemheb (ruled c. 1306-1292 BC)

Seti I (ruled 1290-1279 BC) and Tuya

Ramesses II (“Rameses the Great”, ruled 1279–1213 BC) and Nefertari

Ramesses III (ruled 1186-1155)

Ramesses XI (ruled 1107-1078 BC)

Cambyses II of Persia (ruled Egypt 525-522 BC, King of Kings of Persia 530-522 BC)

Ptolemy I Soter (ruled 323-283 BC)

Ptolemy II Philadelphus (ruled 283-246 BC)

Ptolemy III Euergetes (ruled 246-222 BC)

Ptolemy IV Philopator (ruled 221-205 BC)

Cleopatra VII (ruled 51-30 BC)


Alexander Jannaeus and Salome Alexandra


Alexander III (Alexander the Great)

Palmyrene Empire


Parthian Empire

Pacorus I

Roman Empire

Julius Caesar (not an emperor but for the purpose of this list, close enough)

Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD) and Livia

Tiberius (14 - 37 AD)

Caligula (37 - 41 AD)

Nero (54 - 68 AD)

Galba (68 - 69 AD)

Vespasian (69 - 79 AD)

Titus (79 - 81 AD)

Domitian (81 - 96 AD)

Trajan (98 - 117 AD)

Hadrian (117 - 138 AD)


Antiochus II Theos and Berenice