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Ventura OSA (VOSA) Announcement for June 20, 2017  

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Advanced Spectral Technology

94-A West Cochran St.

Simi Valley, CA  93605


The Next Big Tech Gadget:

An Overview of Augmented

Reality Glasses

Eric Ford

President, Eidetic Optical Systems


There is another revolution in consumer electronics tech coming relatively soon. It will change the way people interface with the internet and their environment. And the way some people do their jobs. It is augmented reality smart glasses.


There are a plethora of ways to try to present viewable information to the user. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. This talk will review what is publicly known about how different companies are approaching the problem, and discuss the advantages and limitations of these optical solutions.


An example of technology will be available to view, compliments of Everysight.


6:00p Mixing and Buffet Dinner

7:00p Speaker

$20 donation on site (it is a donation for food, insurance and venue. If you need a no-food, student, old age or other discount please give yourself one).


About the Speaker:

Eric Ford has been designing optical systems for 47 years, the last 20 years at Eidetic Optical Systems where he is the President.


He has a BS in Physics from Ohio State University, and graduate work in Quantum Electronics at University of Texas at Dallas. He spent several years each at Rockwell and Martin Marietta, and 13 years at Texas Instruments, ending as Manager for Optics Development. This was followed by 9 years at Optical Research Associates as Director of Optical Engineering Services. After two years at Optimum Optical Systems, he founded Eidetic Optical Systems in 1997.


He has done design work in medical optics, space systems, Infrared imaging systems, display systems, cinema optics, and has specialized in zoom lens systems and AR glasses.


 From Eric & Ginny



I like this topic, and think you will find it interesting.


The Ventura section of the Optical Society of America promotes optical science and optical engineering and facilitates communication and networking among optics professionals, students, and optics aficionados in the geography reaching roughly from Santa Barbara to Pasadena.

Upcoming dates:

  • July 11th - Ram Seshadri for LED phosphors
  • August 8th – Scott Jordan – Nano Alignment
  • September 12th – Babak Shadjan – Medical Bio-Phonics
  • October 10th - Thuc-Quyen Nguyen - Organic Devices UCSB (OLEDs)

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