(As of July 5th, 2014)
Note: Readers should have read the original post if they haven’t already.

Note: I have tried to include the most important/relevant theories and updates as accurately as I can in chronological order. I’m not entirely certain if these are all correct or whether I have missed out anything major. If there’s anything you want me to add in or edit, you can message me on Facebook (I would appreciate if you included where it needs to be added and if possible, a photo/link to where it’s posted in the thread.) Thank you.

July 2nd (day of submission)

  • Comments saying that the messages can’t be ‘Emily’
  • OP responded to one which read “Well it cant be her can it....” explaining how a few got to him (no one knowing how her legs were ‘shorn off’ but there was a message about walking etc.)
  • Nate explains how he has previously opened the chat window to see that ‘Emily’ is typing but no messages come through

  • Comments start saying that someone is playing a joke/prank on him
  • Nate’ explains the ‘illogical side’ of him is scared because his dead girlfriend is messaging him, whereas the ‘logical side’ of him is scared because someone's been sending him these messages for almost a year

  • Comments suggest to try logging in on a different PC in case of keyloggers.
  • ‘Nate’ says he’s tried that, and the only think he can think of is brute force.
  • Comments say brute force would take forever.
  • Some comments start to theorise that the ‘long periods of radio silence’ between the messages could be the hacker(s) brute forcing the page.

  • Pity comments start to come in, some saying sorry, others saying that it’s ‘heartbreaking’
  • ‘Nate’ replies to some of these comments, thanking them, agreeing that ‘Emily’ was lovely.
  • ‘Nate’ says he “might just be doomed to go at least a bit crazy over this”

  • Comment suggesting that he asks her specific questions which can only be answered with previous parts of the conversation so she can ‘piece things together easier.’
  • ‘Nate’ thinks that’s a good idea, but doesn’t have the courage to check Facebook yet, but might do it when a friend comes over.

  • People start asking what’s in the doorway of this photograph
  • ‘Nate’ responds saying he thought that might raise a few questions, and thought it was the bathroom vanity. He says he’d been trying to recreate the photo but couldn’t get anything like it.
  • People start suggesting that it looks like someone wearing various types of clothing and a something with a heart on it.
  • ‘Nate’ says he doesn’t own anything with a heart on it.
  • Some say it looks like a bikini.
  • ‘Nate’ (jokingly?) responds saying there’ve been Princess Leia sightings in his area.

  • People start suggesting he sends a final message and shuts down the page to either help ‘Emily’ move on or the hacker(s) realise the damage they’ve cause.
  • ‘Nate’ says that he’s considered that idea, but he feels as if the page is his last connection with her. He does agree that shutting down her memorial page is his ‘endgame’

    He edits his comment, saying that he realises that if he shuts down her page, it would piss several people off. (Her family/friends and people following the thread)

  • Someone says that he doesn’t need to shut down the page, but can turn on two factor authentication which will send a code to his mobile when someone tries to log on.
  • ‘Nate’ says that he will try this.

  • Someone asks if ‘Emily’ being ‘cold’ has any sort of meaning, and tells ‘Nate’ to ask if she needs help next time.
  • ‘Nate’ says that ‘Emily’ was always cold.

  • ‘Nate’ continues to reply to pity messages.

  • ‘Nate’ says he has been onto ‘Emily’s’ account and all he gets is their own conversation and messages from friends he won’t open out of respect.
  • People suggest that he opens the messages from friends to see if ‘Emily’ is talking to them as well.
  • People suggest he just ignores the message and see if they stop.

  • ‘Nate’ says he saw her after the crash, and keeps getting mental images of her like that. He says he doesn’t know whether he’s scared because he’s weak or because he should be scared.

  • Someone notices that if someone is messing with ‘Nate’ by recycling old messages, they’ve ‘goofed’.
    7th of August, 2012: I rang [ ] and they said you left at 4
    1st of July, 2014: I rang [ ] and they said you left at
  • ‘Nate’ says this could be proof of human hands at play. He says that on a second thought, the crash was just before 5 pm, and will check over some of the records that ‘Emily’s’ mum has.

  • Questions about the how the messages are sent begin to come up.
  • ‘Nate’ answers a few.

Does the account show up as online via web or mobile?

Via web.

Did she have a laptop that may still have login credentials? Same with her phone.

Both are here, and I've changed the passwords since. Good call, though. I did just run and go check that.

You also stated that the login information has been changed several times, but the user continues to have access. Have you checked your computer for viruses or root kits? If you, by chance, have a trojan on your account, you may have a hacker who's doing this just to inflict emotional damage.

I've formatted all devices a few times - is bruteforcing possible?

I'd also check your cards and online accounts for activity that you don't remember. This may be able to confirm this [‘Nate’ be doing it subconsciously], if you're unable to find a virus.

This never occurred to me. I'll get on that.

  • Much more comments start to suggest that ‘Nate’ may be sending the messages himself out of grief.

