Diversity & Inclusion Workshops


Human Behavior: Bias, Power and Culture

Audience: Individuals seeking base level introduction to unconscious bias.

This introductory to bias workshop defines inequity in society and its impact on workplace culture.  Participants will gain perspective on the neurological drivers behind exclusion and how they are consciously or unconsciously expressed as micro-aggressions.  They will also review the influencers to bias and how normative behaviors influence culture, methods of exclusion and its negative impact non-dominant groups in homogeneous environments.  Participants will leave with an in depth context of social hierarchy, their own privilege and strategies to overcome personal biases.

Inclusive Cultures: Creating Belonging in the Workplace

Audience: Individuals who want practical tools identifying and handling microaggressions.

A practical and highly interactive workshop devoted to overcoming biases, exploring microaggressions and behaviors that increase inclusiveness.  Focusing on the impact to non-dominant groups, participants will engage in activities that help navigate communications, conflict and environmental cues for everyday engagement.

Allyship: Turning Empathy into Advocacy

Audience: Individuals who understand their privilege and are ready to be catalysts for change with peers and in society.

This workshop is relevant for individuals who are already deeply focused on inclusion and understand their privilege and power. Steeped in the principles of actively advocating for belonging, participants will gain specific tools for addressing microaggressions, leveraging privilege for sponsorship and offering meaningful support as an ally.


Inclusive Leadership: Intentional Engagement for Equity

Audience: Supervisors, Middle Managers, Sr. Leadership

With position and power, comes responsibility; and research shows some of the biggest contributors to high retention are an employee’s perception of fairness and feelings of belonging.  This workshop will re-affirm leadership principles thru the lense of inclusion, a vital step in leading productive, profitable and innovative teams.  Participants will also gain communication, conflict management and performance management techniques; while specifically highlighting the impact on employees from traditionally marginalized groups.

Gender, Bias and Intersectionality in the Age of #Metoo

Audience: Men and Women

In the age of the #metoo movement, men and women are especially seeking ways to understand the historical context of power and privilege in greater society and its impact in the workplace.  Participants will understand what microaggressions, sexual harassment or misconduct look like.  Discuss healthy masculinity and its benefits for both men and women.  And lastly, what can men and women do to address issues in a compassionate way that allow for disrupting the status quo, learning, and allyship.

Inclusionary Hiring: Creating a More Inclusive Recruitment Experience and Process

Audience:  Leaders, Hiring Managers, HR and Recruiters

This workshop addresses discriminatory factors that exist throughout entire hiring pipeline.  It allows discussion for job requirements, soft skills, and what the culture fit actually means.  Participants will also gain perspective on a minority candidates experience, address their own biases and learn effective ways create an inclusive process…... from sourcing to start date.


Leveraging Strengths & Impact: The Minority’s Playbook for Building Social Capital

Audience: Women and Minorities

Moving through the corporate world as a marginalized person can be difficult.  Surviving vs. succeeding involves an intricate dance of placating the masses and expressing your swagger.  Like any other business problem, attendees will learn ways to develop and execute a strategic plan to reach professional goals by discussing unspoken rules, managing microaggressions, and owning one’s strengths to leverage them for optimal impact and relationships.

Self-Care: Tools for Coping in the Workplace and Community

Audience: ERG’s, Advocacy Groups or Social Justice Organizations

Provides a space for minorities and women to convene, share and process their own feelings.  Whether it be a microaggression from a co-worker or injustice from society at large, these feelings can affect performance, mental and physical health.  Participants will be able to discuss personal/professional challenges, hear varying perspectives and leave with coping strategies to feel rejuvenated in their role.  

Inclusive ERG’s: Guide to Cultivating Allies and Corporate Resources

Audience: ERG, Diversity and Talent Development

Employment Resource Groups have done a great job at creating safe places and development programs for women and minority members.  In this environment of greater organizational awareness of inequity, participants will gain perspective on how ERG’s are positioned well to educate co-workers and cultivate allies.  In addition, they will participate in activities to determine ways to leverage ERG goals against potential leadership and business opportunities.