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Ventura OSA (VOSA) Announcement for April 18, 2017  

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Advanced Spectral Technology

94-A West Cochran St.

Simi Valley, CA  93605


Advances in Image Sensor Technology

Atul Joshi

CEO SAAZ Technology


During the past two decades, image sensor technology has made undreamed of advances. Even with the advent of 0.3 mega-pixel phone cameras in 2000, nobody was leaving their film point-and-shoot cameras at home for major events. Nowadays several phones have more than 20 mega-pixel high performance sensors so it is a losing battle to persuade someone to even carry a digital SLR to most events. Consumers are finding imaging to be a pervasive technology with proliferation of digital cameras, security cameras, street views and the advent of self-driving cars.


The image sensor technology advances have not only revolutionized consumer applications but several other areas too. Similar advances have changed professional imaging which have led to a whole new way for shooting professional photos and movies. 4K broadcast quality cameras with extremely high dynamic range are amazingly affordable. Even scientists have access to tools that go well beyond the imaging capabilities on the Hubble. The new sensors will soon help them explain mysteries of dark energy and discover new exoplanets.


These advances are not limited to visible imaging alone. Industry and military have near-infrared and infrared sensors that are paving the path to whole new applications. We have CMOS technology to thank. Image sensors have ridden the never-ending quest for smaller, better, faster and cheaper integrated circuit chips that the CMOS technology has allowed. This talk will take us through the design of visible and infrared image sensors and how it has evolved over the past two decades. We will go through the design of advances such as 1 micron size pixels, near-infrared sensitivity, global shutter and high dynamic range.  The talk will also delve into new advances around the corner that are fueling autonomous cars, drones, unprecedented industrial efficiency and next generation telescopes.


6:00p Mixing and Buffet Dinner

7:00p Speaker

$20 donation on site (it is a donation for food, insurance and venue. If you need a no-food, student, old age or other discount please give yourself one).


About the Speaker:

Atul Joshi has been a digital imaging technology leader for over 20 years. Currently he is the CEO and chief innovation officer of SAAZ Micro Inc. SAAZ, through its leadership and innovation in advanced digital imaging technology, is bringing novel solutions to the consumer, the industrial and the aerospace market segments. Most notably SAAZ has developed technology for image sensors used in broadcast quality 4K applications, mobile phone  4K imaging, HD format 3D sensors for gesture recognition and imaging technology used for the most ensitive NASA instruments.


Atul started imaging research during his undergraduate studies by conducting R&D on image compression ICs, for which he received the university silver medal at the Delhi Institute of Technology. He continued research in imaging circuits during his graduate and post-graduate research at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, Atul designed particle detector ICs used at CERN for the discovery of the Higgs Boson, which led to Nobel Prize in Physics for Peter Higgs. For this research Atul was given Berkeley National Lab’s outstanding achievement award.


After the academic life, Atul joined Rockwell International’s imaging group (now Teledyne Imaging) where he developed advanced commercial imaging chips for cell phones and digital cameras, which led to two spinoff companies. Pictos Inc., later acquired by ESS Technologies, and one that is now part of the JVC Kenwood group. After the spinoffs, Atul’s research at Rockwell concentrated on developing some of the worlds most advanced imaging sensors and cameras used in aerospace for which he has been recognized as a global thought leader. Atul has received various awards including the prestigious R&D100 award and the Wall Street Journal’s award for most innovative semiconductor product of the year.


Atul also has a MBA from the Marshall School of Business, USC where he was first in class and nominated 21st century Einstein. In his management career, Atul has held various executive positions at the company level, at group level and at the board level. His strategic positions, such as being on M&A committee, provided him with unique insights in assessing technology businesses, acquiring and integrating the businesses into the corporation’s platform. Atul is on the board of various companies, he has been an invited speaker at several international events, and he is routinely consulted by several prominent international organizations.


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We are looking forwarding to this interesting talk about progression of imaging technology and to seeing all of you!

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