Vinland Valley Soccer Association

Soccer Drills

Ajax Line Drill


Make three areas or channels with disc cones approximately 5x15 yards each. Each channel should have 1-3 players on each endline opposite of one another with one ball on one side to begin.


  1. First player, Player A dribbles, while touching the ball with every step to the opposite endline and leaves the ball for the Player B who dribbles the same back to the opposite endline to Player C who dribbles back to Player A and it starts all over.
  2. With a gate marked by cones a yard apart players continue to dribble as in Variation 1, but now use a skill (scissors, Revilino, Matthews, Maradona, etc.) to get through the gate.
  3. Players now will pass the ball the length of the channel and run to the opposite endline. So instead of dribbling back and forth the players are now passing.

Coaching Points