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I am Sam. I have been a regenerative entrepreneur for a few anthropological nanoseconds, and here are my views on the world, and what I would like YOU to support me with. I have been a technologist for a decade, and I seek to branch off my career from a traditional corporate firm (blue pill) to a regenerative renegade cyberpunk dream (red pill).
Over the past couple of years, I’ve been interested in blending in Regenerative outcomes with Technological & Financial & Social tools. Call it a silent revolution. No shots fired, but a capacity to change our world, for the better, forever.
I hope you enjoy the read, and if you do and you wish to co create this vision with me, make a contribution to my retirement fund
[1] or any of the 3 DAOs under genesis.

Let’s keep reinventing ourselves.

We are not machines - we are Humans. We thrive on empathy and connection. Let’s rewrite the hollywoods of the world into a narrative that serves the betterment of our true human values: care, compassion, expression of art, communication, observation of nature. Before we started cultivating the lands we lived on, we used to cherish them, and claim ownership not just over a small rectangular plot we call home - but a whole spherical ball of magma flying through space that we call home.

We have been told that left to their own devices, a group of young women and men coming together on an island would end up killing each other. [2] But in truth (scientific truth I mean), humans, left to their own demise, simply do what humans do best: figure out solutions to their issues, hang out and have a good time. [3]

It is time to re:write the predominant narrative. It is time to stop thinking that someone else will do it for us. We only have one shot at this.

Our mission as humanity? Coordinating at the level of our entire species in order to achieve climate stability and saving millions of species in the process.
Our method cannot rely on 4 year political cycles with profits as the end game. We cannot simply stand by and watch while we destroy ourselves and countless miracles of life in the process.

But this is not a message of lethargy. This is not a mindless advertising targeting your emotional brain. The planet might not be burning, but our statistical odds of surviving the mass extinction event that is underway are getting slimmer every year. The downside of this game is so vast, it is impossible to even fathom.

And yet, here we are gambling it. Our political leaders and our economic systems are trapped under the seemingly insurmountable task to re:invent itself. Because a system that re:invents itself is a Singularity. [4] , [5]

The solution? There never was a problem.

Our brains are so hard wired to scan for solutions that we fail to see the simplicity of life. There was no problem in the first place. Humans have been cared for by Nature for tens of thousands of years. And before that our monkey ancestors were fed and cared for by Nature. And before that our amphibian and microbiological ancestors were cared for by Nature.

The solution is so simple, it’s before our eyes but we refuse to see it. We invent psychological patterns about humans to describe problems that never existed. Want to live on an island? Go live on an island. Want to hike through a jungle, swim across a lake or climb a mountain? Go! Don’t think Nature will take care of YOU? YOU are her creation, allow yourself to be seen, touched, and held by her. Imagine if from birth you were laid down under a crown of trees, no hospital, no white walls, no nurses. Imagine that harsh feeling being embraced by an entity so cold and raw that you fear you might die. Now let go of the fear.

We are blessed in these last seconds before midnight[6] to have been granted tools beyond the imagination of our ancestors. In just a few hundred years of discovering we are living on a spherical planet (if you believe it), we’ve managed to create a methodological way of observing & replicating nature so well that in an instant we managed to outweigh it, [7] but also allow for it’s patterns to replicate through us at the speed of light. Through our smart devices, we are able to learn from and replicate experiences from around the globe in a matter of seconds. It is only a matter of choosing the right experiences to replicate.

Blessed is he who plants trees under whose shade he will never sit.” - said probably Cicero, certainly sitting under some greek tree

🌳 Support his work and many others identifying unclaimed trees out there 🌳

But I digress. In short, if you’d like to summarize it, there is just one thing to do: invest in systems that create more life than they destroy.

  • More diversity
  • More care
  • More authenticity
  • More relationships

The more revolution is already unfolding. [8] It’s time to shift what more means to us as a species from a degenerative culture that defines more as an accumulation of dead resources to a regenerative one that defines more as the power to create paradise on earth.

Between us and paradise, many see dystopias - I see a joyful path of creation. We have in our hands the most powerful tools in the history of tools. We have decentralized mechanisms to align incentives on a planetary level. [9] We have the power to print housing for the entire species using local materials without leaving a trace. [10] Solar energy is cheaper to produce than coal for the first time. [11] We have the ability to learn, work and create meaning remotely from anywhere in the universe (🔜). It is no longer a matter of weighing pros and cons - it’s a matter of being realistic and pragmatic. The space between dreams and reality has been shortening. Let’s make this dream worth reliving.

Around the world, the climate is changing and growing population numbers will be migrating, in peril, stuck in migration camps, out of electricity or water, starving from the exhaustion of natural resources around them. Meanwhile, we keep ignoring the signs that Nature has given us. It is time for us to collaborate.

Let’s co-create:

  1. Closer DAO
    We are in the process of establishing a DAO that will be developing tooling for land stewardship communities. Think of it as a replacement for Mighty Network, with added features to manage a physical space, all on top of a Web3 platform with secure, decentralized backend -

  1.  re:build

re:build is catalyzing regenerative village building events around the globe. We hosted an online summit for 600 people in May, and hosted the first physical event in September. The next online event is March 2022, along with more local physical events in multiple countries over the next year - https://re-build.co

  1. Traditional Dream Factory

A space which hosted the first re:build event is the first community implementing Closer as its operating system, and is bringing DAO to land ownership (this is frontier territory). TDF is the first village in the Oasa network (https://oasa.co) - https://traditionaldreamfactory.com/ 

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[1] ​​0xf905c05a274b4775432b43D1b651e26039ec6354 (Eth/Fantom/Polygon networks)

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[7] The age of the Anthropocene is marked by the total mass of human created material exceeding that of all living beings combined.

[8] The end of power, Amy Zalman

[9] Find out how others are using crypto for climate: climatecrypto.xyz

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