  • ‘Nate’ stops responding to pity comments.

  • Someone suggests a book about paranormal happenings he could read.
  • ‘Nate’ says he’ll check it out.
  • ‘Nate’ says he never thought he’d believe in any sort of paranormal things.

  • More and more people start to believe ‘Nate’ is doing it himself, and is disassociating himself and having memory lapses as a common side effect of PTSD.

  • Someone notices a lot of the recycled messages repeat themselves, and that those certain messages may have a meaning.

  • Someone bought up the Facebook psychological tests.
  • Theory was dismissed when someone pointed out the tests were in 2012 and they were only changing the amount of negative/positive posts on people’s newsfeed.

  • ‘Nate’ Replies to a comment, (which has now been deleted) saying “I hope so. I’m Nathan.”

  • Someone suggests setting up a camera by his computer to see if it is him sending the messages.


(http://i.imgur.com/PMdhkfm.png http://i.imgur.com/DihTyeh.png )

  • People start to notice the chair in the photo is empty.
  • People begin to point out the update is garbled text, much like ‘Emily’s’ messages.
  • Someone figures out that ‘Zen for’ is an anagram of frozen.
  • People start to think that user ‘gabblox’ is the one posting;
    [gabblox later replied to the post with:

  • The picture that gabblox linked was different from the one that ‘Nate’ showed in the post.
  • This lead some people to believe that gabblox may be the OP or friends with the OP.

July 3rd

  • ‘Nate’ has stopped replying to comments.

  • People start to suggest it may be ‘Emily’s’ mother trying to bring her daughter back, as she has probably suffered more grief than ‘Nate.’

  • Suggestions that OP has died of carbon monoxide poisoning start to come up.


  • Theories that OP is the hacker or ‘Emily’s’ account.

  • People start believing that the photos are shopped, as someone says that you’re unable to log into a memorialised account.

July 3rd/4th/5th

  • People are finding similar car crash reports to the one described in the story
  • The last update from ‘OP’ was this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsb9NM_QF5U
    which he apparently posted on a different thread/website. There isn’t any proof this is OP yet.
  • OP said on Youtube that he doesn’t want to update on Reddit as he feels as if everyone thinks his post is a joke.

July 5th/6th

  • People start to theorise that OP will return on August 7th (the date of ‘Emily’s’ death.)

All of the above is in chronological order. Posts below this are from various users on Reddit/Facebook and aren’t necessarily in chronological order.

“OP's last post: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/29kd1x/my_dead_girlfriend_keeps_messaging_me_on_facebook/cim7u6j

Research on  location: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/29kd1x/my_dead_girlfriend_keeps_messaging_me_on_facebook/cinxyu8




Avatar recreation: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/29kd1x/my_dead_girlfriend_keeps_messaging_me_on_facebook/cinrc99

Some notes on Facebook Memorial Pages: http://www.reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/29kd1x/my_dead_girlfriend_keeps_messaging_me_on_facebook/cimc1hz

Several people have also tried to locate the memorial page, with no success. I don't know where those posts went.

There was a series of posts with detailed accident reports from OP's possible locations; a few which occurred on the correct date also had some very similar names, though circumstances were reversed (someone named 'Nathan' died in a motorcycle accident). Again, I don't know where those posts went.

Hope this helps. “    -Diffeomorphism

“Here is a clue in the Nate/Emily story that I didnt see in your timeline. Someone posted this comment and quickly deleted it. It could be a clue or just someone messing around. The original comment is gone but someone else screencapped it and reposted. Its pretty far down in the comments.”


[ah yeah, i did see that but i wasn't sure where to include it]

“Sometime between the gablox incident and the OP going MIA” - Facebook User

“i was going to try to recreate emily's profile picture like the one person did using something else
when i went to crop the icon from the first one the proportions were 35 x 36
and then when i went to use 35 x 36 for the second icon the square was too big
so the icons are different sizes?? idk i thought it was weird

- Facebook User

“Hi...I hope you get this ok in reference to the Nate/Emily timeline. Not sure if it's been suggested before so apologies if so, I've tried to comment on the reddit thread but not sure if anyone will pick it up with so many comments. I have a theory which has disappointed me as I wanted to think it was legit, but following on from the guy who pointed out that a couple of Emily's emoticons are flat at the bottom, indicating a cropped and pasted image, I noticed a similar thing with the dot of the i and top of the 'l missing in one of Emily's comments.

I started thinking why would you copy and paste images to look like a conversation, if you have a fake Emily account just write whatever you want? But then I thought about the 2 year timeline. So my theory is Emily is just a fb friend of the OP and he has used the dates and times they have had conversations over the past 2 years but pasted the creepy comments over the top. This would also explain what the word "memorial" does not look authentic, and why no news reports can be found about an Emily's death in New South Wales on that date. What do you think? I'm kinda disappointed as I really wanted to believe it was something!
Hope this is new info anyway. “  -