Tushu’s Big Mistake

In a land far, far, away, there was a boy named Tushu. He also went by Tissue, T.J., Tisue, and Tutu.

Tushu was writing in his journal after a long day of school. He was writing about this boy named Jackson, Jackson could do almost anything. Tushu always dreamed of being Jackson. In Tushu’s journal, Tushu is Jackson. Tushu was also writing about this bully named Kush, whose name in the journal is Dan. Tushu had an assignment due for school, Tushu finished working on the project and printed it. Tushu’s printer wasn’t working so he called a friend to print it. Tushu accidently sent his journal instead, so when Tushu turned in his journal all the teachers loved it. The teachers wanted Tushu to publish it, so he did. After he published it, people all around the world read it and loved it. Tushu even became famous in school, one day Tushu got invited to a reality show. The host was asking Tushu questions and Tushu accidently told everyone Dan was Kush. The next day at school, Kush was really mad at Tushu and all of the students were saying, “Fight, fight, fight.” The principal came and stopped the fight. While the principal was talking, Tushu ran away. Tushu had to write an essay about anything. Tushu decided to write about what’s happening at school, Tushu had to present it in front of his class. When Tushu presented his essay, Kush was inspired and forgave Tushu.

The End

(For Now)

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